China fever

And yes, if I did not write the pinyin for the place or even Chinese characters, it is simply because I did not have them at this time. This is a major feature of the Blue Guide as not to give the names of places without pinyin or ideograms, super convenient for travel itself by its own means, surely a more appropriate guide for those traveling with a … guide living thereof.
So, after trying in vain several combinations of possible pronunciations for three syllables, we began to hesitate to change the program. I’m thoroughly scan and rescan the table programmed destinations, anything that could be likened to that, maybe he does not exist actually.

When a sudden flash of common sense, more than genius because I should have thought of earlier: “I can buy a detailed map of Guizhou?” No problem, a few yuan a few seconds and oh … win! I locate Xiangzhigou characters on the card and proudly displays the madame, 香 纸 沟 but of course it is!

“Oh, it’s this one, Xiangzhigou! Yes I know, “she said. It’s not like it was 3:00 that I strove to tell him the joys of tones in Mandarin …
Meanwhile a Chinese, seeing the state of our struggle against our comprehensive intelligence officer, had come to our rescue to save our thinking with his English. Base is not that it helped a lot, but when he had to explain how to get to the other bus station, which she had buses to Xiangzhigou his Mandarin was helpful for us to translate the dialect of the dame. So we had to take the bus 2 on some stations to stop Qianling Park and retrace our steps of about 20 meters on the street Beijing Lu

Well duh, thank you for the Guide Bleu specific information: Fortunately we had a little room on the published departure time of 14 h, otherwise we would go blank.
Finally we come to find the bus station in Guiyang third with which we meet in the day. Tickets can be purchased on the bus located in a courtyard behind the counter, he leaves much to 14h. We have just the time to buy a 蛋炒饭 (dan Chaofan) remove, rice dish with boiled egg and some herbs into small pieces, we’ll eat in the bus until departure. 12 yuan ticket. Information taken the last bus from Xiangzhigou is 16:30. Well we will not have much time, but we can take a look what.

Finally, it was assumed for the accuracy of information of the Blue Guide, which logically we should be wary …
Because instead of 1h15, it is 2:30 it took! Stop every mile or so to embark or disembark people in the middle of nowhere, in a deplorable state road, not paved but mostly naturally slippery and dotted with holes. Good enough to spend two and a half hours to make the jigger, with successively movie crazy soap and historical background, and a mini-bus that is filled to overflowing with people who use it to carry all kinds products and materials up to the roof of the bus. Other travelers seem to be regulars, and obviously some are turning their business deliveries via this bus.

Few scares along the way, but our driver managed well obviously. Fortunately, to pass the time we can see a bit of what happens in the course window fogged up. Throughout the road construction to no end. Road building, pipeline system and grading of land, but even between two sites, with nice landscapes of rice fields that promise good things for our visit.

Except that as time passes, it seems that the visit will be very small. And because when we finally get to Xiangzhigou, it is 16.20. We are 10 minutes in all and for all to go around.
Bus outputs in a small village, a local hastens to come greet us, including we offer a guest room. Naturally he believes that we will spend the night. Except that it is impossible for us, already we have nothing on us, and then we have to start very early in the morning Guiyang if we want to accomplish in the time course of our western Guizhou. Sandrine has barely had time to test the toilets rustic but charming time then invite us humans in question to take a hot tea around the stove.
We see where he is coming from, but no way for us to miss the bus back. I insist that we did, we just have time to take some pictures of this village campaign that promised great hikes that are again our driver, of course laughing ready to see us back.

Have the good chinese name

To a Westerner, the English translation of the menu generator is often a fit of laughter stinker. The menu “English” offers Solicitating this appetizing “water salad” or “salad water” or unforgettable “garbage sandwiches” or “garbage sandwiches.” Despite the irresistible temptation to succumb to the lure of food as refined taste, we ordered something else.

After wiping the tears of laughter against a Chinese waitress and dubious, Joe and I got to talk English first names that Chinese choose.

For China, the most educated people want to have a English name. In business, it facilitates communication with foreigners, and most importantly, it’s cool. Moreover, the Chinese phonetics makes it difficult for a Westerner to pronounce Chinese names correctly, let alone remember. Even Cai Li, with whom I lived for almost a year, sometimes fun to hear me pronounce his name.

