Sweet and savory dumplings Dragon Boat Festival staged shootout

Sweet and savory dumplings Dragon Boat Festival staged shootout

Dragon Boat Festival yesterday , nearly 5,000 people involved in a ” sweet and salty Wars” online stir : the salty meat represented dumplings, red beans and sweet dumplings represented , more love in your home which one ?


One day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday , launched a website about ” Dragon Boat Festival , you are eating salty or sweet dumplings dumplings ? ” Vote , just two days time, it attracted nearly 5,000 users participated . At present, the vote, ” I love to eat rice dumplings ” netizens got the upper hand , reached 48 %, of which the most popular meat , peanut dumplings, dumplings and other salty egg yolk dumplings are also a lot of fans . A netizen from Guangdong , said: “Just eat meat , especially tender pork melts away quickly to stuffing .”

Reporters saw , eat sweet dumplings users accounted for 40% of the two acceptable accounting for 12% of users . Sweet dumplings , the suitors bean paste, dates, and other varieties of taro more, but most still prefer water white dumplings dipped candy.

Reporter yesterday interviewed 20 consumers , including six sweet and savory can be said , four said it likes to eat meat , or other salty dumplings , the other 10 , said small to eat white rice dumplings are water dipped candy , ” sweet dumplings called delicious dumplings dipped in white sugar, that’s delicious ah ! ”


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