A man collects 5,000 female students bra, want to build Bra Collection

Sanya Chen Qingzu went home, opened the door as if to a lingerie store. On the walls, the ceiling is full of all kinds of women bra, up to 5000 number, and these dizzying “collections” girls from more than 30 colleges and universities nationwide.

bra collection

bra collection

What he wants to do this? Many people I understand, the more strange speculations. That year, he came close to being as “underwear collection addiction,” the police. Later on, a lot of girls take the initiative to help him collect underwear.

November 2013, a strange scene in Sanya Victory Road – a man wearing a bra Chuanjiezouxiang Pentecost, that person is Chen Qingzu.

He reminded the public in such a way to prevent breast cancer.

Chen Qingzu Sanya is an ordinary but a small businessman, but it is well known civil public cliff town of people, has a small miniature welfare dream.



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