Baidu is the number 1 search engine and most popular in China, with about 63% of the country’s market share. BANKING increase your website on Baidu requires a slightly different way of thinking about search engine optimization (or SEO) compared to what you might be used to Google’s requirements. In this article, we’ll explain the factors that determine the ranking of your website in Baidu. This is not a complete guide by any means, but explores key aspects of sufficient detail to make a difference to your site. So, let’s begin.

Baidu against Google: Key Differences

Baidu smart engineers who are constantly improving their services, but they are still far behind companies like Google when it comes to technology that evaluates and indexes the most relevant and authoritative content. However, they will get there in the future, it certainly would not hurt you to apply also the same SEO rules for Baidu as you would for Google, and in the long term, it can actually help you once Baidu catches with their technology because you’ll be ready. SEO CHINA

Submitting your site to Baidu

Submitting your site to Baidu’s an important thing to do if your site does not appear in the search engine Baidu, ie, it is not yet indexed. Without submitting your site, Baidu spiders (computer bots that scour the Internet) can not find you and your site will not be indexed. You can submit your site to the open source Baidu platform: Submitting a Sitemap Like Google, Baidu submit a sitemap to help them find all the pages of your website. Their platform for the design submission site is located at:

Using simple Chinese characters

Greatest attribute of Baidu and main selling feature is that they only clue simplified Chinese characters. One of the main issues of the indexation of the Chinese language is that: There are so many different dialects in China, so There are often several different characters for the same keyword. For the search engines in the hope of index sites in China, this can be a problem, not to mention those index both Chinese and English.

Simplified Chinese characters

traditional_simplified Baidu only indexes simplified and traditional Chinese characters. This is an advantage for English corporate websites expressing hope to rise in the rankings Baidu because when you translate your website, there is no guessing which characters to include or what dialects to focus on. You may have noticed “Pin-Yin” Baidu have a feature called “Pin-Yin” which allows users to type in English how the Chinese symbols sound phonetically. However, because Baidu does not index the English words, these research results are often inaccurate. So there is no need to focus on this when it comes to optimize your site. Your HTML coding Do not use ISO-8885-1. Both platforms coding use are: – UTF-8 – GB2312 Of the two, would be regarded as UTF-8 stronger as it is for any language in the world. Look Bing to help your visibility Baidu Part of the current success of Baidu in China is due in part to the release of Google in the country last year because of censorship problems. Since Google has left, Baidu has enjoyed a complete monopoly in the market for search engines. At the same time, the search engine Bing Microsoft has been present in China for some time, but is still struggling in the country, capturing only a market share of 2%. Recently, however, Bing and Baidu announced a partnership. The results of this partnership means that: Some Bing search results will appear in the results of Baidu. Bing and Baidu Logos This means that if you have a strong ranking in the top three on Bing for your English site, and a top 3 ranking of your site in Simplified Chinese, your visibility will be extremely widespread in the Chinese market. Working with your on-page SEO Unlike Google management has increased in recent years, Baidu lays great emphasis on metadata. This includes: – Meta descriptions – Meta keywords – title tags – H1 and H2 tags – Alt tags All this information is very important for spiders Baidu, to have – and ensure that it is translated into simple and well written Chinese – will greatly help your rankings on the site. So when it comes to your keywords and text of the site, remember the following: Keyword density. Keep it around 6 to 10% for a solid performance. Words anchor on internal links. These would be clickable text links into your web page to another of your pages. It helps a bit, and has a slight effect on your ranking. Easy navigation. Make sure your site is easy to navigate with a clear hierarchy. No Flash or JavaScript. Baidu spiders do not recognize Flash or JavaScript yet, so stick right before HTML. Reduce Framework and iFrame. There is evidence to suggest that the spiders can not ignore Baidu iFrame content. Keep the contents at the top. Since spiders Baidu often poor connectivity, they are known not crawl the first 100k to 120 kilobytes of your content. So it’s a good idea to keep the most important information at the top of each page. Constantly refresh. Like other search engines like Baidu frequently updated content. So make sure you keep your content updated on a regular basis. We recommend that the majority of your site SEO efforts are made in this area. Select keywords, choose to optimize pages for those keywords, then follow the above tips to make the actual optimization. Thinking about your site online The number of other sites linking to your site is an important ranking factor for Baidu, much like Google. However, there are some differences. Here are some key areas to keep in mind: Quality links not so important. Getting quality links (measured by reliable and authoritative is a site) does not seem to play a big role in your rankings on Baidu. It is therefore not necessary to spend time befriending with Chinese high quality websites in the hope that they will link to you to build your search rankings. This can be useful when it comes to the relationship and the strengthening of visitors, but it will not affect your SEO too (for now, anyway). Quantity issues. At the time of writing, a link from a reputable site seems to carry as much weight as a link from a less reputable site. Chinese links count. Get links from other well-rank, reputation, and Chinese sites involved is more important than getting the English site links. Outbound links Regarding a link from your site to other sites, Baidu estimates the amount of quality outbound links you have on your site as a factor. The weight of this factor is difficult to quantify. Our advice would be to link to other sites where ever it will be useful to the reader. Baidu prefers sites that are hosted on Chinese servers. While it is easy to move your site on a Chinese server. However, many other factors determine how your site ranks, and a site hosted outside China can occupy the top positions, even for the most competitive keywords. Accommodation on Chinese servers Having a Chinese domain name extension – or .cn or – is also useful if the ultimate importance of this on SEO potential of your site is questionable. Performance monitoring keywords Baidu To see which keywords are successful arrival Baidu. If you have Phoenix Nest PPC Baudi, you can use their new keyword research tool. Since it is so new there are still some kinks to work in its sophistication, but one of its strengths is that it allows you to create keywords that are geo-targeted. Working with your off-site SEO To build the reputation and visitors to any site, it is important to actively promote your site through the Internet in relevant places. The same is true for your Chinese website. Some ways to help your rankings Baidu through off-site SEO are: New messages. Baidu rank you for your new role. To fully use this, you must submit your press New Baidu posts Protocol. This will allow more visitors flock to your site. Promote your brand. This includes displaying content, videos and images relevant as many Chinese sites as possible. Chinese anchors. With one of the off-site marketing you do, it is important to use simple Chinese characters as anchor text to your site. The best scenario would be to use all Chinese characters for all of your post, as this attract spiders more. Baidu Social Bookmarking tool. There is evidence that the pages of your site that submit to bookmarks Baidu provides more quickly indexed pages. Inbound links (links to your site)

Including Pay Per Click strategy

Baidu has a PPC or Pay-Per-Click, a little platform like Google Ad Words, Baidu Phoenix Nest named. The main difference between Phoenix and Ad Words is that the platform Baidu websites highest class according to their level of spending, whereas with Ad Words relevance of your content in relation to the search phrase increases your CPC, Cost-Per-Click, and bettors position in PPC rankings. Baidu, organic and paid results are similar; they are not clearly separated as they are on Google. This may change in the future. Source :—le-moteur-de-recherche-qui-pourrait-changer-le-monde-du-seo-chinois.shtml Le monde : ici If you want more information about the best company SEO in China :

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