Beijing Classic Red Theme Restaurant

Classic Red Theme Restaurant

Put a bit far, but far away , but not hard to find, after ring opening bridge Pont retrograde Bungalow 1 km on the outer rings (supposedly not against the rules of the road ) , there are signs , then is 500 meters to the east, in fact , was built in the village. When we go to the full, have agreed by parked cars , go ahead , if you change , you want devices. Server in front of female soldiers dressed , well-dressed restaurant server uniforms work, and as with previous versions of RMB. The restaurant is like a hall, single room seems to prison, be calm this time, the old roof Guangming Daily , a local restaurant decorated also arrested a large tractor is older.

Classic Red Theme Restaurant

19,20 game programs starting the clock from this period , modern look very nervous , but fathers are accustomed look, miss . Especially when singing red songs have become a choir, is to cook the entire restaurant. After a one-hour show for people eat later , it seems that most people feel the atmosphere just arrived. The food is not very good, not much , the price is not cheap , even cooked fish , I do not know what flavor . And the server before serving , orders to keep choirs and Exalted busier service .

Recommended dishes : black milk

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Transport Parking: The best car to go anywhere cars .

50 yuan : the per capita consumption

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