17000 people are punished by Communist Party in China

17000 people are punished by Communist Party in China


A total of 16,699 people were punished in China for violating the new rules of the Communist Party imposing more sober representatives of public administration , said Monday the state media .

The offenses include charges pinned excessive reception, misuse of company cars or trips abroad were unnecessary , said the new China office , citing the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection ( CCDI ) policeman single party.

In early December 2012, the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) , chaired by the leader Xi Jinping, has launched an ambitious cutting waste , especially for the red carpet, floral , luxurious banquets watered expensive liqueurs and other extravagances which benefited the CCP officials .

The nearly 17,000 abuses identified thus spread over a period of about eleven months, during which the communist leadership has displayed a willingness to impose a series of sober life to party cadres .

However, such commitments are regularly proclaimed at the top of the regime and remain mostly wishful thinking , a feeding resentment in the population who willingly critical exorbitant privileges enjoyed by the leaders.