A special visit in guizhou

The entrance to the cave past, it is a walk along the water begins. A leisurely movement, rocked the “soft light” spots and neon psychedelic colors, it is not easy to take pictures … At least we avoided the “charming” voice of our guide and his mantra: the Korean speaking little Chinese actually ask the guide to be silent, and it was not displeasing to us So no geology courses …



Photos … just a little weird that we get to take when you have set foot on land between two boats, or when you flash that works well

Meanwhile we fly a little guide that begins to tell stuff about “Gao Bizi” (long noses, sweet word denoting the West, so we two in the boat). Here! Now it makes me chat?!, Well let’s see …

Then, the fault of the season? or the site itself? There was nothing unusual to see (but at least we have seen), at least not for the ticket price requested at the entrance! This is a blow to prevent Chinese sightseeing in their own country, I do not really understand the logic behind mysterious all …

So, at 14h, we are already in the mini-bus to return Anshun. Once in town, we quickly reach the railway station to buy our tickets for Liupanshui, our stage for the night.

Of course, we only get two seats on-reservation = no seat 无 座, and if there is anyway to sit hard. 24 yuan per person. The departure is announced an hour later than we expected, we still envrion 4 hours to kill in a town where there is nothing to see …
Cafe, attempted in vain to recover my transfer from France (I’ll have to see Guiyang), we find (with difficulty) a cafe, not heated, but when we can expect the rest.

Here we seem to spend as much of our time sitting in our bus or eating. Questions that torment me at the time: What time are we going to Liupanshui? Y we find the hotel indicated by the guide? Is that I began seriously to doubt the information contained in this …
Will I succeed to get my transfer to convert yuan to Guiyang? I have a feeling it’s going to be galley … more …

Boarding our train. At the sight of my ticket, I beckoned me direct drive 17, after the end of the train which, as my ticket has no specified car. But the train is about to leave, suddenly we got into a car, and try somehow to win this car, slaloming between Chinese difficult loading and unloading luggage, playing cards or watching parties going to use boiling water for their noodles after their car, etc … not easy, but we finally arrived at the entrance to the car, firmly guarded by an officer of the train, which in the view of our ticket, and especially our western facies I say, let us go, while the other passengers on booking last-stand on the other side of the door.

Clearly, we were privileged because we were in the West. Privileged because we found in a car not met at all, or even some of them were lying and sleeping peacefully when in the car next had to fight for a place. Who were those who shared our car? Students? Military? VIP relatives or any agents of the Chinese station? Mystery …
Some tickets were checked, not ours.

And we thus arrive at the stroke of Liupanshui 22h, not ideal for a hotel bargain.
We do pounce upon our exit from the station by a local who offers us. But first we want to know the prices of hotels that recommended in our guide has also been price prohibitive. Exhausted, we therefore accept to see what we offer our guide at the moment. Neither more nor less than a homestay, we say very rustic, no heating / air conditioning, but blankets for 40 yuan 2 we close our eyes to the state of the bathroom / toilet and the nose of the smell of exhaust hole shower water … and … stool
Remember not our best, but budget trip: we catch up!

And our night will be short. We indicate that we leave at dawn the next day to our next destination: Weining, at the extreme western Guizhou.


Longgong dong china

After our inglorious day the day before, we had way back to better prepare the days that followed. Reminder: we must absolutely be back to Guiyang January 21 to be able to buy some train tickets back to Shanghai.

From 19 to 21, so that left us 2 full days to go wander a bit. The question was naturally asked was: where? We may keep the Guizhou Southeast for the rest of the journey which promised longer, so we left the West (Northern Guizhou missing a priori interest).

