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Learn Chinese is your major asset!

Learning Mandarin is proving a major asset in the job market and attracts more and more candidates.

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Seem graduate of the bachelor in four years of Reims Management School (RMS), Melanie opted for a French-Chinese cycle. Two years during which she learned the fundamentals of marketing, management and the basics of Mandarin, then three years in China, first to attend Chinese classes full time and studying at the Beijing UIBE ( the University of International Business and Economics). A good approach to language that earned him an internship as assistant general manager of the Baccarat house in China then landed her first job in a Chinese company event in Beijing. “Today, these experiences allow me to be selected to the MBA Sup de Luxe in Paris in September”, says the young woman, who plans to leverage its knowledge of Chinese to work then with Chinese teams.
More and more young guns are

Like her, more and more executives, attracted by China’s economic potential, decide to learn business mandarin in Beijing. The number of trainees of the China Institute increased by 15 to 20% per year. The enthusiasm is also strong among younger: 29 505 pupils learned Mandarin in September 2011, against 9328 in the secondary seven years earlier.
Already, this skill is proving a real asset on the job market … Asian. “We recruit executives confirmed for French companies, large companies, and SMEs. Knowledge of Mandarin is required if at least highly recommended. Not necessarily in the practice of his profession, but to ensure the daily exchanges with Chinese employees of which the majority do not speak that language, “says Yves Cornell, director of the Paris office of Dragonfly Group, a consultancy in recruitment and HR for French companies operating in China.
Party create training centers in French and English in the Yangshuo region in 2001, Jerome Berny himself has learned Chinese. After a two-year experience, he was hired as director of a factory relocated to a Swiss manufacturer of small leather goods. A position he held seven years. “My experience was enough to understand Mandarin and speak in workshops. In meetings, I spoke English and did bring me, that can correct translations in Mandarin when they were too imprecise. This saved me from disappointment in a country where one who does not understand will not dare tell you, “he recalls.

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Alibaba founder

Revenue for two years in France, where he created a sourcing company and purchases from Chinese factories, Jerome Berny is convinced that a good command of Mandarin is not superfluous. “It’s the human relationship, more than the contract prevails in business. In this context, communicate in Chinese is a much-appreciated effort to establish the relationship, “he argues. This was well understood some jewelry brands or perfume instead of Paris, who do not hesitate to train their salespeople to receive the French language in their Chinese customers. At China Institute, these profiles make up 30% of trainees.
How long does it take to properly control the Chinese? “There are two languages: the spoken and written language, nuance Isabelle Han, president of the French Association of Chinese teachers. One can quite favor an approach to oral and ignore the signs that are not complex but require that one spends time. “Sales Manager at China Institute believes that Pierre Pagès sixty hours of courses allow to get by in everyday life or hold a small conversation selling situation.

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Top 10 news about China

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Why Chinese should drink more Wine !

Today we receive a guest post from the French Cellar in China, that teach us why you should drink more wine in China !

wine China

1. You have to know that wine is a great source of antioxidants, which increases levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and gets rid of the bad stuff (LDL) than white. This means heart disease goodbye and hello clogged arteries.
2. Drinking wine in moderation can slim your risk of osteoporosis, which in simple terms refers to linked to thinning bones age, increasing bone mineral density in men and women. Chinese should be sensitive to that argument !
3. Drink 1 glass of Red wine also slows the growth of breast cancer and prostate cancer cells, while preventing oral cancer.

4. Drinking Wine can help your cholesterol levels by increasing the levels of HDL (the good things) while “phenols” in wine prevent the levels of LDL (the bad stuff) damage your arteries.
5. It is so good for you, that the evidence showed that moderate consumption is better for health than abstinence from alcohol completely.
6. “Polyphenols” are substances found in red wine, which “fight against harmful bacteria,” which prevents your body from illness and disease.
7. Wine reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks because it “dilates the arteries and increases blood flow, reducing the risk of clots.”
are 8. ‘Flavonoids’ significantly in red wine, and the evidence shows that these compounds reduce the risk of many types of cancer.

9. Red wine has the ability to reduce the risk of certain dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.
10. “resveratrol” is a key ingredient in the skin of red grapes, which is known to protect blood vessels while eliminating blood clots. It also gets rid of those unwanted wrinkles, because it protects the body against aging and disease.

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A french Sommelier selecting the best French Wine for Chinese consumers

Nicolas REBUS His previous life, he says no regrets. “I arrived at the top, that I could not back down.” Head sommelier at the gourmet restaurant Le Meurice, the Parisian luxury hotel on the Rue de Rivoli, where officiates the chef 3 macarons Michelin Scrap Nicolas had become a star of the profession. “A magical time, I doubled the size of the cellar, the restaurant’s mounted brigade handed sommeliers indoors …” Of course, he was starting his day at 8 am 30 to finish at 2 am, “but it was worth it,” he says.

Video French Cellar

Yet in 2010, only 33 years, grand-son of a Savoyard wine which was destined more to the kitchen as the sommelier, decided to chuck everything, the gold of the room decorated by Philippe Starck, the cozy wages, enviable position … “I heard it all:” You’re crazy, “” You’re going to lose everything, “” You’ve thought of your children “… But not about to change his mind,? I was sure of myself. ”

quote of the day Wine

Tired of great restaurants

in which he knocked over a decade, in particular side of Bernard Loiseau and Alain Ducasse (“cellar 500 000 bottles at Louis XV in Monaco, a Dream”), the graduate from high school hotel Tain-Hermitage (Drôme) decides to start his own business and started his own company, Lac’Wine Consulting. Objective: to help restaurants improve their wine list.

