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Apple has highlighted the features of the watch Apple Monday at an event in San Francisco. Apple is a Symbol in China :here


With a selection of strips of leather and elegant metal, the watch starts to Apple $ 350 and goes all the way up to $ 17,000.
The Apple Watch is far from perfect, and from $ 350 and go all the way up to $ 17,000, it is not expensive. Although it seems smart enough, with a selection of leather and elegant metal bands that make for a strong departure of most portable devices, the watch Apple works like a first generation device, with all the limitations and defects you expect from the brand-new technology.

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Moreover, unlike previous revolutionary Apple products, the software of the watch requires a learning curve that can deter some people. There is a good chance it will not work perfectly for most consumers right out of the box because it is the best after tinkering with different software settings to customize use. Indeed, to an unusual degree for a new Apple device, the watch is not suitable for tech novices. It is designed for people who are inundated with notifications coming through their phones, and for those who care to think, and want to try to manage the way the digital world intrudes on their lives.

Yet even if it is not for everyone, Apple is onto something with the device. The watch is just useful enough to show that the fixing of the technology industry on computers that people can wear may soon pay off. In this way, using the Apple Watch last week reminded me using the first iPhone. First Apple smartphone was revolutionary not only because he has done what few other phones can do, but also because it showed off the possibilities of a connected laptop. Like the iPhone and its imitators have become more powerful and ubiquitous, mobile computer has become the basis of a wide range of powerful new high-tech applications, messaging mount the share of payments.

Similarly, the most exciting thing about Watch Apple is not the machine itself, but the new technology perspectives that can be opened by the first consumer notebook. On-body aircraft have obvious uses in health care and payments. As Tim Bajarin tech analyst wrote, Apple seems to also push a vision of the watch as a versatile remote control for the real world, almost bionic way to open your hotel room, board a plane call a Uber or otherwise have the physical world to meet your desires almost automatically.

Apple design

The watch also features a design of a completely different software smartphone. Although it has a set of applications, interactions are more driven by the notifications received and a summary for some applications, known as looks. But because there is not much room on the screen of the watch for visual cues indicating where you are – in an application, notification or a look – in the early days, you find often lost, and something that works in one place will not work in another.

Find nirvana with the watch is to adjust your notification settings on your phone so that your wrist is not constantly buzz of information that has no meaning on the Watch – like Facebook status updates, messages from Snapchat or every email about the brownies in the office kitchen. Apple notification settings have long been unduly laborious; fight while your hand is buzzing off the hook is an extra level of discomfort.

These circumstances indicate that the watch can push us to new heights of collective narcissism. Yet in my week with the device, I am intrigued by the possibility contrary – it might answer some of social anxiety brought about by smartphones. Most ingenious feature of the watch is Apple’s “taptic engine”, which alerts you to various digital notifications silently typing one of several different models on your wrist. As you learn the taps over time, you will start to save some of them almost unconsciously: calls and incoming phone alarms feel throbbing and insistent, text feels like a gentle massage with a friendly bumblebee, and a calendar appointment coming is like the persistent plucking of a harp. After a few days, I began to get digital world of bits of information without having to look at the screen – or, if I was watching, I looked for a few seconds rather than minutes.

If such body-on messaging systems become more ubiquitous, mobile devices can become more than just a flashy accessory phone. The Apple Watch could pave the way for a transformation of social norms as profound as those we saw with his brother, the smartphone – except, surprisingly, in the opposite direction.
For now, the dreams are hampered by the harsh realities of a new device. The watch is not an iPhone on your wrist. It has a different set of input mechanisms – there is the digital crown, a button used for scrolling and zoom and a touch screen that can be pressed harder for more options. There is not a full keyboard on the screen, so that outgoing messages are confined to a set of default responses, emoji, and when you talk to other users to view the messages that you can draw or tap.

Other problems: third-party applications are mostly useless now. The Uber application was not responsible for me, the Twitter app is confusing and application for Starwood mysteriously deleted and then hung up on loading when I reinstalled. In the end, however, it does allow me to open a room at the W Hotel in Manhattan just by touching the watch face at the door.

I also used the show to pay for taxis and the New York groceries at Whole Foods, and presenting my boarding pass to security officers at the airport. When these meetings have worked, they were magical, as having a secret key to unlock the world right on my arm. What is most exciting about Watch Apple, unlike other smartwatches I tried, is the way it invests a user with a general feeling of empowerment. If Google has made any digital agency in the world to our computers and the iPhone has brought us everywhere, watch the digital world built directly into your skin. It takes some getting used to, but once it clicks, this is a power that you can not live without.

The New York Times reported last week that he had created “stories of a sentence” Watch for Apple, so let me end this review with a note that could fit on the watch screen: The Follow first Apple may not be for you – but one day soon it will change your world.

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