Lantern’s experiences

The last day of the fortnight of the Spring Festival, China shines for the Lantern Festival.
And on February 23 was the Lantern Festival.
But already a few days before that, the old city of Shanghai had been covered a thousand lamps, and from the dusk, tables lights could surprise you at the corners of its pedestrian streets.

A dream come true …

Except for light installations: a 3D animated projection of a great man who bellowed something incomprehensible loop …

Lantern festival

The center also had put on his clothes light. During a stroll on Nanjing Road, we were able to balance the huge red decorations we were about to hang throughout the street.

Passage through the Xujiahui area: impossible to forget you’re about to leave the year of the monkey to pass in the year of the rooster, as the bird is declining in all forms in the shopping district.
Around these big red balls as floating in the sky and our ears not been spared either the incessant noise of firecrackers.

I thought that they were banned in Shanghai, as well as fireworks, considered too dangerous. Perhaps she prohibition concerned that the city center, she was lifted, or can you break it without too many complications …? The fact is that we have seen firecrackers and fireworks, in particular 8 Years Eve, where he wants better not count sleep early: your neighbors will remember your good memories …:]


The Chinese New Year’s Eve is supposed to happen around a good meal with your family? Well that’s what I did, I spent the evening with Sandrine and we could see the famous fireworks woke Minhang all night.

Festivities in Beijing

We were there in the last year of the rooster. And the next day we put the focus on Beijing, hoping to see other customs for the next days festivities.

And we were disappointed overall. No dancing dragons on the horizon throughout our journey. In fact, I have since learned that these dances were held on specific days of the fortnight, and perhaps they occur in more neighborhoods as around tourist spots.

We are not quite empty-handed, arriving at Beihai Park, we saw a group of dancers accompanied by drums, always colorful.
(C) S.Monthéard
By cons, in Beijing we discovered another related event New Year festivities: the first Sunday after the new year, we were in the midst of a veritable carnival in one of the temples of the city.
While we were looking for in fact the Lama Temple, we were attracted by the animation that reigned near a place that looks like a temple.
We had already noticed people wandering the streets proudly kinds of dolls scarecrows or other adornments strange, and they were even more numerous.

Last entry was a dense crowd that moved from all sides. We heard singing karaoke coming from behind the walls. Guided by them, we came across a real carnival with games and jackpots (lint hugest each other) to the key.

Then we continued our little tour, more or less to the vagaries of crowd movements, to find avenues of stalls offering kitschy toys we could find in our neighborhood in raffles. And 12 obliges a black cloud before attroupée food stalls noisy, smoky and fragrant.
It was not the dragon dances, but it was mind-blowing and exhausting


We will not see anything more to Beijing to find the holiday spirit we must wait to return to Shanghai, ready for the last day of the Spring Festival: the Lantern Festival!