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Social networks overseas Chinese

Image representing Baidu as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

For the largest Chinese social networks, well known as Tencent QQ, China is no longer enough. For over a year, the giant instant messaging and Web China launches abroad and tries to seduce the West with an English version of its software and internationalized, a kind of Chinese with a penguin MSN: QQ International .

The laowai who has tried to use QQ (even in English in a previous version), it will make you smile. MSN QQ is more kitsch “full of goodies galore and custo, youpeeeee”. It goes 5 minutes to chat with Chinese friends who really have it, but no more thank you. Finally, it is my experience. I much prefer my Skype sober (yes compared to QQ) and my contacts use more!

Sure QQ account is on the Chinese diaspora around the world to spread QQ beyond the borders of the Middle Kingdom. I’m curious to see what happens in terms of penetration rate among non-Chinese populations.

QQ Icon

QQ Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But it is a trend to watch, I am sure it will not be the only giant Chinese web trying incursion beyond the Great Firewall protection, especially if it is positive. Finally, the WTO will hopefully put a grain of sand because it’s nice to want to branch out elsewhere, but if you put a spoke in the wheel for those who want to do the same at home, it is not very fair-play stuff, is not it?

Of course I see noon to my door. Face my little window on the Internet, I would really like to see more foreign successfully pierce the wall of the Web cursed. But the setbacks Google certainly calm the ardor. However, we already hear talk of reconciliation. Baidu and Bing have already advanced side search engine, while the side of social networks Facebook asks Sina, but discusses JV (Joint Venture), especially with Baidu. The heyday of social networks in China are they the case of Chinese business to follow!

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