And I often meet local ask me to find a English name. Similarly, when I explain that my name is Christopher, the Chinese find it unpronounceable, and ask me if I was not an English name. The result is that almost everyone my name is Chris, or Ke Lin.

For the fun and bilateral approach, many expatriates also ask their local friends to find them a Chinese name. Thus, “Ke Lin” is a phonetic sinicization “Chri”, the first four letters of my name. The Chinese can not pronounce the “r”, and it turned into “l”. Of “Chri”, there has been phonetically “Kli”, ending in “Ke Lin”. “Ke” has no meaning, and “Lin” means “wood” in the sense of small forest, a symbol of wisdom emerging, and also a certain prosperity, as in China, is codified and superstition is so crazy that even the names have luck.

Here, there are no saints in the calendar. In Mandarin, the names are from the usual vocabulary … And are always connoted. This is where it’s fun, because the Chinese do not know the English names are not nouns or adjectives.

what an amazing dinner

At the time we do not think, but after thinking about it, you realize that you are joking and making jokes 2 balls in Chinese. And you realize why our teacher says so proud of her class. We have not had our HSK results, but it does not matter, he said that we have accomplished is impressive.
Time to capture the moment with the inevitable group photo, our teacher runs to buy a pack of cigarettes, it should benefit, because his wife will not let him smoke :), and we have it good say that we are sated, he wished to continue in a tea house. Small snacks tea accompanied Longjin picked last month. With our classmates we take Prof. Bai inattention to organize a picnic next week to thank him and our other Chinese teacher.

But already back again, and it is time to separate, it still found the time to remind us that the year is not over, small exams we are still waiting for a few weeks, then this is not the time to the lazy teacher … Ah Bai, we do not change:]


4) The training targets: HSK slips to assess the evolution of progress, or the need for progress
a-those we have already made ​​since the end of February (two months)
to review the words we have already seen, but of course we already forgotten
b-those that remain to be done before May 15th (2 weeks)
it would still not be bored … oh the old stroke depression there …
c-not to mention the official HSK manual with detailed grid points,
to verify that it is still necessary to work …

5) Records of scouts and compilation of Experience: binders grammar and usage notes gleaned from wrong answers to HSK already wiped, notebooks and text copy those lines of characters, to better understand the enemy.
6) Equipment ultimate HSK-tor: I have spared you the battery will be discharged on pens that tons of paper, but not essential tool without which any preparation for the battle is almost empty:
Time management is a major issue in such a battle,
mainly limited time like this because …
There is no point HSK-ter soon, he must find the right timely response

So, with all this then if not form a machine HSK …

TO complicated to learn chinese

Yesterday I explained what it was that HSK. Today, 15 days before the deadline fateful commotion of battle! It is organized not to relent in its efforts and be ready for the big day …

Here are the last days of April came. Ah the end of April, synonymous with mid-term exams for most students in China, the first arrival stifling heat, filling supermarkets multitudes of fans, but also synonymous with national holiday from 1st to 7th May on the occasion of Labor Day! Except that everyone will not benefit in the same way its leaves …

First it is not even a real week … We had already endured the occasion of National Day holiday (October 1) when the Chinese give you seven days leave, they’ll resume at least 2. It has not missed, so we had today during Saturday afternoon and Sunday May 8th at 8am Typing this we will also meet …
Then, instead of thinking lazing in the sun in the shade of the willows on the banks of the lake, we will stake our characters and refine our ear to China for the deadline of 15 May.

This is the final straight, that they can not attack without a modicum of discipline and preparation, A review of the equipment:

1) Light Artillery and diversified course books we have accumulated since last September, needed to review and learn vocabulary and expressions that can not really invent but we can try to understand.


2) Artillery: dictionaries French-Chinese Chinese-French, preferably with pinyin story to say the words you read, especially when the practical translation of the book of course is questionable or mysterious: all translations are in English or Japanese, and I am not yet fluent in English … that is to say the level of words you learn now, the little blue dictionary has already proven insufficient.
3) specialized Artillery: To get it right, or at least feel good … to peruse volumes of vocabulary and swallow, perfect method HSK-tor, and set CD/K7 to sharpen the ear … oh well … there’s always the plastic box on CDs …