Tea egg events

Tea egg events

Tea egg incident refers to 2013 Taiwan area television broadcast guests said “the mainland people can not afford to eat tea eggs”, “mainland women not confinement” remarks caused hot discussion.

“The mainland people can not afford to eat tea eggs”, “mainland women not confinement”, “Taiwanese eat instant noodles in the ShenZhen Railway Station caused by onlookers,” this is from the Taiwan TV talk show talk.

tea eggs

tea eggs

In November 2, 2013, one entitled “found a fun posts, the original Taiwanese view is that our! “Tianya forum posts, detonating network, the content of the post in the Taiwan news and entertainment programs. Subsequently, netizens have fought back, the sun drying out their eat tea eggs flaunt wealth according to ridicule, don’t stop.

Host and guests talk about his experiences in the mainland and the impression of mainland, talk with eloquence is full of misunderstanding and satire, users see screenshots dumbfounding, exclaimed “Taiwanese are not understanding, and fight back,” Taiwan show guests as “frogs”, “laugh off my head! It is a pool of shallow bastard, Xiao Yao temple wind!” As of last night when the deadline, the post click rate has exceeded 460000.

Social commentary

Respondents frankly despise our compatriots on the mainland, and the irony of mainland compatriots can not afford to eat tea eggs. Subsequently, netizens have fought back, the sun drying out their eat tea eggs flaunt wealth according to ridicule. The netizen in made tea egg ring uploaded to the Internet, and say: “today, try to propose the goddess goddess, even without hesitation agreed!” More netizens to make fun of tea eggs Seckill necessary Xinjiang nut cake.


Beijing Classic Red Theme Restaurant

Classic Red Theme Restaurant

Put a bit far, but far away , but not hard to find, after ring opening bridge Pont retrograde Bungalow 1 km on the outer rings (supposedly not against the rules of the road ) , there are signs , then is 500 meters to the east, in fact , was built in the village. When we go to the full, have agreed by parked cars , go ahead , if you change , you want devices. Server in front of female soldiers dressed , well-dressed restaurant server uniforms work, and as with previous versions of RMB. The restaurant is like a hall, single room seems to prison, be calm this time, the old roof Guangming Daily , a local restaurant decorated also arrested a large tractor is older.

Classic Red Theme Restaurant

19,20 game programs starting the clock from this period , modern look very nervous , but fathers are accustomed look, miss . Especially when singing red songs have become a choir, is to cook the entire restaurant. After a one-hour show for people eat later , it seems that most people feel the atmosphere just arrived. The food is not very good, not much , the price is not cheap , even cooked fish , I do not know what flavor . And the server before serving , orders to keep choirs and Exalted busier service .

Recommended dishes : black milk

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Transport Parking: The best car to go anywhere cars .

50 yuan : the per capita consumption


24-years-old Chinese girl become the Forbes youngest richest

24-years-old Chinese girl become the youngest richest

U.S. “Forbes” magazine yesterday announced 2014 global billionaires list, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, after an absence of four years, with $ 76 billion in net assets under crowded Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu re-summit the world’s richest throne. In the past 20 years, the throne of the championship standings with 15 years being the Gates won.

Carlos to $ 72 billion in net assets, the world’s richest placing him second place, while 77-year-old founder Amancio ZARA Ott to $ 64 billion, becoming the world’s third richest man, and extended to the first four “Warren” Warren Buffett’s lead.

The Chinese were 225 people on the list, which list the number of mainland broken record, reaching 152 people. China rich list ranked number 492 after the United States.


According to the list, Li Ka-shing to $ 31 billion, ranked 20, the richest man in Asia continue to sit tight throne, but ranking compared to last year fell 12. Galaxy Entertainment Group and Chairman of K. Wah Lui to $ 22 billion, ranked 28, Henderson Land chairman Lee Shau Kee net worth to $ 19.6 billion, ranked 35. Mainland China’s richest man is Wanda Group founder Wang Jianlin, with $ 15.1 billion of net assets of the world ranked 64th. Compared to last year, doubling his ranking. Followed by Tencent founder Ma (the world’s No. 80) and Baidu founder Robin Li (world No. 91).

Only 24-year-old Chinese girl Ji Kaiting become the youngest tycoons standings, replacing the Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz (DustinMoskovitz).

纪凯婷 for women Long Light Real Estate Board Chairman and CEO 纪海鹏 are listed in Hong Kong, the real estate business focused on developing high-end residential market in China, headquartered in Shenzhen, southern China.纪凯婷 Dragon Optical Properties of non-executive directors, but the 85% stake held by Dragon Optical Properties of different companies and family trusts, a total of approximately $ 1.3 billion net worth. However, little is known outside of Jikai Ting, whose photos have never publicly released. Dragon Optical Properties 2013 revenues of 11.119 billion yuan, which landed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 9, 2013.