“Often, restaurateurs do not have the time or opportunity to create an original wine list and simply stack known labels, he says But it is not enough. Customers today are looking for new or good business. ”

French Winemakers for China Market

Nicolas Scrap does it all: finding new wines, develop the map, discuss the conditions of purchase … Personally, he runs a dozen French winemakers he selected and he is trying to raise awareness, particularly among great restaurants. “I, for example, managed to enter the field Ardoisières in Savoy at Robuchon, Gagnaire, Ducasse … It’s a real pride!”

Of course, such a conversion is not a path strewn with roses. Financially, this father of two young girls said they had found a decent income that after a year, “and again I have been fortunate to work very quickly to the house Richard a major wholesalers drinks in the restaurant business, for which make winemakers wine lists. ”

Similarly, if he discovered the pleasure of organizing his own day, he acknowledges sometimes have trouble distinguishing his personal life from his professional life. “My living room has become my office, with around cases of wine, my wife appreciates moderately says he with a smile I only now understand that it is sometimes necessary to put the brakes, learn to see. after what is not urgent, not to consider the Saturday and Sunday as days of the week, otherwise it is devouring. ”

In April, it is nevertheless associated with a friend, a business angel encountered in wine courses given to individuals, another of its activities, and created a company designed to promote “his” small winemakers to abroad. “We will establish a sales office in Hong Kong, Shanghai, can be in Brazil and India, there is a real international demand for authentic wines, different.” Not sure eventually that Nicolas Scrap know what the phrase “drink responsibly” wants to say.

Japan popular destination among Chinese Tourists #Why?

The number of tourist visits increased by more than 120 million over 10 years, according to a new projection.
Golden Week in China and Japan tourism statistics

Golden Week in China begins tomorrow to celebrate the National Day, the day when the Communists took power officially, which means at least two things: the disappointing economic news will stop for a week as the country stops for the holidays and Chinese tourists will flood the international airports in the biggest week for travel abroad.

Four million Chinese are planning to travel abroad, an increase of 11% percent from last year, according to “The Book”, a news site run by the state. Despite China’s stock market bubble bursting and an industry in recession, travel figures are the latest evidence that Chinese consumers are not influenced by large sometimes disastrous titles on China’s economy.
A larger number of Chinese traveling abroad is one of the unassailable world trends. Before, Chinese were either too poor to travel abroad or prohibited by a paranoid government to go abroad. Now they head abroad in droves. Fortune focused on the Chinese wave come to the United States two years ago. Chinese tourists spend about $ 6,000 in America, most of all visitors were expected, and trips to increase by 259% between 2011 and 2017; in the first quarter of this year visitors increased 19% to 560,000.
The number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad should increase by 116 million last year to about 242 million in 2024, said CEIC. “That’s almost all of Indonesia hit the beach in a single year, or Germany, Iran and Egypt combined,” Japan Official Tourism bureau

This year, China will increasingly go to Japan, taking advantage of the weakness of the yen, as they cut their trips that used to be the Hong Kong rigor destination.
The number of Chinese visitors to Hong Kong is indeed in decline since the demonstrations there last fall. Overnight visitors fell by almost 10% earlier this year. source
The press controlled by the state of China accuses the anti-mainland sentiment in Hong Kong for the Chinese to go elsewhere. Xinhua quoted a professor from Shanghai in a recent story using “persistent anti-mainland sentiment” as his excuse for not going
But the explanation is more propaganda than truth. Chinese Internet companies and government regulators censored much of Hong Kong protest coverage as happened last fall. Photos disappeared, cats were blocked and videos banned in mainland China. In addition, Hong Kong shopping areas returned to normal shortly after the protesters left.
Instead, the HBSC survey said the sharp drop in the number of Chinese travelers to Hong Kong is caused by three other reasons, including new restrictions on cross-border travel for day visitors on shopping excursions, a strengthening the Hong Kong dollar and Chinese travelers begin to be more adventurous in their choice of destination.
This includes Japan, which can accommodate the most anti-mainland sentiment of all countries, but politely greets Chinese travelers. Recent trip to China, he climbed




3D printing technology for glass

The advanced 3D printing technology allows us to quickly create various objects, including buildings and the actual car, but one of the more unusual uses for 3D printing could be the creation of glass objects to Using a unique model of the 3D printer. Scientists at MIT have already figured out how to molten glass through a 3D printer and published a video that shows the fascinating process of creating objects using this particular material.

Mediated Matter Group has developed an G3DP system that is capable of printing various glass layer produced by layer. The printer seems to work like that other 3D printer that can print real houses, but using glass is an even more exciting experience.

be heated to 1900 degrees

Firstly, in fact the shape of the objects, the glass must be heated to 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. The 3D printer then poured substance, resembling honey at this stage, in a predefined schema. Once the object is printed, it must be cooled, at which point it will be perfectly transparent, just like any other glass product made using traditional glass blowing techniques.

3D printed glass creations

Some 3D printed glass creations will be exhibited at MIT next year Cooper Hewitt Design Museum Smithsonian, Popular Science reports.

Meanwhile, more details on this particular glass manufacturing technology are available on the links from the source, in case you want to start printing your 3D glass ashtrays and vases. The video showing the 3D printing process glass into action follows below.

Glassmaking began 4500 years ago, in Mesopotamia. The first products in the industry were jewelry, beads and pendants, as cast from molds and carved by hand. Purpose craftsmen worked fast, how to make more practical things, such as cans, bottles and drinking vessels, by winding strands of molten glass around a sand or clay core of the appropriate shape, qui was then shaken or scraped by-the glass had cooled ,

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