MOMO Join hundreds of millions of users club

MOMO join hundreds of millions of users  club

After the first day of the Chinese New Year started , unknown streets to spread the good news . Announced Tang Yan microblogging, the first day of the Chinese New Year at work, unknown street officially break 100 million registered users, active up to 40 million unique monthly users , the number of nearly one million members , the third in the intermodal game StarCraft line street street only a month 1.4 million active users , 12 million unique monthly water.



Shortly before the Spring Festival, unknown street , if only announced that 80 million users reached , and break-even for the first time more than two months after officially entering unknown road billion users club. The main profit model unfamiliar road of social games , maps facial expressions, as well as advertising and other paid members , including the game’s performance is particularly strong. As announced himself as Don skirt, paragraph Games unfamiliar road hegemony , on-line in the month , 1.4 million active users , 12 million unique monthly water , unknown street has become a big game distribution platform . Continue reading


Market volume of Chinese online games reached $ 13.5 billion

Market volume of Chinese online games

The gaming market in China is huge, but also very complex. In a few weeks before ten years , China outside of the game is prohibited. MMORPG and FPS games on PC – like the cross fire and the sword of the Spirit, are an important part of the gaming market . Mobile and is always on the second game , but the future with the development of smart phones, people have a better experience, which entails buying more games .

chinese online game

chinese online game

Go- Globe information with a map to show us the status quo of online gaming in China, here are the most important industry :

2013 revenue of gambling operators Chinese online $ 13.5 billion.
2014 revenue will increase to $ 16.1 billion.
Tencent is the largest game operators China game.
RPG action game on PC when the most promising , especially.
Market for online games, PC stops 59.5 %, which represents 33% of the mobile terminal.
In 2015 , China will have 260 million players. At least two hours a month to play the game.
73% of Chinese players to play the game at home.
Large-scale customer online games occupy the public.
64% of online game players each month to spend.