Chinese Students in US university are Proud of China


Controversy continues to rage on-line over a speech given on Sunday at the College of Maryland’s commencement ceremony by a Chinese pupil who said that she came to Maryland with the “fresh air” and stayed for that “fresh air of cost-free speech.”
The speech given by graduating senior Shuping Yang has sparked outrage throughout Chinese social networking with tens of a huge number of net customers bashing her for “belittling” her homeland, accusing her of telling outright lies. source

As section with the backlash, Chinese learners and alumni in the University of Maryland shared a video clip on-line nowadays, preventing back again from Yang’s depiction of China. The online video begins with Xinliang Jiang, a junior communications big at Maryland from Chongqing, who suggests that her hometown “is essentially an incredibly attractive location located in the southwest of China. I like the food, the persons, the air there.” She proceeds:
I also deeply really like my nation, the heritage, culture, tradition. I really like anything over it.
I realize that lots of individuals state that China remains to be enhancing. We want to open up up and embrace many of the solutions from the outside the house earth. I completely concur with that. But I might be so pissed off if any one disgraced my place with deceptions.

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United States VS Chinese Students

Even though we know the United states is actually a really absolutely free talking state. 80% of what Shuping Yang said these days had been deceptions and lies, so we made a decision to speak up mainly because we don’t feel that she will stand for all of us global Chinese students.
So truly the position she came from named Kunming is really a very, incredibly stunning place in China. It truly is on the list of ideal places we could go travel in the course of holidays.
After indicating that she’s “proud of China,” Jiang provides technique to other present and previous Chinese college students at Maryland who introduce their hometowns and strain their disagreement with Shuping Yang’s views, focusing more on China’s not totally harmful air, alternatively than Yang’s promises in the country’s oppressive mental and political natural environment.

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“I’m from Suzhou. My hometown is good and free of charge. We do not want deal with masks there,” claims a person pupil. “I’m from Xiamen. My hometown has blue and distinct skies. We do not need face masks there,” a further pupil echoes.
“I confess that there are some air high-quality problems in China at this time, however you will not die without a mask,” just one Chinese scholar suggests, outlining that she is studying environmental science within the University of Maryland to repair these troubles, instead than “to escape.”
An additional Maryland alumnus voices his disagreement with Shuping Yang right before inviting viewers to vacation to find out each of the beautiful destinations that China provides. “Please make use of your essential imagining, to view from your eyes, to discover the reality. That is what the vital thinking, instructing us,” he states.

Chinese Kids sent to USA

“Yes, China has its flaws, but not ample for me or any Chinese to dislike it to your bones,” says yet another Maryland alumna from China who has chose to remain in the US right after graduation. “My parents remain there. They like it. They may have a household. The houses appear with gardens. It is really not such as the stereotype that you need to be within an apartment respiration bad air. No, it’s not genuine. Quite, extremely improper.” The lady concludes her statement by saying that she may not be able to carry on to assist her alma mater if Maryland doesn’t deal with the incident properly.

Market Analysis: E-commerce in China

Market Analysis: E-commerce in China

“I like Chinese” sang one day Eric Idle, a member of the British comedy troupe Monty Python, and more of an e-trader could say the same. In fact, e-commerce is a strong development never stops, and the exchange platform gathered in this respect the most striking facts about the online business in the Middle Kingdom.

The e-commerce in China

40% of China’s population, or 242 million Chinese already makes purchases on the Internet and has spent about € 822 per person last year. For comparison: in the UK, the average expenditure for e-commerce amounted to € 1,265 per person. A huge market with high growth potential.

No wonder, considering that China is destined to the distance selling because of its vast territory, a large part of China consisting of agricultural areas. Therefore, a high density of businesses therefore exists in urban areas.






Our selection of Articles for The working Visa in China

A China Visa is required to enter the Chinese territory, whatever your nationality, including nationals of Chinese nationality.

English: China Visa Stamp

English: China Visa Stamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since January 1, 2013, travelers from 45 countries, in transit in Shanghai or Beijing, can stay in the city concerned for a period of 72 hours (3 days) without a visa.



Enjoy, Hope it will be hopeful




It’s hilarious the chinese way of life

All this, of course, is only exceptionally simplistic generalization. I met twelve stars French expatriates who spoke fluent Mandarin, as I met expatriates “fit” watching the Chinese high. What is quite funny is that there is a sort of constant squabble between Internet chinabloggers both categories. In both cases, there is a choice of life, and people do what they want. And in both cases, too, we must recognize that whatever the form of expatriation, in hard times, help each fellow is absolutely complete. As in France, the French had spit in the face when another needs a helping hand, both abroad, they stick together.

One of the candidates that we received working for expatriates in a ghetto. I know the existence of these ghettos (thus expatriates twelve stars call themselves, because there are guards at the entrance, and it is also difficult to enter without invitation in Fort Knox) , Like this, but has never been my choice of life, I have never attended or crossed. I know the ghetto Sanlitun, Beijing, Sanlitun is because the embassy district, and when you walk there, you see more white faces qu’ocres. This is what happened to Amélie Nothomb as a child. I would strongly advise you to read about the “sabotage love,” which tells this period of his life.

