Food Scandals in China (What you really eat )

Chinese Food Scandals


China is one of the countries with the biggest population around the world. With such an extensive and varied population, the demand for things like food, tends to be very drastic. With such a diverse population at hand, the food market also varies in its quality and specialty to provide all types of cuisines to the citizens. However, with so many restaurants and food lines there is also the problem of maintaining food quality. The recent cases of some food scandals are the examples of these mishaps and have threatened the local people. To shed some light, a food scandal is basically when due to lack of government intervention, foods have some ingredients which can cause severe food poisoning or other diseases which may lead to deaths. The recent cases of such food scandals around china have become very popular.


gutter Oil China

Fake Meat in China

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What to eat German

What to eat German ? – Breakfast , Part 1

Chinese people like to talk about food . I like to eat (and usually too much). And that’s why I like talking with the Chinese about food .

A typical phrase I often hear is, ” You foreigners eat but all beef steak , right?” Or another : ” My German but always eat pig feet , right?” Some say : ” My German always eat but bread. ” – And then think of these white, sweet pieces that you can buy in China. It looks like bread , I call it ” cake ” , or ” plastic in the form of bread.” The bread in Germany is so different , very, very different … But that ‘s another topic .

What actually eat German if they live in China?

I do not know what other German food in China, but I eat almost always normal , simple , authentic Chinese food, many families eat in my neighborhood too. I can cook Chinese, and sometimes I buy the cheap Chinese fast-food restaurant on the corner of something , or I’ll eat in the cafeteria of the university.

I like simple food .

I do not like expensive restaurants ! I like simple food , cheap but delicious food, and I like versatile food . In the cafeteria , there are 20 or more different dishes to choose from. This is great . And that’s better than in Germany !

But there are two differences between my food and the most Chinese :
1 I like to drink a lot of coffee and . (Yes, coffee is healthy! )
2 I like to eat something sweet for breakfast.

What to eat German

An example to my breakfast

Most Germans think that breakfast should be sweet . Or a part of it at least .

Cooked rice or boiled noodles for breakfast? Impossible! Cooked vegetables or meat or filled baozi ? Impossible for many German ! The fried egg, or fried ham, which it often is in the hotel for breakfast, which is rather a kind of English or American breakfast . But certainly not German . I get stomach aches of fried meat, baozi or hot noodles for breakfast.

In Germany , is eaten for breakfast on the weekend or on special days at least , sometimes a boiled egg. The method of how we eat the egg , is certainly unusual and especially for Chinese. Furthermore we can talk some other time.

For most Germans the breakfast is rather sweet. And it’s cold ! No cooked or fried food for breakfast ! Except maybe the egg .

When I am in China at the hotel , I eat mostly rice porridge  . And without sugar and meat. Just plain con-gee . For many foreigners is almost impossible . Many foreigners find that terribly . I find rice porridge class . It’s healthy , and it does my stomach well . If my students often have abdominal pain , then I recommend always con-gee for breakfast. A good start to the day.

At home (I mean in my home in China) but I like to eat something sweet (but no cake ) for breakfast. With a large cup of coffee , of course !

Most Germans eat bread or rolls with butter and jam or honey for breakfast. German Bread , there are not and good jam is hard to get. Most honey that you buy in the market or supermarket , is not a real honey, or honey only 50% and 50 % sugar water . But in our town there is a Metro supermarket  , and have very good honey and many, many kinds of jam . Where to buy jam, honey, and milk by the way .

German likes to eat bread or rolls with jam for breakfast. I have found that simple mantou with jam or honey pretty good taste ( no butter ) for breakfast. So here is an example of a breakfast, which I find quite tasty and sometimes zubereite . Not always, but sometimes .üche

Shanghai : abundance of home food delivery

Shanghai : abundance of home food delivery


One of the joys of living in Shanghai is the abundance of options home delivery. Fine wines from DVD to coat rack that would not get into a taxi, online shopping and home delivery make life simple for the expatriate community than venturing out to shop became optional. With a simple click of the mouse you can find an excess of grocery stores and supermarkets in line with an impressive range of imported and local products that offer your weekly grocery list directly to your door.

shanghai bynight

Home delivery: Five grocery stores online in Shanghai

If you fancy culinary comforts of home, too busy to shop in person, or just need a bowl of soup to soothe the cough caused by pollution, open your Web browser and head to one of these sites home delivery grocery immediate gratification:

1) Smart Direct

Smart Direct is a grocery delivery service that acts as a clearinghouse for local products while offering typical supermarket items. In addition to home delivery of groceries Marks & Spencer, Smart Direct also sells homemade jams and the marketplace of Amelia (, frozen meals and Italian sauces chutneys Da Marco (, baked goods from the Mediterranean Bakery  Australian meat pies frozen from Shanghai Pie Company the fees Ambrosia yogurt, and organic products organic Shanghai . Their recipe section on hand preparing dinner the easiest meal of the day. Simply select the recipe you want and innovative system Smart Direct adds the ingredients to your shopping cart. Do not forget to check the online coupons section before you leave!

Address: shop online only.

Delivery: Delivery costs within Shanghai depend on the location, with over downtown Puxi receive free shipping (minimum order of 100 RMB). Orders placed before 15 hours will be delivered within three hours. Weekend orders must be placed before Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Hours: home delivery is available 12:00-22:00

2) ePermarket

epermarket  is a online grocery oriented expatriates and offers the widest range of imported products in Shanghai. Their new English (and French) language website makes online ordering even easier. With a bakery offering a selection of custom-made sandwiches and homemade breads, a local farm providing fresh produce and a wide selection of wines, spirits and beers, City Shop offers the best selection of imported goods in the city . Prices are high, but they certainly give you the best for your money imported.

Delivery: Delivery in Shanghai is RMB 20. For orders of more than RMB 400, the shipping is free. Delivery within 24 hours for orders placed before 15:00.


3) Carrefour offers an online store with everything from groceries to sporting goods and leisure products. The option of home delivery of French hypermarket help you beat the crowds on weekends and find local prices and weekly specials from the comfort of your home. Although all products are not available in stores are online, online store Carrefour gives you the best variety of local products for the lowest price.

Address: Carrefour has nineteen locations across Shanghai.

Delivery: in downtown Shanghai is free (minimum order of 100 RMB). Delivery outside Shanghai starts RMB 60. Orders are delivered within two days.


4) Feidian specializes in the supply of imported food products from around the world. You will not find many local products here, but this is your one stop destination for reasonably priced Italian meats, French cheeses and cereals American breakfast. Beyond their power options Feidian also cornered the market for the provision of international newspapers and magazines.

Hours: home delivery is available 9:30 to 21: 00

5) My local store

My local store offers a small selection of imported and domestic products than its competitors, but is distinguished by its unique loyalty program products. The Points program My local store allows you earn one point for every 1 RMB past and often promotes products that are worth extra points. My local store then offers a selection of products that can be redeemed against items.

Address: shop online only.

Delivery: Delivery in Shanghai is RMB 10. With an order of RMB 100 or more, the shipping charges are canceled. Orders placed before 16:30 are shipped the next day.


Hours: home delivery is available from 08:00 to 17:00. After hours delivery is available 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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