2million people work for Internet censorship in China

2million people work for Internet censorship in China

Surveillance and Internet censorship occupy about two million people in China, said the official daily press in revealing aspects of this secret army . Much of those little hands have a software to sort keywords with the huge volume of messages circulating on Chinese social networks , said in an article published Thursday , “New Beijing “.

The exact number of agents operating in China to censor the Internet – and thus avoid social networks serve as relays to criticize the communist regime or disrupt the established order – is a state secret which has long been the subject of much of speculation . The ” police the Internet ” are paid by the propaganda organs of the government and the Communist Party , as well as commercial sites , says “New Beijing “.


Despite their impressive numbers , but they can not prevent information or unwanted comments by the authorities fall between the cracks and are published and republished . The newspaper cites the testimony of one of those employees that rebuts the image applied to it commonly as ” secret agent online.” The work is by him to “monitor and obtain information concerning the customers.”
Enhanced control over Internet

The website of the ” People’s Daily ” – the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party – hold from 14 to 18 October 1 training session for these “analysts of public opinion ,” says also “New Beijing “. An initiative in association with the Department of Human Resources and Social Insurance.

The Chinese authorities are strengthening their control of information posted on social networks .

According to a recently adopted by the authority , it need merely be seen as offensive by estimated 5,000 people to the author may be imprisoned microblog . Chinese netizens and authors of a defamatory post and reposted at least 500 times face up to three years in prison. Bloggers, some very popular with millions of subscribers on their own microblogging , were arrested in recent months for having ” invented and peddled rumors .”

China also uses army of” commentators Net” which spread surreptitiously on online networks the thought of one-party rule