Learn chinese to boost your carreer!

Learn Chinese is your major asset!

Learning Mandarin is proving a major asset in the job market and attracts more and more candidates.

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Seem graduate of the bachelor in four years of Reims Management School (RMS), Melanie opted for a French-Chinese cycle. Two years during which she learned the fundamentals of marketing, management and the basics of Mandarin, then three years in China, first to attend Chinese classes full time and studying at the Beijing UIBE ( the University of International Business and Economics). A good approach to language that earned him an internship as assistant general manager of the Baccarat house in China then landed her first job in a Chinese company event in Beijing. “Today, these experiences allow me to be selected to the MBA Sup de Luxe in Paris in September”, says the young woman, who plans to leverage its knowledge of Chinese to work then with Chinese teams.
More and more young guns are

Like her, more and more executives, attracted by China’s economic potential, decide to learn business mandarin in Beijing. The number of trainees of the China Institute increased by 15 to 20% per year. The enthusiasm is also strong among younger: 29 505 pupils learned Mandarin in September 2011, against 9328 in the secondary seven years earlier.
Already, this skill is proving a real asset on the job market … Asian. “We recruit executives confirmed for French companies, large companies, and SMEs. Knowledge of Mandarin is required if at least highly recommended. Not necessarily in the practice of his profession, but to ensure the daily exchanges with Chinese employees of which the majority do not speak that language, “says Yves Cornell, director of the Paris office of Dragonfly Group, a consultancy in recruitment and HR for French companies operating in China.
Party create training centers in French and English in the Yangshuo region in 2001, Jerome Berny himself has learned Chinese. After a two-year experience, he was hired as director of a factory relocated to a Swiss manufacturer of small leather goods. A position he held seven years. “My experience was enough to understand Mandarin and speak in workshops. In meetings, I spoke English and did bring me, that can correct translations in Mandarin when they were too imprecise. This saved me from disappointment in a country where one who does not understand will not dare tell you, “he recalls.

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Alibaba founder

Revenue for two years in France, where he created a sourcing company and purchases from Chinese factories, Jerome Berny is convinced that a good command of Mandarin is not superfluous. “It’s the human relationship, more than the contract prevails in business. In this context, communicate in Chinese is a much-appreciated effort to establish the relationship, “he argues. This was well understood some jewelry brands or perfume instead of Paris, who do not hesitate to train their salespeople to receive the French language in their Chinese customers. At China Institute, these profiles make up 30% of trainees.
How long does it take to properly control the Chinese? “There are two languages: the spoken and written language, nuance Isabelle Han, president of the French Association of Chinese teachers. One can quite favor an approach to oral and ignore the signs that are not complex but require that one spends time. “Sales Manager at China Institute believes that Pierre Pagès sixty hours of courses allow to get by in everyday life or hold a small conversation selling situation.

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Why Chinese should drink more Wine !

Today we receive a guest post from the French Cellar in China, that teach us why you should drink more wine in China !

wine China

1. You have to know that wine is a great source of antioxidants, which increases levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and gets rid of the bad stuff (LDL) than white. This means heart disease goodbye and hello clogged arteries.
2. Drinking wine in moderation can slim your risk of osteoporosis, which in simple terms refers to linked to thinning bones age, increasing bone mineral density in men and women. Chinese should be sensitive to that argument !
3. Drink 1 glass of Red wine also slows the growth of breast cancer and prostate cancer cells, while preventing oral cancer.

4. Drinking Wine can help your cholesterol levels by increasing the levels of HDL (the good things) while “phenols” in wine prevent the levels of LDL (the bad stuff) damage your arteries.
5. It is so good for you, that the evidence showed that moderate consumption is better for health than abstinence from alcohol completely.
6. “Polyphenols” are substances found in red wine, which “fight against harmful bacteria,” which prevents your body from illness and disease.
7. Wine reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks because it “dilates the arteries and increases blood flow, reducing the risk of clots.”
are 8. ‘Flavonoids’ significantly in red wine, and the evidence shows that these compounds reduce the risk of many types of cancer.

9. Red wine has the ability to reduce the risk of certain dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.
10. “resveratrol” is a key ingredient in the skin of red grapes, which is known to protect blood vessels while eliminating blood clots. It also gets rid of those unwanted wrinkles, because it protects the body against aging and disease.

More information about Wine in China :