Why the Chinese Fashion Market is the Top in the world?

China is today one of the most important global markets for fashion apparel sales. The Chinese market has more apparel sales online than both the US and Europe combined, especially when it comes to e-commerce. If you can sell to the Chinese market, there is great potential. How can they reach you? How can they find your brand and purchase it?

Fashion demande is booming in China

The sales of clothing, especially womenswear, and footwear has increased dramatically since 2022. Women are slowly consuming more than men. Women are gradually consuming more clothing than men.

In terms of total sales value and value growth, women’s clothing has outperformed men’s clothes.
Fashion and apparel retailers need to capitalize on the demand for high-quality products from abroad in order to expand their business in China’s rapidly growing e-commerce market. China’s status as the largest market in the world gives apparel retailers easy access to tech-savvy customers who are more likely to buy products via cross-border ecommerce. As consumers are more interested in a healthy lifestyle, the sales of sportswear is steadily increasing.

A.T. Kearney, a consulting firm, also notes that Chinese consumers are 97%, 87%, and respectively, more open to cross-border commerce than US consumers. China’s ecommerce market will surpass US$713 billion by 2022. This market is more than twice as large as the US and 10 times larger than Japan, which has US$159 billion.

One of the best examples is La Redoute, a multi-channel French retailer founded in 1837 by Joseph Pollet. French retailer brand is specialized on fashion apparel and home decor. It is remarkable that the e-commerce website receives more than 7,000,000 unique visitors per month. La Redoute is home to more than 10,000,000 active users. It operates in 26 countries.

La Redoute created a Chinese ecommerce website to cater to Chinese online shoppers. It also featured seasonal campaigns for mobile and desktop. La Redoute set up accounts on WeChat, Weibo and other digital marketing platforms to increase brand awareness. Today, La Redoute has more than 210K followers on Weibo despite not activating recently. read also luggage market

In Chinese mobile marketing campaigns, integrated loyalty programs, digital coupons, and online ads were all included. La Redoute’s Chinese e-commerce strategy led to an increase in sales due to a $79 average basket, a 7-10 day logistics turnaround time and fewer out-of stock products.

Retail Marketing strategy in China

  1. Concentrate on products of high quality
    You should create strategic content to win the trust of Chinese consumers. This means your products must be high-quality status symbols. The great advantage is that quality products in China are often referred to as “international” products. This can help you earn dividends over the long-term.

Many foreign brands think it is easy to sell in China. Many brands fail to realize that China will be the most competitive market in the world. You will face 7x more competition than any other country. Because of the variety of products and services available to them, Chinese consumers will demand higher quality and customer service. You should then focus on high-quality products made with high-end materials.

  1. Your brand’s social and digital awareness can be increased
    Digital media cannot be ignored. It is crucial to understand how the relevant communities and consumer behavior on Chinese social media influence your market positioning decisions.

You should forget about the major western companies like Facebook, Youtube and Google. China has WeChat and Xiaohongshu and Baidu instead. It should also be noted that Amazon is not available in China, but China has Tmall, Taobao and Xiaohongshu. To approach these new platforms in a whole new way, it is important to consider China’s unique communication, content and engagement style.

  1. WeChat – The Most Used Social Media

WeChat boasts a staggering 877 million active users per day, making it a powerful tool for entering the Chinese market. It also makes it easy to create quality content. It is essential to be present in China to connect with your target customers. WeChat is China’s number one social network. The’static shop’ is one of the WeChat shops that can be linked with your account for promotions. It also makes a great tool for sales. WeChat is a new way to connect online retail and social communication in innovative, exciting, and unique ways.

The high-profile Givenchy partnership that Mr. The WeChat shop was made famous by the Givenchy partnership with Mr. WeChat is a powerful tool to target Chinese consumers because it doesn’t require any initial investment.

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