Observe how she has blended bright and darker colors, with fantasy related motives.  

I like the names of her collections too : Opaline Blossom for her second collection on its way in February 2015 and Kaleidoscopic skies.

FAshion China
Fashion Week China wrapped seven days of parades Tuesday, featuring a variety of fresh and colorful creations as well as slightly odd by designers looking to make a mark among the conscious label.

One of the hottest tickets of the week for fall / winter 2015-2016 was for the designer Sheguang Hu, whose fame exploded last year when several models wearing his skyscraper heels stumbled on the podium.

Shoes high platform remained in the collection of Hu this year the designer paid tribute to his roots with Inner Mongolia gray winter jackets as quilt decorated with touches of red and green colored floral prints both popular in northern China.

Models, which local media said shirtless 79-year-old actor Wang Deshun included strutted on stage in quilt designs like floral and some wore masks completely covering their faces, filled with small dark sunglasses. source

“When everyone thinks cotton quilted jackets, they think of their childhood memories,” said Hu, adding that he wanted people to remember his designs.

He said many Chinese designers looking for a way to integrate their culture in their work.

“The search for everybody and explore the most sophisticated way to raise Chinese fashion at the highest level, how to do things with flavors especially Chinese … We can see a lot of forward-looking designers who have their own ideas . I think things are moving in the right direction. ”

Not a single international fashion house at the show, much of which took place in an old factory building on the outskirts of the Chinese capital, away from the spotlight in Paris, New York or London. source

Instead of the event was opened by a group of young Chinese designers, some of them still students, who won a contest for the privilege.

Among them was Xiudong Liang, Xian, who presented a mix of black capes, silver epaulettes and oversized sleeves. His father observation – dressed in a gray-beige jacket Save – proudly said: “It’s good, very good, I see a great future for him.”

But Liang was more optimistic. “I know that the greatest challenges are still ahead of me,” he said.

Another winner, Liang Diyun, 22, opened his studio in Beijing last year, but the brand has yet to get off the ground.

“The taste of the Chinese public is far less advanced” than in Western countries, he said.

Some Chinese labels that have emerged over the past 15 years – as Zuczug or JNBY – have managed to establish themselves and now have hundreds of shops, but international experts say Chinese designers have yet to find their identity.

“Honestly, I see a lot of pretty things in China, but nothing I would call modern Chinese style has yet emerged,” Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, said during a visit in January.

It makes me think about colors and fairy tales when I look at all of this. No doubt that little (grown ups 😉 ) girls will relate to these collections!

Will she become one of the most successful young fashion designers on their way to become the reference in the Chinese fashion like Alexander Wang? source : http://blog.chinadaily.com.cn/space-uid-1882116.html

Let s see !


79-year-old male model79-year-old model outshines all others at China Fashion Week. Watch him rock it from 2:05 onwards.79岁男模引爆中国时装周 光膀走秀霸气豪爽!READ MORE: http://shst.me/a8k

Posted by Shanghaiist on Friday, March 27, 2015

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