NEW HOME in china

Well there it is, it is high time I show you a little of my new home. So new that it’s because it’s been a month all round as I live So now, after Shanghainese apartment home after home Shanghainese dorm room, this is the latest in the series: the Cantonese in my apartment!


Shanghai Pudong la nuit

Shanghai Pudong la nuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I announced there is not very long, I live in the Tianhe District, the new business district of Guangzhou, to some extent comparable to Shanghai Pudong. If I live in this neighborhood is not so by choice but because this is my office therein, and hours of transit or walking when the weather is 40 ° C in the shadow, I pass well.

So when I arrived there a little over a month in Guangzhou with only a few days before me to find an apartment that I liked before starting to be monopolized by the job, I fell from the sky when I ‘ have seen rents. And yes, in my head, Canton it was still not at Shanghai cost of living in Shanghai is reputed to be the most expensive city in Mainland China (HK which excluded). Guangzhou Tianhe except that, without being Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Xuhui well worth to rent, and it is certainly not as idyllic as Shanghai Minhang:


Anyway, after we refused the offered me 38m ² to 3,000 yuan per month because of their proximity to the Citic (LE financial center of Canton), I picked up a little further happiness Tianhe Beilu on the side of Longkou Donglu ( = street Maw Dragon is not far from the street Maw Dragon west]) for a small 一房一厅 yi-yi-fang-ting, literally a room-a living room, a 2 bedroom What, with balcony, bathroom and kitchenette. I have been visiting a twenty apartments with 5 different agencies in two days and a half, by sorting the barred windows, construction sites, places too expensive or too bright. ‘ve Unraveled itself (as a leader … I do not know) to negotiate and find something where I could feel good. Therefore the amount of rent (2200 yuan / month) I do not have 70m ² I would have loved, I have a furnished relatively new small but cute, I finally located;)

English: shanghai pudong

English: shanghai pudong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition to my owner is a real cream, focus on costs, contract, Internet, rehabilitation, keys, everything has been arranged in two days that followed my decision made itself the day of my first visit. There’s no time to procrastinate a day or two, it goes 一房一厅 quickly so you have to decide quickly! In my case, supporting previous contract I had for 2200 yuan per month apartment previously sold at 2700 yuan per month. The owner was anxious to go home, in Qinghai. In other words, another advantage (although we will see later), my landlord will not come bothering me every Sunday morning …


Here’s the story, let us therefore presentations. This is the time of the turn of the tenant


That is where you fall when you come through the door: the living room tails, with room in the extension.


Connoisseurs easily identify lack, coffee table and billy, furniture towels, all rights come from IKEA corner.


I have looked elsewhere, but not find happiness. So I claim my inner IKEA typical Chinese



Nightclub in shanghai

Shanghai is a very active night, even on weekdays. Fans of the party and drink can go out every night without problems even on weekdays.

Here is a compilation of some hot spots of the moment that have been recommended to me or that I had the opportunity to visit.
The Zapata Mexican Bar & Restaurant

“The place to be on Wednesday.” Wednesday is the Ladies Night (free Margarita for girls).

I personally have not hooked. Four points riled me: lack of space / crowded / too loud / too old.

For Bar / Restaurant, there is not really anywhere to ask for drink and even less to eat. The number of tables is very limited space as a whole is also very limited, there are too many people (limit we walked on) and the sound volume is so high that it is impossible to exchange two words.

Bar’s clientele consists mainly of expats with a third of fifties accompanied by young Asian. We limit the impression of being in Thailand, especially when you see some German whose behavior corresponds perfectly to the caricature that we made them …

Now, I must admit that the frame is quite nice and the place enjoys a large outdoor terrace can be much more enjoyable when the temperatures are milder … As I left relatively early (23:30) who court the next day …

The Bar Rouge

ShanghaiSitué Bar Rouge at the 8th floor of No. 18 The Bund, this bar is particularly famous for its splendid view of the Pudong have b. If everyone seems unanimous on the setting and views, opinions are quite divided the rest. The place is already shielded world and it seems that surcharges are applied to the input on Saturday. It may be better to spend the week and it is recommended that a table booker (with RMB) if you go on the weekend.

Anyway this is one of the most expensive bars in town with consumption within 60 to 80 RMB …

It seems it is recommended to book a table, on the one hand to be sure to get there but also to reduce costs …

The place is mostly frequented by expats and wealthy Chinese gamblers / posers.


