Ray-ban, what’s their next move in China?

China slowdown concerns dim Ray-ban maker EssilorLuxottica’s
EssilorLuxottica shares lost ground Friday, as a slump in China’s business hampered the French-Italian company’s first quarter sales which were better than expected. source

The group makes spectacle frames and sunglasses for Versace and Prada.

China’s sunglasses are now more resistant to blue light radiation
RayBan, a top-selling brand of prescription eyewear and sun protection, has joined hands with the Peking University Eye Center to support anti-UV Eye protection for China. AMD (agerelated macular disease) is rising in China as well as around the globe.

Source https://fashionchinaagency.com/sunglasses-china/

“It is a known fact that prolonged sunlight exposure without UV-resistant eyewear can cause permanent eye injury,”, China Country Manager at Luxottica Group, parent company to Ray-Ban.

The research’s goal is to increase UV protection in sunglasses, by improving lens technology and educating the consumer about the importance UV protection.

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