Fake Ads on Wechat

WeChat the chinese most popular instant messaging service in China, is likely to lose its luster as users complain of being bombarded with misleading advertisements and information overload.

Fake adverstisment

The situation came to public attention when a business account set false advertisements on “Moments”, one of the main functions integrated in WeChat which allows users to upload photos and share their daily lives by texts.

On Monday, authorities in Chongqing broke a case in which a “travel agency” has told his followers on WeChat to “Like” its ads to win a free Hong Kong and Macau trip, which was later proved be misleading.

HR nightmare


Similar cases were reported in the provinces of Guangdong, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Jiangsu of unscrupulous businessmen trying to attract customers with promotions for coveted items, they have failed to deliver.

WeChat, developed by the Internet giant Tencent, allows people to send text, photos, videos and voice messages on mobile phones. The application won a legion of fans in China thanks to its convenience, to reach 600 million users since its launch in 2011.

With fake ads, the information on the application overload is causing some users want to escape the flood of daily annoyances.

Beijing said he receives “tons of messages” from his colleagues in the focus groups WeChat, even on weekends.

Wei said he spends about an hour a day responding to messages from his colleagues, and to check WeChat every few minutes because the messages from his boss may be among the sea of ​​notifications.

I feel as if I had been kidnapped by WeChat.

Wei is not the only feeling bombarded by the application user. In early February, Huang Zhen, a professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, has caused a buzz on the Internet when it announced it would abandon all discussion groups WeChat and “try to find some inner peace. ”

Survey about Wechat

In a survey conducted in March by a Shanghai newspaper, two thirds of respondents feeling of being “kidnapped” by WeChat, but most have chosen to put up with the barrage of messages and information.

“The “Moments” section WeChat, for example, has declined in popularity since it became a place for people to either share or advertisements Chicken Soup for the Soul-type items.” view more here

“My WeChat ‘Moments’ are essentially spammed by them every day, which is pretty boring,” a user named WeChat screen “HXfengai” said.

As calls for change mounting WeChat teams must adjust their design of products and services to break the bottleneck and retain users, said Zhang Yi, CEO of iiMedia research.

Zhang said that the development teams WeChat should redouble their efforts to take into account user feedback and try to understand what they really need.

“It is difficult to say how loyal users will remain WeChat, but if the company can make adjustments according to the specific needs of users, it can help keep many users,” he said.


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Market research on cars in China

Market research on cars in China

Market research shows maturity for Chinese manufacturers

market of cars in China

The biggest automobile market of the world establishes a unique launchpad for the local manufacturers. After decade of learning, Market research in China shows that Dongfeng and other Geely seem to have reached the age of maturity. Their ambition: become the world leaders.

The center of gravity of the automobile planet definitively fell over. It moved, within two years, in the suburbs of Beijing. Moreover it is in this city, in alternation with Shanghai that is held from now on the meeting number 1 of the sector. Proof that this event, which takes place until May 2nd in the Chinese capital, overtook its regional dimension: all the manufacturers reserve for the Chinese public their last realizations and market research recommendations.

Foreign brands are not alone anymore in China

So, 89 world premieres were revealed to it this year. And if BMW, Porsche, General Motors, Citroën and Volkswagen answer presents, the hosts are not either outdone. Until now very discreet in the paths of the Car Show of Beijing, they have been much more offensive. On their sparkling stands, they do not hesitate to show proudly their young creations, the luxurious product and their last designed project, along with market research results in China. Their models support from now on the comparison with the prototypes presented by the foreign brands…

The manufacturers get stuck in China. What is the objective? It is to seduce the consumers of the country, become the first market of the world in 2009 is China. China stood out as the new empire of the automobile market, instead of the United States. The last year, 13 million vehicles were sold in China according to Market research. And, for 2010, the association of the manufacturers plans a new increase of 20 %. The gap is dug and it is not going to be reduced: the boom of the automobile is only beginning.

Market research shows China as first worldwide market

market research China

The whole Chinese motor vehicle population represents less than 100 million cars, against 300 million in the United States according to latest market research in China. With at least 350 million of urban in the coastal zones, the reservoirs of growth are many.

The perspectives are titanic and no manufacturer wants to miss what will be the market of the XXIth century. At the moment, the Westerners (especially Volkswagen and General Motors), every allies in a local brand, monopolize the first ranks. But for how long time?

After a phase of learning of decade only, the Chinese manufacturers begin to run without driving accompanied by a qualified driver. Unknowns five years ago, their reputation overtakes the Chinese borders today. If Great Wall, FAW, Dongfeng and other Chery are not still recognized brand  on this side of the world, market research shows that Geely or BYD began to be a name. The first one by acquiring Volvo for 1,6 million euros. The second make its place by welcoming the American billionaire Warren Buffet in its capital.