Chinese Tourism in Philippines statut quo

Chinese Tourism in Philippines statut quo

Based on data from the Bureau of Immigration, 246,967 visitors from China came to the Philippines from January to July 2013 compared to 250,883 visitors for the whole of 2012.
“With this performance, China rose as the third largest contributor of arrivals in the Philippines, a new record set by the market, surpassing the Japanese market,” said Tourism Secretary Daniel G. Corpuz, in a September 20 statement posted on the Web site of the National Statistical Coordination Board.

In the first half, Korea and the United States are respectively the first and second largest tourism market in the country, according to the Department of Tourism data.

“The growth of 209.1% in July 2013 which was recorded only in this market [China] is higher since the market has seen an increase of 359% and 211.7% in November and Devember 2005 respectively, “Mr. Corpuz said.

“The feat achieved by the market shows its growth potential in the coming years, which would be likely to achieve the goal [of tourism department] to NTDP (National Tourism Development Plan) for 2016,” at he also said.

The NTDP has a million visitors goal 10 finish in 2016.

Mr. Corpuz cited the activities of the tourism industry as “promotional campaigns and aggressive marketing” such as travel fairs, trade missions, familiarization trips and advertising to attract more Chinese visitors to the country .

For its part, the government, he noted, the negotiation for charter flights is on the agenda of air service negotiations with China, and border formalities and visas “have been relaxed for Chinese visitors.


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