Known for his evening of Friday evening and ALL INCLUDED 100 RMB, the place to his fans and antis … The main criticisms that are made for said Friday evening that seems too crowded and that causes difficulties to access bar and queues that never end for her glass …


“It was better before.” A club which was the most famous in Shanghai and seems to have lost its luster to hear some comments about it. A friend who passed this week yet found the place nice.

Club DKD

Echoes quite positive about it.

Babyface 2

Club seems to be quite famous. It has even been recommended by many Chinese who were dining drunk next to us and hear us speak French and working as a commercial for Pernot Ricard wanted (after drink with us) that we will meet again

Like most clubs / Chinese boxes, one plays mainly techno (house to hard trance).

Xintiandi ARK Live House of

Ark Live House of Xintiandi ShanghaiUn nice bar in the amazing neighborhood of Xintiandi. A neighborhood of the old city completely rebuilt (and more modern) that looks a bit like a Bercy Village. Shops, bars, cafes and restaurants …

The food is very good, the prices are affordable with regard to Chinese food (a bit exaggerated in terms of western food as we approach Paris prices). Up to 21h music sound with volume atmosphere.

We had to 21h Asian solo acoustic guitar which we interpreted 2 or 3 pieces Chinese and U.S. recovery, all very soft. To 22h landed a Chinese group and I was able to listen to my first pieces of Chinese rock! Just great! Pure rock sound live in a room and well designed: restaurant in mezzanine, bar facing the stage, a pretty good singer and a very good recovery U2 also provided.

My favorite heart all that the area is frequented by expats but also many Chinese side which gives a less artificial place.

To know all about the nightlife in Shanghai: Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, … I suggest you this site There are lots of nice commentary by site visitors, you have mini plans to go there and can even print the address in Chinese to give to the taxi. In short, a site that contains many other things like a subway map, editorials full of precision, etc …

Pudong shanghai

Decidedly, the mornings are difficult, although I will often start my day at lunch time …

Warned that the panoramic restaurant of my hotel will be closed for a month from tomorrow for renovation, I think it was so much to make a turn. This seems deserted and I asked if I might take a table near the window. I said “Yes” (the Chinese can not say no) and was shown at the same time a small sign on the table that does not say “no smoking” but “table need to order at least 150 RMB!” Decidedly, there is no more capitalist than the Chinese 🙂
Have not eaten beef since 4 days, I want to order a Grilled Australian Sirloin Kobe Beaf (a good steak in French) served over fried Yam and spinach, accompanied by a gratin. The whole thing was pretty nice without being exceptional so far. The panoramic view was pleasant while it is true that I am getting “used”. What was nice is that I had also seen the other side of town I knew so well.
Once satisfied, I decided to conquer Pudong that I had previously seen many far but I did not approach (except through the airport).

My journey begins with my journey through traditional Huang Pu Park to join the Bund and take the pedestrian tunnel crossing the East Zhongshan No. 1 Road to reach Nanjing road.

Taking this tunnel the previous times I noticed that turning left, you could join the “Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.” This actually allows tourist tunnel to pass under the Huang Pu River to reach Pudong from the Bund. The crossing is paid (40 RMB – 4-5 euros for a round trip). Circulate in the tunnel of small cabins similar to mountain cabins used by some resorts. But this is not just a means of transport, it is also an attraction in itself consisting of a stream of lights and animated color lasers. It is both stunning and very kitsch to see things so simple produce such an effect. Decidedly the Shanghainese have the art of playing with the lights and mix useful and enjoyable.
Here I am come to Pudong with the French equivalent of the nearest Defense). The gigantic skyscrapers and the number of strikes outset most surprising of all is probably the Pearl Tower with night lights and spheres had my attention from my bedroom window.

The roads are very large relative to the flow of cars relatively modest. Conduct is also less aggressive, you can cross without too much fear. Earthworks running at full capacity while we Sunday.
I walk into a mall (one more) and see the enormity of it: 9 floors with a huge exhibition area more than twice likely to see maybe even three times all buildings Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris .
One wonders how these centers can operate as long as the prices are often high, most people seem to look at as to eat and the size and the number of centers is completely beyond comprehension.

Restore points (including American fast food) to turn them at full speed. But it is the same for Asian restaurants located there. This leads me also to understand why there are so few restaurants that “make you want” in the streets. Most restaurants that treat appearances are actually inside the malls. Restaurants that have direct access from the street are mostly located in dilapidated buildings likely to be demolished one day soon to be replaced by skyscrapers housing a shopping center at the lower levels … It is a way to manage space is very different from that to which we are accustomed in France.
After this visit, I went to the Pearl Tower, the highest point in Shanghai. There are 3 types of visit. If you stop at the first level (located 90m), the amount payable will be quite low. 263m to reach the amount to be spending a little more consistent, and finally to reach 350 meters (the “Space Module”), it will cost 100 RMB. I like many opted for the latter formula but have tested all levels, I have to admit that the formula 2 is sufficient. It’s nice and fun to take some pictures, but ultimately it does not bring much. Moreover it is a little difficult because after the tail to get it you have to queue to go down and Asians are not particularly good at queuing …
I then walk towards the convention center and decided to go back to the Bund.

