Network Pushing Hands ” Qin Fire Fire ” in sentencing : the defendant jailed for three years

Network Pushing Hands ” Qin Fire Fire ” in sentencing : the defendant jailed for three years

April 17 , concern network Pushing Hands秦志晖( screen name : Qin Fire Fire ) alleged defamation , a case of trouble , the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court sentenced the third open court . Court for libel and sentenced to imprisonment for two years Qin Zhihui , to disturb the crime sentenced to 1 year and 6 months , decided to implement three years in prison . He was last year , ” two high” since the introduction of relevant judicial interpretations , the first convicted of acting in the network .

During the hearing on April 11 , the ” Qin Fire Fire ” pleaded guilty in court , prosecutors charged recognized , acknowledged fabricating ” the former Ministry of Railways lose € 30 million foreign visitors ” and other rumors , and the victim Luo Yuan , Zhang Haidi , who apologizes .

August 2013 , Beijing police, police destroyed a deliberately spread rumors on the Internet, malicious infringement of reputation , the economic benefits of the network illegally seized promoter company – Beijing Erma Interactive Marketing Planning Co. , arrested Qin Zhihui ( screen name “Qin fire Fire ” ) , Yang Xiuyu ( screen name ” Li two split four ” ) and two other members .

Police found in the survey , Qin Yang , who has planned a series of network manufacturing hot events , attracting fans to make their own network quickly became a celebrity . Such as the use of ” Mei-US events show off their wealth individuals ” deliberate hype, made ​​up some local civil servants were asked to contribute to the Red Cross must rumors , malicious attacks and rescue system in China’s charity and famous military experts , senior media reporters , celebrities and society Some ordinary people as a target of attack , the malicious rumors to discredit slander .

Police identified Qin Yang duo had publicly declared: Internet hype must be ” fooled ” netizens , making them feel that they are ” social injustice ,” the judge , only anti-social , anti-establishment , in order to vent their discontent reality . They openly said: “The rumors are not limited to the wise , but beyond the next rumor .” They even use obscene means of many girls want to be famous porn package , “China’s first no limit ” exposure Cars, ” the godfather of its hit heavily off their wealth ,” the model and so is their ” pride ” and ” masterpiece . ” Their behavior seriously corrupt social values ​​, pollution network environment, adverse effects , there are Internet users called ” water army chief ,” and send its nickname ” Ballad turn China .”

July 23, 2011 , Ningbo-Wenzhou Railway happen ” motor car rear-end ” after a major accident ,秦志晖posting a message on his micro-blog, said the Chinese government spent 200 million yuan astronomical compensation for foreign travelers , just two hours after the microblogging is forwarded 12,000 times, while fans Qin increased more than 1,500 people .

Qin Zhihui confessed to police investigators , his philosophy is: users must incite emotions and feelings, in order to honor those who have won a lifetime , for a lifetime of accumulated wealth overnight destroyed. When秦志晖was arrested , the deputy director of a company community department , responsible for network marketing, publicity. According秦志晖confession, Qin had considered themselves ” preliminary famous,” many netizens also called ” Ballad turn China ” on its micro -Bo fans million, or even individual fans in the “big V”.

Qin Zhihui a name last used the ” JAC Qin Fire Fire .” According to police preliminary statistics , from 2010秦志晖registered microblogging start date, Qin rumors and transfer rumors totaling about 3,000 pieces of information .

According to police investigators , Qin Yang , who formed a network Pushing Hands team , together with a small number of so-called ” opinion leaders ” organized network “Water Army” long-term online concocted false news deliberately distort the facts , create disturbances , confusing right and wrong , and to delete postings to help people ward off evil , IP address , etc. Contact for illegal profit- seriously disrupted the network order , their behavior has been suspected disturb the crime , illegal business .

Prosecutors believe that Qin Zhihui fabricated facts libelous spread on the network , resulting in adverse social impact , seriously endangering the social order ; fabricate false information spread on the Internet , creating disturbances , causing serious disruption of public order . Their behavior has violated the criminal law , should be libel , disturb held criminally responsible .


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