The western Guizhou, they are essentially caves, waterfalls, lakes, etc … well, not super easy site to practice with large bags of hiking. Briefly, after studying the possibilities of circuits, and taking not pay hotel room 150 yuan a night every night, we found ourselves in échaffauder plans to travel light, economical, and efficient, while fulfilling our goal of returning. It is decided Thursday 19 morning, we get up early to drop our bags at the station previously set identified, and we head to Anshun and cave near Longgong before leaving by train to Liupanshui Shuicheng-where we spend the night to leave the next morning for the fresh and Weining Caohaihu lake and take the night bus that would take us back, spruce, 21 to Guiyang in the morning (see map). And guess what! We did it! And as we saw really interesting stuff this time
18 evening, I dutifully copied a few pages on the useful information from my Lonely: 2 kg gained. And as expected, the 19 morning sunrise 7:00, breakfast at the hotel engulfed, we put our bags in the instruction carefully filled with things we would not need during these two days. 24 yuan deposit for 3 days, mission travel light: ok, economic: it is gone.
The day before, a Chinese gave us the price of 25 yuan for buses to Anshun 安顺, but this morning, miracle of Chinese inflation, no way to negotiate less than 30 yuan. We hesitate a little, not really want to get ripped what we must say that we are the only Foreign corner (we do not cross other since our arrival), but our quick survey, through the authentication tickets Vietnamese (Yuelan is not it?), we confirm the price: 30 yuan per capita. It was honest, true bus (not a jigger 4-wheel) led us to destination about 1:15 on the highway.


China fever

And yes, if I did not write the pinyin for the place or even Chinese characters, it is simply because I did not have them at this time. This is a major feature of the Blue Guide as not to give the names of places without pinyin or ideograms, super convenient for travel itself by its own means, surely a more appropriate guide for those traveling with a … guide living thereof.
So, after trying in vain several combinations of possible pronunciations for three syllables, we began to hesitate to change the program. I’m thoroughly scan and rescan the table programmed destinations, anything that could be likened to that, maybe he does not exist actually.

When a sudden flash of common sense, more than genius because I should have thought of earlier: “I can buy a detailed map of Guizhou?” No problem, a few yuan a few seconds and oh … win! I locate Xiangzhigou characters on the card and proudly displays the madame, 香 纸 沟 but of course it is!

“Oh, it’s this one, Xiangzhigou! Yes I know, “she said. It’s not like it was 3:00 that I strove to tell him the joys of tones in Mandarin …
Meanwhile a Chinese, seeing the state of our struggle against our comprehensive intelligence officer, had come to our rescue to save our thinking with his English. Base is not that it helped a lot, but when he had to explain how to get to the other bus station, which she had buses to Xiangzhigou his Mandarin was helpful for us to translate the dialect of the dame. So we had to take the bus 2 on some stations to stop Qianling Park and retrace our steps of about 20 meters on the street Beijing Lu

Well duh, thank you for the Guide Bleu specific information: Fortunately we had a little room on the published departure time of 14 h, otherwise we would go blank.
Finally we come to find the bus station in Guiyang third with which we meet in the day. Tickets can be purchased on the bus located in a courtyard behind the counter, he leaves much to 14h. We have just the time to buy a 蛋炒饭 (dan Chaofan) remove, rice dish with boiled egg and some herbs into small pieces, we’ll eat in the bus until departure. 12 yuan ticket. Information taken the last bus from Xiangzhigou is 16:30. Well we will not have much time, but we can take a look what.

Finally, it was assumed for the accuracy of information of the Blue Guide, which logically we should be wary …
Because instead of 1h15, it is 2:30 it took! Stop every mile or so to embark or disembark people in the middle of nowhere, in a deplorable state road, not paved but mostly naturally slippery and dotted with holes. Good enough to spend two and a half hours to make the jigger, with successively movie crazy soap and historical background, and a mini-bus that is filled to overflowing with people who use it to carry all kinds products and materials up to the roof of the bus. Other travelers seem to be regulars, and obviously some are turning their business deliveries via this bus.

Few scares along the way, but our driver managed well obviously. Fortunately, to pass the time we can see a bit of what happens in the course window fogged up. Throughout the road construction to no end. Road building, pipeline system and grading of land, but even between two sites, with nice landscapes of rice fields that promise good things for our visit.

Except that as time passes, it seems that the visit will be very small. And because when we finally get to Xiangzhigou, it is 16.20. We are 10 minutes in all and for all to go around.
Bus outputs in a small village, a local hastens to come greet us, including we offer a guest room. Naturally he believes that we will spend the night. Except that it is impossible for us, already we have nothing on us, and then we have to start very early in the morning Guiyang if we want to accomplish in the time course of our western Guizhou. Sandrine has barely had time to test the toilets rustic but charming time then invite us humans in question to take a hot tea around the stove.
We see where he is coming from, but no way for us to miss the bus back. I insist that we did, we just have time to take some pictures of this village campaign that promised great hikes that are again our driver, of course laughing ready to see us back.