Before returning to the hotel I decided to walk to the Shanghai Railway Station to make a path for locating the next day. But the distances are always deceptive in Shanghai, everything looks so close on the map … After 10-15 minutes of walking, seeing that I had traveled a third of the way and I would have anyway back, I decided to turn the road when the night begins to fall.

Monday will be the day to visit the campus of Fudan to be familiar with it before the inscriptions provided Tuesday. The university entrance should be an opportunity to rub a Shanghai more convenient and less touristy.

The Last problem, and not the smallest

Finish line: the messenger

Another QQ us back, I have time to turn a few pages of my book, ready to leap to call the courier. It should not be too late, we’re having dinner with friends tonight!
18:30, still no call, oh it’s not true … I still considering plans to wait for the courier twisted one and join my friends after, but it’ll still be a pain! We leave the room not to make them wait at the place of rendezvous, already hurtled floor when a bell rang: my phone! I quickly rises 4-4, opens with a bang and meets all the breathless messenger had happened: “It’s okay, it happens”. Ah that emotions!

Finally we are at the entrance of the university in the process of giving our big bundles of 100 yuan in big guy on his motorcycle jacket, my friends who had just arrived strangely feel that we were to conclude some illegal deal, weird right? We check our tickets, everything is ok, not the messenger finished recount over, and guess what? He forgot the premium distance, and we … well we forgot to remind him that we are bad girls
And we were able to treat us to Simply Thai in Xintiandi calmly, though still a little stressed in my case, but hey, crisis management it begins to know me, we will make revisions early in the morning …


As expected our tickets!
The effect bag, the effect laowai

Tuesday morning and that’s how I went for the first time at the airport Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) for my first domestic flight in China, in fact my first domestic flight short. Yep, Paris-Shanghai was my first flight, what the class:]

To get to Hongqiao, first QQ with our big bags of freshly purchased two hikes Décath to many thousands of miles from each other, then subway to Xinzhuang, and still our little sensation, the And finally what effect bag taxi to the airport, there’s no small savings! Hongqiao course it is very small compared to Pudong, it does not prevent the brasserie offers its Xianrou Caifan (咸肉 菜饭) 10 times more expensive than university restaurant … time to make us 2 cards frequency our company, Air China, a ride on the tarmac, and we are well established.

After the bag effect, the effect laowai. We are the only naturally foreign to be quite crazy to fly to Guiyang, however, we appreciate the efforts of the crew speak English just for us Oh no English newspaper makes me one sign, too bad …

The flight went well, and contrary to what I was told, no Chinese spit or eat badly. Flight calm, quiet, a little too hot maybe, but we were not going to complain about the sun anyway!

Finally the time for us to carefully browse our travel guides, and develop a frame path to lead us to Yangshuo and return to Guiyang seeing a maximum of picture postcard scenery and minority villages so special. As we already know, because we want to take the train to go back and live the oh so rewarding experiences 34 hours of train, we will take the train from Guiyang, because there is only there that we can buy tickets in time (because we did not 2 times to us).

10 yuan to get on the shuttle that takes us from the airport Guiyang (KWE) to the railway station. It is we in Guiyang, in Guizhou, it’s gone for two weeks of life for backpacker!

Some news from shanghai

I have also been able to track “I’m fine, everything’s fine …”.

And yes, I felt a little forced to reassure some people who have done cares about me seeing that I was not responding to emails or more too wrote nothing on my blog for over a week now. (Oh the cow, all this time!).
Anyway thank you to them, that fe-cho-no-kor as they say:]
But do not worry everything is going well. I just had a week a little tense at work, and yes not believe I’m not there to take it easy Besides a shot calgon to me bedridden for a good day, nothing to fix the advance of my job. But now it is finished, I take my stride

So I would first like to apologize to the pile of emails and comments expecting a response. I will do my best to avoid that it does go on forever.

And then to make me forgive a little, and since I have not really had the opportunity to photo-reportage these days … I’ll leave here a nice picture taken from the Bund, overlooking the towers of Lujiazui, in Pudong, by night …


A very fast;]