How can you get a visa in Myanmar ?

How can you get a visa in Myanmar ?


On April 1 , the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has launched its e – visa , which was designed to allow visitors to get an electronic visa within five working days. More than six months on it’s still running in a test format .birmanie voyage

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“Currently, the plan is to make the e- visa initially be available for people in Southeast Asia – if Cambodia , Laos , Vietnam and Malaysia – and make it accessible to everyone ,” says the Mynamar Responsible Committee .

Completely closed to tourism until 1990, Myanmar opens gradually to foreign visitors. While some cities are modernizing and gradually lose their original charm, the vast majority of the country remained intact, offering a unique and authentic experience. You will enjoy a special atmosphere, serene, far from the beaten track of regular channels and crowded tourist sites. Myanmar is still a fascinating and unknown territory so enjoy it before it loses all its mysteries

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The visa for new e- visa could make a world of difference for travelers.Until what happens , tourists have three official channels to obtain the Myanmar tourist visa 28 days, U.S. $ 30 . The first is to visit the Embassy of Myanmar in a given and apply before your trip country. Passengers traveling in Guangzhou and Cambodia on Myanmar Airways will usually automatically granted a visa on arrival at Yangon airport . And if you are traveling on a chartered flight or cruise or have booked a package holiday , your travel agent can pre-arrange a visa on arrival with two weeks notice . Another way for independent travelers through a not-so – official organizations , but effective announcing visa on arrival through their web sites. Some organizations require wire transfers , other agencies of the payment request must be submitted to an agent waiting in the room international airport boarding Yangon arrival. The price of this range of services from U.S. $ 35 – $ 80 , but rumor has it these sites will be shut down once the official e- visa system starts. While information on the new system e- visa is limited , it seems that candidates will not be required to meet the criteria to enter the country, there will be a limit on the number of visas granted . “The government is trying to make it as convenient as possible for international visitors ,” said Khin Than Win , Director of Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism . “I do not know what the government will put a limit on the number of visitors.