Market Analysis: E-commerce in China

Market Analysis: E-commerce in China

“I like Chinese” sang one day Eric Idle, a member of the British comedy troupe Monty Python, and more of an e-trader could say the same. In fact, e-commerce is a strong development never stops, and the exchange platform gathered in this respect the most striking facts about the online business in the Middle Kingdom.

The e-commerce in China

40% of China’s population, or 242 million Chinese already makes purchases on the Internet and has spent about € 822 per person last year. For comparison: in the UK, the average expenditure for e-commerce amounted to € 1,265 per person. A huge market with high growth potential.

No wonder, considering that China is destined to the distance selling because of its vast territory, a large part of China consisting of agricultural areas. Therefore, a high density of businesses therefore exists in urban areas.






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