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A China Visa is required to enter the Chinese territory, whatever your nationality, including nationals of Chinese nationality.

English: China Visa Stamp

English: China Visa Stamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since January 1, 2013, travelers from 45 countries, in transit in Shanghai or Beijing, can stay in the city concerned for a period of 72 hours (3 days) without a visa.









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Guilin by Boat


Guilin between Yangshuo and is part of the Li River the most interesting landscapes both at historic levels. This section has long since become the main attraction of the region. The 80 km route is a succession of peaks grandiose of fishing villages and the famous Sugar Loaf.

Since Guillin, it is advisable to book cruises with your hotel or agency at least one day in advance. The boats are small motor boats fast and inexpensive. The official cruise is much more expensive, about 60 euros per person, including lunch and return by bus during the day.


The cruise is as follows: we first drove up Zhujiang bus (28 km south of Guilin), then boarding type vessels riverboats. The meal is served on board with the possibility of fish or seafood supplements. Some cruises offer duty-free room at the crossing. This type of cruise is very popular with Chinese tour groups so if you prefer something quieter and closer to nature, we advise you to board small boats to Yangshuo. This type of boat offers trips quieter and cheaper. One last tip, during low water (November-February), fewer boats and sail more




Christmas in china ( handan)

December 23, even though we wondered how we would occupy our evening of the 24th. To receive a call from the local government (the equivalent of mayor + prefecture in France at our district), Lina and I inviting us to the Christmas party of the economic zone of Handan.

The address was in a restaurant “western”, but the meal was we can not Chinese. Very good, however, judge for yourself in this picture well stocked.

English: Tang Poem: Returning Home As An Unrec...

English: Tang Poem: Returning Home As An Unrecognized Old Man, Nantoyōsō Collection, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That said, it really was not going to eat … But to drink, as is usually the case in this kind of meeting. Or to be more precise, to establish and maintain contacts. What happens in China almost exclusively by a meal well watered. Red wine is more fashionable, it is so eating red and white. White by means of course rice wine (usually 52 °). It connects the toast one after the other, either red (glass bottom cul sec or more), white (small glass gulp), or mix the two moments, but it is still more rare – and it is not worse.
Present the borough mayor, vice-mayor, the directors of a number of offices, factories and patterns of economic zone – including our website. It is therefore to strengthen ties around a pretext; here, Christmas, and it was actually very nice!

Especially knowing that my wife was about to give birth, the local government has reserved many ways, including this beautiful teddy bear that will undoubtedly be 2 or 3 times bigger than the baby to come!

Magic shows, music, a cocktail experts who juggled his bottles, and a “laowai” poet, the evening was very busy!

Laowai the poet, of course it was me, because to make a good impression on me was “suggested” to recite a poem during the evening. But not to the banal, with (very) high with Lina, I could instead recite a poem written for the occasion, half an adaptation of the classic poem of Tang sauce ” French alone in Handan, “and the other half for the expression of happiness to be here. Here is the poem in question, Lina thank you again!



Fudan Campus

From there I go to the building language exchange for registration. It is actually off campus (at the edge of campus) 20 minutes walk from the dorm …

Starts the queue in which new forms are given to us as if we all were not already full enough! I have next to me a conversation with a Chinese European French and guide in filling their forms. We sympathize very quickly and I learn that he is Italian, he worked in Hong Kong before he met the Chinese who became his companion and he joined in Shanghai. He wants to learn Mandarin as for professional reasons as to communicate with his girlfriend as they speak in English for the moment …

The journey Registration takes place in six stages, each stage we give our paper + admission letter and a stamp is affixed to a paper that contains one line per step.
In the sixth step we give the paper that all buffers and we are free and included!

At the stage I see the money out of Italian wads of cash (RMB 10,500) to pay for his tuition (because he did not make bank transfer). It was fun to see all these bundles pass through the counting machines tickets …

Once registration finished we went to the dormitory where Italian will spend two days in his physical examination enabling him to obtain his residency permit (he lives off campus with a one-year visa).

On the way we pass the huge new building built for 100 years of Fudan.
Then we leave off campus where the Chinese partner of my new Italian friend will help me to choose a Chinese SIM card for my laptop. There are several operators. The best are those numbers starting with 138 and 139, it is “more stable”. Card costing 70-85 RMB depending on the number and entitles RMB 50 phone credit. You must add 10 RMB credit every month by purchasing a card to maintain their subscription. You can not call internationally with but can be called (ca cost you) and send SMS in France.