So obviously, when the kitten told me his job … I fell a little high. Expatriates who live there, if they have the means, they chew everything. They have everything at their disposal (but rents Pharaohs): they do not manage stewardship related to settlement of invoices, even mobile phone (not knowing, for the most part, not even how packages are set here), and are subcontracted to an office of the ghetto that manages it for them. The same office manages the regulations of all charges, provides day care for children, and a cleaning service sends daily housekeeping in the apartment … Would that to remake the beds, dishes, and laundry! This office acts as a travel agency if necessary, organizing the tourist travel card you want. Even within the enclosure, there is a restaurant mid-western half Chinese history to give a hint of the exotic, and there is a gym and a supermarket offering some imported products. In short, they are treated like children kings, sweetened with exotic amusement park.

It’s funny, but I am an expatriate in the same country, I say that we do not live the same experience. In my neighborhood, I am the only white. In my neighborhood, shopkeepers always stare at me so much, and none of them speak English.

Beyond these discussions, I have received other CVs, and there’s one that made me smile. In China, there are fifty different ethnic groups. Quasitotalité the population is Han, but it is often an element that applicants specify (I must say that this feature is specified on the ID card). Here we are not talking about ethnicity, but “nationalities”. And there’s a contender, which for me specify ethnicity, mentioned in his CV “folklore: han”. I found it folk.

Another candidate sent me your CV with a photo of her. I enclose a photo of the candidate in question. Be joining you this letter to you? Are hired not to work in an amusement park! Kids, these are kids …

And the best is another candidate, who, in his CV, wanted to emphasize the excellent level of English. And to prove it to me, she told me in a long paragraph, she played Snow White in a stage adaptation of the tale, as part of his studies in English, not hesitating to me detailing all the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as it is said to a child, to show me that she knew, as she played the role.

In closing, I leave you with a picture of a candidate, probably a former prime class, which by sending me his smile shot, did not hesitate to subtitle “surely, I’m the right man! “or” no doubt I’m the perfect man “. I let you appreciate yourself.

A day in shanghai park 2

It’s a bit why I recommend the Sunday to come and have a look. For Sunday, many Chinese families and expatriates who gather around the activities hosted in the park.
Fishermen budding players go, card, balloon, and everything we can play outdoors can be found here for a pleasant afternoon in the sun if possible.

Suddenly he radiates an atmosphere very good child. This is both very peaceful and alive, so precious in this metropolis. A bit like one of those soap bubbles blown by the little girl with pink duvet flying in the air slightly Shanghai which seems less polluted here …
With a little luck, it falls even moments of life with Chinese fun, interesting but still very authentic. As these courses taichi so common that change, time to change the tape in the mail, being furious rock
Where as this dance Xinjiang interpreted gestures and strength accompanied by musicians from all conditions.
Fuxing Park is one of the first pleasant places in Shanghai that I discovered there is a little more than a year, and I still enjoy going back to at any time of the year. Incredibly, on November 27 in Shanghai, I found myself sipping a glass of sun Fuxing Park, and under the eye, envious this time M & E

Personal promotion

Once is not custom … I will try to use my blog purely for profit or almost. I do not have much besides principle, but exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures.
Therefore in line with the previous post, this post will not teach you much about Shanghai and China (sorry …), but aim only to make a little advertising for … me. And yes it may seem sad to get there. So I understand that most readers of this blog go their way.
Simply put, I am for several weeks in search of lessons to give. Until now, Shanghai Expat Forums, BBS university and my personal network have not yet borne fruit. But I believe, so here I offer my services on my blog.

I thought initially teach French or English, but I’m also very willing to support education, particularly in science subjects.
I was already in France “teacher special” for many students, college to college. So I have a little experience in this side.
Of course I can move within certain limits anyway. (Out of Shanghai refrain ..)
If you are interested in (e), or if you know someone who might be interested, do not hesitate to contact me via email Cont @ ct ‘(top right) blog for more information.

Similarly, if you wind a few tips that might interest a French student in Shanghai who has time and especially energy!

Thank you in advance!

The tanghulu

The tanghulu … this is probably what is best in Beijing!
Finally we find elsewhere in China, I’ve even eaten since on the Bund in Shanghai, but not as much and as well as in Beijing, capital of China and tanghulu

Tang-hu-lu: tang which means sugar (not soup, it’s the same phoneme but not the same tone, see) and hulu which means calabash … this is what is said in my book of Chinese courses for explain this strange word.
But hey, what are these calabashes sugar? In fact tanghulu, these are the “kebabs” fruit frozen inside a layer of crystallized sugar a bit like …
It is still unclear huh, that’s right … luckily the camera was there!
In Beijing it’s everywhere these vendors who carry around their carriage tanghulu bouquets. Obviously, this is one of the favorite treats of Beijingers who are specialists.

I’ve tested the first time on the first day in Beijing, the first night in fact, after the episode of the Mongolian pot, which I had left as a hollow stomach …

And then, almost every day of our stay in Beijing was marked by a tasting of tanghulu, to such an extent that we were able to conduct a very thorough study of the quality / price tanghulu in Beijing, which Here are the results:

the ideal is two kuai le tanghulu: for that price you can have a very good and mostly seedless (like here on the side of Qianmen)
we offer you a tanghulu 1 kuai? better refuse every time it is full of glitches …
3 kuai, in a pinch, but if there are glitches, there you are really having (as is possible if you take one on the site of the Great Wall of China …)
But why she speaks seed? you say.
Just because the tanghulu, true, authentic, consists only of small apples (pome fruit par excellence). Of course you can find other kinds, with strawberries or exotic fruits, it grows even fantasy to alternating colors and everything, and yes not believe the market is very diverse tanghulu
Nevertheless, for these derivatives have tasted, I think again, nothing beats a real tanghulu small dark red apples shining under the light sugar frozen streets of Beijing and seedless …