A day in suzhou

A 1 hour by train from Shanghai, Suzhou is an ideal destination to spend a day or a weekend away from the metropolis, especially when you restore the heyday getaway desires. I had been able to go to Suzhou and Wuxi in November during a trip organized by my university, but there are so Suzhou to see that I did not wait for spring to return. From the end of February, it was imperative that I show it to Sandrine. Even if I do not write the article now, the memories are still there …
“There is paradise in heaven. And on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. “Quote comes inevitably to the evocation of Suzhou, considered, with Hangzhou as one of the most outstanding landscape areas of China. But if Hangzhou is known for its natural treasures, Suzhou, it has been expertly crafted by the hand of man. And Suzhou, it is important not to miss are its canals and gardens.


Gardens of Suzhou

The gardens are indeed numerous in Suzhou. Highlighting the second homes of famous Chinese families of yesteryear, they have been designed to recreate a miniature cosmogony in the rules of art and Chinese traditions.

The smallest of them, but also that which is said to be the prettiest: the Garden of the Master of Nets. This day in Suzhou, so I wanted to spend. 1 hour by train, buy a card, 1 Gongbaojiding swallowed, and a bus ride later, we were about to enter …

Yes, well, almost …
Because if the card is useful for identifying the descent of the bus, or at least to confirm the intuition that led you to follow a group of tourists who headed in a certain direction, then do not miss the turn to take on the high street. This will lead, not directly to the entrance of the garden, but you will take a kind of signposted route along streets deserted, and finally arrive at the garden. Is that it is worth the treasures of China


Suzhou and Wuxi

If you’ve read my article on Hangzhou, you understand why my second escape from skyscrapers Shanghainese, I decided to go to Suzhou!

In fact it was a trip organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong, my university, and reserved exclusively for foreigners learning Chinese language trip so …. trip during which we understand anything that includes the guide, Chinese of course, tell me.

But hey, if we have not always grasped the subtle historical information about the places we visited, at least we were able to appreciate the aesthetics and atmosphere.
So on November 10th, we left 2 days, 苏州 destination Suzhou (“Soutcho”) and Wuxi 无锡 (“Wouci”), another town near Suzhou, all not far from Lake Tai Hu 太湖 (“Tay Rou “), in the province of Jiangsu 江苏 (” Tsiangsou “).