Interview of the founder of Paris Shopping Tour

Today we interview the founder of Paris Shopping Tour, Diane Lepicard.


Can you introduce yourself?

I am an active person and I have always wished to change the opinions, the points of view, the minds. First, I graduated from a communication school and obviously in the world in which we live I believe its imperative to understand what are the people needs. Then I had some different work experiences in Paris and in foreign countries that help me to find my way.

I am an uncompromising woman and my life is filled of many passions like the fashion and the human relationships.

diane lepicard

Could you explain your concept?

Paris Shopping Tour thinks outside the box: we offer a service of Parisian guide to shop in a selection of confidential and « must see » places and to directly touch and discover the Parisian culture during breaks in cafés, restaurants and bars. Our clients benefit from special prices or presents in some shops so they can save money and have some memories from that experience.



Why do you want to target Chinese Consumer?

That kind of service for Chinese don’t exist and I am really disappointed when I see all those tourists in Printemps and Gallery Lafayette with some buyers that don’t even know Paris! Chinese people travel more and more and change the way they travel so we have to adapt offer for them.

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