Millet version of Nokia X: millet launched without brush machine “millet system” deep integration MIUI Apps

Millet today officially open beta ” millet system “, known without brush machine MIUI. Although previous millet also launched a similar Launcher ” millet Desktop “, but the degree of integration of the launch of the” millet system “to be deeper than just replace the original Launcher, and the deep integration of the MIUI native desktop, dial-up, contacts, text messages, and more importantly cloud services.


Late last year, when millet was announced over a number of data MIUI : MIUI users exceeded 30 million worldwide, has established a millet application stores , theme stores and game center as the representative of the ecological system, the monthly revenue has exceeded 30 million. Today, small half past, users and revenue size MIUI has much more than that.

That is, in addition to millet phone hardware, MIUI scale has become increasingly prominent, even in relation to the core of a millet ecological aspects, but subject to capacity, shipments, as well as their “hunger marketing”, millet Shipments of mobile phones has been difficult to support the scale MIUI. Therefore, in addition to millet phone MIUI seek incremental, and is particularly important, and this is one of MIUI team has been in the direction of efforts.

In addition to millet phone in seeking incremental MIUI, now there are three main ways: First, the MIUI adapted to more models, but the cost of doing so is relatively high, the need to constantly update iterations, and relatively small-scale, can only fit a few paragraphs mainstream, popular models, and allows users to take the initiative to brush machine is relatively high threshold; Second, and other mobile phone manufacturers to cooperate authorization (mainly small and medium domestic mobile phone manufacturers), directly to the MIUI as the original Factory ROM; Third, in the form of the MIUI Launcher, and packaged into apk installation files directly, such as before the “millet Desktop”, which is the most simple and direct, and the effect is obvious approach, but due to permission settings Launcher, MIUI basic stay In the UI.

As mentioned in the beginning, the launch of the ” millet system “pure Launcher way than before much deeper level of integration, the system not only took over the starter, also took over the telephone, text messaging, address book and other mobile core links, more importantly, also integrates cloud services millet, millet opened the account system on a non-MIUI phone, you can build a set of ecological millet .

Such games are played there very familiar? Yes, this is the Nokia X play . Although the use of the depth of customization Android system, but Nokia X has integrated almost all of Microsoft’s services, behind the bargains and promotion of Microsoft’s service is the key.

Finally, we come to look back at the development process of MIUI: 2010, MIUI more tools, small-scale; 2011, MIUI V4 begin full; 2012, MIUI wading ecosystem, made ​​a keynote shops, supermarket applications, games center, while cloud service formally launched; 2013, we began to NFC, socializing and life surrounding extended. 2014, MIUI will further enhance the service life of the equipment and intelligent interaction .

Want to implement these plans, MIUI desperate need of new incremental, I believe this is the “millet system”‘s mission.


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