Story of my experiences in china landscape

After our mishap the day before, we had to concoct express a small program of visits in Guizhou in order to be returned to Guiyang for January 21. The second part of our trip will be to the south-east? So for these 3 days, we will set sail around Guiyang and western Guizhou!

The program for the 18th: a good sleeping in first! The end of semester in college and pre-trip adventures have left some marks on my sleep patterns and my eyes, we have to write our hotel enjoy:]

But not too much, time to observe the view from our room and engulf our breakfast stalls purchased the evening, we go to lunch with the idea in mind to head on Xiangzhigou a destination indicated in the Guide Bleu, northeast of Guiyang, in a region mysteriously left empty in my Lonely. A priori, it is a nice little place that promised natural scenery and horseback riding at about 1:15 bus, the ideal place to spend the afternoon and change the city of Guiyang polluted.

Information carefully graded according to the guide, we headed to the bus terminal No. 2 located right in front of our hotel to make us to another bus station in Guiyang, where we should be able to take the bus that would take us to Xiangzhigou.

But the thing was going to announce more difficult than expected …

1 yuan for the bus ticket, whatever the distance, so far no worries. I tell the driver where we want to go down, it would still be foolish to miss the stop. A few minutes later, we returned to the bus station indicated by the Blue Guide, the Yan’an Xilu, the Guiyang Ke Chezhan 贵阳 客车 站.

Towards the wicket, a quick glance at Table destinations … I see nothing that could decide Xiangzhigou good … we will ask the lady behind the counter information. This is where it became funny …


Guangxi again and again :-)

n order to enjoy the time we had left before nightfall, once in our room, we hasten to browse our guides to see what we could do in the city. Not really particular site not to be missed, so we go for a walk in the city, just to take the pulse of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province.
A statue of Mao, unique architecture, and a “monument” already seen housing a supermarket, nothing really exciting indeed …


Even the promising market had simply been destroyed, razed to some future constructions obviously, but still squatted in some houses ready to collapse it still contained.

Fortunately, our random detours we found quays dotted with small parks, and quite pleasant at night …
But what we chose came with the lunch

This is one of the peculiarities of Guiyang city full of small stalls, markets, where people used to come and buy them dinner and especially eating out in one of the tents for the night along streets.
In any case, going back to the People’s Square to the station, we found whole files. And it was not private!
Preferring to avoid the pigs feet and other tails (probably) dog, we délectées potatoes sautéed peck on toothpick (1 yuan / share), skewers of mutton in Xinjiang (1 yuan / bunch) soups and ravioli (3 yuan / share), etc …

A very warm and lively streets. We took the opportunity to refuel fruit and biscuits (weight, 2 yuan 6) for our breakfast the next day.

Small English language exchange / Xinjianghua (dialect Xinjiang region in the extreme north-western China) with vendors mutton kebabs around their mini barbecue. So here it is: “Hello” in Xinjianghua, it says “Seumeseu” I finally transcribed like that. Since, wanting to impress my seller skewers Minhang, I learned that “goodbye” is said “(r) Oich” in the ladle. It may still be useful for a future mop in Xinjiang

The discovery of the evening for me was small buns heated grill. There’s just one vendor with his wife who is like that, they travel only on the immediate surroundings of the station. Others found everywhere have nothing to do with.
The fact that it is heated grill and browned bun as it gave the consistency and taste closest to the hot bread, everything that I have tasted in China. Once hot, the dealer is a slot in the bun and to catch what you want from the choices available for the 1 yuan bun. I opted for sugar and peanuts or kinds of gears: hmmm troooooop it was good, I really enjoyed myself: P
(Sorry for the blurry photo, but I had to show you this!)

The last task of the evening was to find an internet cafe. You will see that throughout our stay I’ll need to regularly check my emails, research internship requires time … Find the first will be the image of our research cafés throughout the journey: everyone knows where it is, but it is so well hidden that it is quite difficult to find.
For the latter, after seeking information from 5-6 people maybe we débusquerons the end of a lane near our hotel situated below the level of the station forecourt, masked by large blackout curtains .
Meanwhile, we do offer a dozen homestays. No thank you! For tonight, as we can, we’ll get a good night warm, with a good shower and a comfortable bed … it could not last …