Sweet and savory dumplings Dragon Boat Festival staged shootout

Sweet and savory dumplings Dragon Boat Festival staged shootout

Dragon Boat Festival yesterday , nearly 5,000 people involved in a ” sweet and salty Wars” online stir : the salty meat represented dumplings, red beans and sweet dumplings represented , more love in your home which one ?


One day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday , launched a website about ” Dragon Boat Festival , you are eating salty or sweet dumplings dumplings ? ” Vote , just two days time, it attracted nearly 5,000 users participated . At present, the vote, ” I love to eat rice dumplings ” netizens got the upper hand , reached 48 %, of which the most popular meat , peanut dumplings, dumplings and other salty egg yolk dumplings are also a lot of fans . A netizen from Guangdong , said: “Just eat meat , especially tender pork melts away quickly to stuffing .”

Reporters saw , eat sweet dumplings users accounted for 40% of the two acceptable accounting for 12% of users . Sweet dumplings , the suitors bean paste, dates, and other varieties of taro more, but most still prefer water white dumplings dipped candy.

Reporter yesterday interviewed 20 consumers , including six sweet and savory can be said , four said it likes to eat meat , or other salty dumplings , the other 10 , said small to eat white rice dumplings are water dipped candy , ” sweet dumplings called delicious dumplings dipped in white sugar, that’s delicious ah ! ”


Interview of the founder of Paris Shopping Tour

Today we interview the founder of Paris Shopping Tour, Diane Lepicard.


Can you introduce yourself?

I am an active person and I have always wished to change the opinions, the points of view, the minds. First, I graduated from a communication school and obviously in the world in which we live I believe its imperative to understand what are the people needs. Then I had some different work experiences in Paris and in foreign countries that help me to find my way.

I am an uncompromising woman and my life is filled of many passions like the fashion and the human relationships.

diane lepicard

Could you explain your concept?

Paris Shopping Tour thinks outside the box: we offer a service of Parisian guide to shop in a selection of confidential and « must see » places and to directly touch and discover the Parisian culture during breaks in cafés, restaurants and bars. Our clients benefit from special prices or presents in some shops so they can save money and have some memories from that experience.

Website parisshoppingtour.com/ch/


Why do you want to target Chinese Consumer?

That kind of service for Chinese don’t exist and I am really disappointed when I see all those tourists in Printemps and Gallery Lafayette with some buyers that don’t even know Paris! Chinese people travel more and more and change the way they travel so we have to adapt offer for them.

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ThinkPad X240 Marketing

New members ThinkPad X240, X240s came into being entangled in a timely manner for the family office laptop anywhere portability between excellent performance and provides an excellent solution. In the notebook market staged a new marketing .

Fun comics, current hot words elicit information

ThinkPad with a witty comic way in the early penetration of the product of the most prominent advantages of information and communication initiative accessed by the behavior of the audience was actively digest. While micro -blog , micro-channel for the dissemination of large overweight , fueled widespread concern and discussion , making the product in conjunction with its attitude to spread.

[ To you from the plane ]

Leave your footprints in the world , although life is still the same for you coercion . Do not worry about the ups and downs between 10 hours of isolation , thinking that I can always be with you.

thinkpad marketing thinkpad marketing2 thinkpad marketing3 thinkpad marketing4

Which lasted two weeks , three comic ” The Aviator ,” ” The World is Flat “, ” cloth slippers Life” has been forwarded thousands of volume , and by ” a tease than ” ” simply can not stop ” and other hot hot words X240, X240s speed operation , long life , light and convenient outstanding qualities. Display products at the same time , it is the X Series troubles persist in today’s so busy work life quality , efficiency intransigence species into the consumer’s mind .

Meanwhile , the official micro- Bo also used the image of the product ideas diagram for X240, X240s core selling point further elaborated interpretation enhance product performance fans and friends to understand the concept . Making the ” extraordinary nature ” of the product information more figurative .


Shanghai nursing shortage

Shanghai nursing shortage

The statistics of 2012 show in Shanghai Nursing Association , Shanghai Total of over 70,000 nurses, nurses are less than 1 %, only 649 full -Shanghai , “Mr. Nurse, ” Most of them are ” 80 ” guys.

Male nursing shortage situation is not unique to Shanghai. According to the Ministry of Health registered nurse information database statistics show that 218 million existing registered China nursing nurses was 2.1 million , representing about 1% .

However, unlike China, the data show that in the United States and other developed countries , the proportion of nurses as high as 20 % , and 2 % to 3 % annual rate of increase. In Finland and the UK , nurses have risen more than 10%.

shanghai nurse

shanghai nurse

Lu peaks Shanghai Children’s Hospital , deputy director of the nursing department was sent to the German public , 2005-2007 Studies public and private hospitals . Picos Lu said : “In Germany, the proportion of nurses accounted for 30 % and 40 % of the overall proportion of nurses due to the application of labor flexibility , many nurses often work the day shift , the night also You can choose to go to some private hospitals to work in a night shift . You can get 100 euros , revenues and therefore professionals enthusiasm. ”

However, the presence of nurses in the country, plus a small number of existing professionals, some drives to recruit new people is not easy.

“We have a great need for male nurses , but we can not find. ” Director of Nursing in Shanghai have issued more than three hospitals had the same complaint. Post reporter learned that , in a tertiary hospital in Shanghai more than 800 nurses, four nurses , representing only 0.5 %.

In addition , the mobility of nurses , job-hopping is also very high in recent years . For example , between 1960 and 1970 , Shanghai has cultivated a group of nurses , and now most of them have automatic redirection, Fudan University , Shanghai Medical College, care professionals seniors recruited in 1985 , had eight children in 1990, but 8 children and later through reorientation, turn left the department nurse positions.