Japan popular destination among Chinese Tourists #Why?

The number of tourist visits increased by more than 120 million over 10 years, according to a new projection.
Golden Week in China and Japan tourism statistics

Golden Week in China begins tomorrow to celebrate the National Day, the day when the Communists took power officially, which means at least two things: the disappointing economic news will stop for a week as the country stops for the holidays and Chinese tourists will flood the international airports in the biggest week for travel abroad.

Four million Chinese are planning to travel abroad, an increase of 11% percent from last year, according to “The Book”, a news site run by the state. Despite China’s stock market bubble bursting and an industry in recession, travel figures are the latest evidence that Chinese consumers are not influenced by large sometimes disastrous titles on China’s economy.
A larger number of Chinese traveling abroad is one of the unassailable world trends. Before, Chinese were either too poor to travel abroad or prohibited by a paranoid government to go abroad. Now they head abroad in droves. Fortune focused on the Chinese wave come to the United States two years ago. Chinese tourists spend about $ 6,000 in America, most of all visitors were expected, and trips to increase by 259% between 2011 and 2017; in the first quarter of this year visitors increased 19% to 560,000.
The number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad should increase by 116 million last year to about 242 million in 2024, said CEIC. “That’s almost all of Indonesia hit the beach in a single year, or Germany, Iran and Egypt combined,” Japan Official Tourism bureau

This year, China will increasingly go to Japan, taking advantage of the weakness of the yen, as they cut their trips that used to be the Hong Kong rigor destination.
The number of Chinese visitors to Hong Kong is indeed in decline since the demonstrations there last fall. Overnight visitors fell by almost 10% earlier this year. source
The press controlled by the state of China accuses the anti-mainland sentiment in Hong Kong for the Chinese to go elsewhere. Xinhua quoted a professor from Shanghai in a recent story using “persistent anti-mainland sentiment” as his excuse for not going
But the explanation is more propaganda than truth. Chinese Internet companies and government regulators censored much of Hong Kong protest coverage as happened last fall. Photos disappeared, cats were blocked and videos banned in mainland China. In addition, Hong Kong shopping areas returned to normal shortly after the protesters left.
Instead, the HBSC survey said the sharp drop in the number of Chinese travelers to Hong Kong is caused by three other reasons, including new restrictions on cross-border travel for day visitors on shopping excursions, a strengthening the Hong Kong dollar and Chinese travelers begin to be more adventurous in their choice of destination.
This includes Japan, which can accommodate the most anti-mainland sentiment of all countries, but politely greets Chinese travelers. Recent trip to China, he climbed




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