A french Sommelier selecting the best French Wine for Chinese consumers

Nicolas REBUS His previous life, he says no regrets. “I arrived at the top, that I could not back down.” Head sommelier at the gourmet restaurant Le Meurice, the Parisian luxury hotel on the Rue de Rivoli, where officiates the chef 3 macarons Michelin Scrap Nicolas had become a star of the profession. “A magical time, I doubled the size of the cellar, the restaurant’s mounted brigade handed sommeliers indoors …” Of course, he was starting his day at 8 am 30 to finish at 2 am, “but it was worth it,” he says.

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Yet in 2010, only 33 years, grand-son of a Savoyard wine which was destined more to the kitchen as the sommelier, decided to chuck everything, the gold of the room decorated by Philippe Starck, the cozy wages, enviable position … “I heard it all:” You’re crazy, “” You’re going to lose everything, “” You’ve thought of your children “… But not about to change his mind,? I was sure of myself. ”

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Tired of great restaurants

in which he knocked over a decade, in particular side of Bernard Loiseau and Alain Ducasse (“cellar 500 000 bottles at Louis XV in Monaco, a Dream”), the graduate from high school hotel Tain-Hermitage (Drôme) decides to start his own business and started his own company, Lac’Wine Consulting. Objective: to help restaurants improve their wine list.

“Often, restaurateurs do not have the time or opportunity to create an original wine list and simply stack known labels, he says But it is not enough. Customers today are looking for new or good business. ”

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Nicolas Scrap does it all: finding new wines, develop the map, discuss the conditions of purchase … Personally, he runs a dozen French winemakers he selected and he is trying to raise awareness, particularly among great restaurants. “I, for example, managed to enter the field Ardoisières in Savoy at Robuchon, Gagnaire, Ducasse … It’s a real pride!”
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Of course, such a conversion is not a path strewn with roses. Financially, this father of two young girls said they had found a decent income that after a year, “and again I have been fortunate to work very quickly to the house Richard a major wholesalers drinks in the restaurant business, for which make winemakers wine lists. ”

Similarly, if he discovered the pleasure of organizing his own day, he acknowledges sometimes have trouble distinguishing his personal life from his professional life. “My living room has become my office, with around cases of wine, my wife appreciates moderately says he with a smile I only now understand that it is sometimes necessary to put the brakes, learn to see. after what is not urgent, not to consider the Saturday and Sunday as days of the week, otherwise it is devouring. ”

In April, it is nevertheless associated with a friend, a business angel encountered in wine courses given to individuals, another of its activities, and created a company designed to promote “his” small winemakers to abroad. “We will establish a sales office in Hong Kong, Shanghai, can be in Brazil and India, there is a real international demand for authentic wines, different.” Not sure eventually that Nicolas Scrap know what the phrase “drink responsibly” wants to say.