Textile news from China

Expo Spring 2015 presents a wide range of fiber and products son returns to Shanghai from March 18-20, 2015 Hall 7.2 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center.

Son Expo will present Natural and Mixed son, including cotton, wool, flax / linseed regenerated and synthetic fibers and son as well as specialty products under elastic son, fantasy and mixed.

The 2015 edition of spring will also see the return of the Chinese Pavilion fiber with a highlighted area to promote the use of biochemical fiber, “Bio Fibre Zone ‘.

Bio Fibre Zone

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Unlike traditional synthetic fibers that are produced from crude oil, biochemical fiber is made from renewable organic materials.

Wendy Wen, Senior Managing Director at Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, said: “Biochemical fiber will be the next hot product in China as the development of renewable materials is a big focus of the 13th Five Year Plan of the country.”

In addition to the Fibre Bio Zone, renewable fiber nine exhibitors will be exposed to renewable and recycled zone.

Different products presented in the Bio Fibre Zone, there are those made in a production process with low energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Technology news

The Cottony Polyester Fibre Advanced Zone will feature the newly developed super fiber cotton imitation that can be used in sportswear and denim fabrics.source

Visitors can feel and visualize how these new products are better than others in terms of moisture absorption, softness and pilling resistance by a series of live demonstrations.

Two other areas, namely the specialized area fiber and functional fiber area, will be located in the pavilion as well.

In these areas, visitors find carbon fibers, para-aramid fibers resistant to heat, the fibers of UHMWPE with high strength and polyimide fibers and functional fibers which are self-timer and the odor eliminating flame.

Other than synthetic fibers, foreign exhibitors bring new collections natural son at the fair. Mundifios Portugal, will bring their new collection of son compact mixing and wool / linen blend son.

Shahid Textile Hong Kong will present 100 percent cotton gray son of renowned Pakistani spinners.

Exhibitors Indian Pavilion and the Pakistani area will also display their high-count cotton yarn with advanced technologies, “said Messe Frankfurt.

The fair will be held in conjunction with three other textile trade events, namely Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, PH Value 2015 China International Fashion Fair 2015 (CHIC). (AR)

Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation of Taiwan in line with international standards on the carbon footprint of five products earlier this month

Founded in 1988, Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation manufactures and sells various textile products including son of filaments of nylon and polyester in Changhua County Fangyuan Township.

Earlier in February, five textile products gained ISO / TS 14067 audit by the third British Standards Institution (BSI) in Taiwan.

ISO / TS 14067 is a set of international guidelines for the greenhouse effect, or the carbon footprint of products.

According to a company statement, Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation is the “first CFP (carbon footprint of products) verified spinning of synthetic son and texturing plant in the world.”


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