Then we leave breakfast every 3. We order 5-6 dishes including a noodle dish that will be all excellent and impressive (the portions are huge). We are doing is for 90 RMB (just over 3 euros each) and we leave behind us enough food for two other meals: (


Day in Nankin

Finally, although friendly, the visit to the temple Fuzi Miao is fast enough, and perhaps less than there know a little more, do not bring anything exceptional.

But luckily for me, the surroundings of the temple are more promising.
I leave the temple and small lights to find the area of ​​Fuzi Miao and other illuminations.


If the morning since we had not stopped to advise me to go through Fuzi Miao, it is perhaps not so much for its temple for the neighborhood itself.
A pedestrian appearance already very pleasant to cut traffic adds vibrant atmosphere lively neighborhood.

It is indeed one of the busiest Nanjing, especially during holidays as was the case for me.

Construction of traditional house restaurants and fast food, but also clothing stores and souvenir shops.

Between them, it is possible to hire a pedalo, or strolling through the aisles of a market for a little while relatively large.

Again, many points in common with the old city of Shanghai, the market more
But the most fun is yet when night falls and the lights district. Flashing neon lights, colored lights, flash cameras mixture of tourists … fireworks a traditional day revived Chinese. It has to shine!


So quickly!

After five minutes, I realized that the two cushy as cérébrés that molluscs were only there for one thing: to make us sign the lease, which is the most expensive, but act as a “business advisor “. Obviously, I was upset quickly these guys know nothing about business, and are yet in a position to interfere in ours, they do not even know in the dream content of the activity. They were ridiculous advice like “you should rather rent in this area, because there are German and American companies”. And then there is the usual Chinese and amadouante lourdaude, particulièremet annoying, to kick back, to spit compliments to two centimeters from the face, to offer you cigarettes like crazy while you have to crush one blows winks grotesque story you sign without thinking too much. I immediately took my distance, I cut short the conversation, to share with Ke Wang Rong our real needs in the field, trying to coordinate them with my policy cost. The outcome of races is that there certainly spent more time (an hour of scheduled maintenance, we went to four), but we saved over three years, half a million yuan . To Rong Wang Ke, which is Chinese with his delusions of grandeur, it is. For me, this is huge, and having the opposite approach would more concern that the lack of interest of economy.

Ke and Wang Rong, after discussions, the baby catches up, telling me that we were in China, and we had two ways of dealing with the relationship: either we fight against the administration (ie, consider the two clampins for what they are: two small scale without servants, but who are the lords of the castle with their very poor little power), or we played friendship without limits, like poles old regiment, to exchange favors. I personally have never been in the army,’m keen weapons upon receipt of the e-tax, so I left my partner this option work for me. And so it was partly for this great friendship that road to get drunk consors to obtain favors. The result is that it still fell a little rent, suggesting that part of the difference is personal support offered both idiots.

Both officials said that money should not be a problem, and have brought one of their “friend” banker in the quarter of an hour: that is, a bank employee, regardless of the content reassuring or alarming the balance sheet that we will present, we will obtain a loan, we will have to determine the amount to our way, knowing that the above said bank employee will determine accordingly the Committee under the table.

To close this transaction, we went to dinner and sloshed together. As in China, one of the ways to be recognized and respected, is how to keep the alcohol (believe it is impossible to do business without this, and even though I ironically, I’m not kidding ), Ke Wang Rong let me handle this part of the transaction. And even if I went zigzagging, I got the approval of the officials, who it seems, we will open all the doors.

Is this legal? Of course not. And yet, the operation of the country, and the durability of the system, based in part on it. So, despite what the government says, showing shots of brilliance in the fight against corruption is tolerated as well as prostitution, rampant, yet officially prohibited as well as the sale of CDs and DVD pirates, is completely prohibited, while all stores have a storefront. And why can not change? Just because we are in a dictatorship, the government, for the sake of social cohesion, muzzles the press could report, and thus jeopardize cohesion. In short, it is not about to change.


what an amazing dinner

At the time we do not think, but after thinking about it, you realize that you are joking and making jokes 2 balls in Chinese. And you realize why our teacher says so proud of her class. We have not had our HSK results, but it does not matter, he said that we have accomplished is impressive.
Time to capture the moment with the inevitable group photo, our teacher runs to buy a pack of cigarettes, it should benefit, because his wife will not let him smoke :), and we have it good say that we are sated, he wished to continue in a tea house. Small snacks tea accompanied Longjin picked last month. With our classmates we take Prof. Bai inattention to organize a picnic next week to thank him and our other Chinese teacher.

But already back again, and it is time to separate, it still found the time to remind us that the year is not over, small exams we are still waiting for a few weeks, then this is not the time to the lazy teacher … Ah Bai, we do not change:]