What to eat German

What to eat German ? – Breakfast , Part 1

Chinese people like to talk about food . I like to eat (and usually too much). And that’s why I like talking with the Chinese about food .

A typical phrase I often hear is, ” You foreigners eat but all beef steak , right?” Or another : ” My German but always eat pig feet , right?” Some say : ” My German always eat but bread. ” – And then think of these white, sweet pieces that you can buy in China. It looks like bread , I call it ” cake ” , or ” plastic in the form of bread.” The bread in Germany is so different , very, very different … But that ‘s another topic .

What actually eat German if they live in China?

I do not know what other German food in China, but I eat almost always normal , simple , authentic Chinese food, many families eat in my neighborhood too. I can cook Chinese, and sometimes I buy the cheap Chinese fast-food restaurant on the corner of something , or I’ll eat in the cafeteria of the university.

I like simple food .

I do not like expensive restaurants ! I like simple food , cheap but delicious food, and I like versatile food . In the cafeteria , there are 20 or more different dishes to choose from. This is great . And that’s better than in Germany !

But there are two differences between my food and the most Chinese :
1 I like to drink a lot of coffee and . (Yes, coffee is healthy! )
2 I like to eat something sweet for breakfast.

What to eat German

An example to my breakfast

Most Germans think that breakfast should be sweet . Or a part of it at least .

Cooked rice or boiled noodles for breakfast? Impossible! Cooked vegetables or meat or filled baozi ? Impossible for many German ! The fried egg, or fried ham, which it often is in the hotel for breakfast, which is rather a kind of English or American breakfast . But certainly not German . I get stomach aches of fried meat, baozi or hot noodles for breakfast.

In Germany , is eaten for breakfast on the weekend or on special days at least , sometimes a boiled egg. The method of how we eat the egg , is certainly unusual and especially for Chinese. Furthermore we can talk some other time.

For most Germans the breakfast is rather sweet. And it’s cold ! No cooked or fried food for breakfast ! Except maybe the egg .

When I am in China at the hotel , I eat mostly rice porridge  . And without sugar and meat. Just plain con-gee . For many foreigners is almost impossible . Many foreigners find that terribly . I find rice porridge class . It’s healthy , and it does my stomach well . If my students often have abdominal pain , then I recommend always con-gee for breakfast. A good start to the day.

At home (I mean in my home in China) but I like to eat something sweet (but no cake ) for breakfast. With a large cup of coffee , of course !

Most Germans eat bread or rolls with butter and jam or honey for breakfast. German Bread , there are not and good jam is hard to get. Most honey that you buy in the market or supermarket , is not a real honey, or honey only 50% and 50 % sugar water . But in our town there is a Metro supermarket  , and have very good honey and many, many kinds of jam . Where to buy jam, honey, and milk by the way .

German likes to eat bread or rolls with jam for breakfast. I have found that simple mantou with jam or honey pretty good taste ( no butter ) for breakfast. So here is an example of a breakfast, which I find quite tasty and sometimes zubereite . Not always, but sometimes .




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