The French Celebrity Bai Ma ge (白马哥) receives a warm welcome in China

French celebrity Baimage in Shanghai

Baimage, the French celebrity, who doesn’t know how to speak Chinese and yet jokes in Chinese came to Shanghai.This year, in Paris the show man performed already three times and received wide acclaim. First, it came from the French part of the audience because of the challenge. Indeed, performing in front of a crowd, in Chinese without having studied it before is a big one. Chinese however, respected his mastery of the Chinese tones and his jokes. They were strongly tied to the Chinese culture and funny, truly a feat for someone unfamiliar with their culture. What’s his goal this time? He wanted to finally meet his audience for real, in their country before performing later this year.

Let’s take pictures together, shall we?


Upon his arrival, his fame was not so big, he therefore decided to gather people and take pictures with them to make himself known to the Chinese in Shanghai, as a start.

This operation was a success!

The French celebrity took pictures with Chinese people, within 2 hours no less than 3000 Chinese had taken a picture with him

After going to the Bund, one of Shanghai most well known tourist hotspot, he took pictures with 3000 people within 2hours ( )

A video that went viral!
More than 20 Chinese media reported the news such as Xinhua:

His weibo account increased up to 160000 followers.

The buzz went around the Chinese internet and generated 550000 views and 500 comments!


Below are a few of them, expressing the amazement of the people there.

Before long, the people who take photo will around the earth in a circle.

God! Everybody take a photo!

That’s how Bai Ma Ge used a buzz to quickly make himself known to prepare his next coming very soon. Dear, Chinese readers, would you go to see him?



his facebook


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