Food Scandals in China (What you really eat )

Chinese Food Scandals


China is one of the countries with the biggest population around the world. With such an extensive and varied population, the demand for things like food, tends to be very drastic. With such a diverse population at hand, the food market also varies in its quality and specialty to provide all types of cuisines to the citizens. However, with so many restaurants and food lines there is also the problem of maintaining food quality. The recent cases of some food scandals are the examples of these mishaps and have threatened the local people. To shed some light, a food scandal is basically when due to lack of government intervention, foods have some ingredients which can cause severe food poisoning or other diseases which may lead to deaths. The recent cases of such food scandals around china have become very popular.


gutter Oil China

Fake Meat in China

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June 16 2016 Dysneyland Shanghai will be open !

The new Disneyland in Shanghai will not be open until June 16, but we had a huge news for nerds Disneyland …

First tickets to the opening of Shanghai Disneyland will be sold on March 28 !



Disneyland most sought Shanghai will open its ticket to the end of March. Sales should be incredible because of the tourism sector, which is booming at the moment.

Shanghai Disneyland is expected to finally open by the end of June, five years after the beggining of this.

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Why Chinese should drink more Wine !

Today we receive a guest post from the French Cellar in China, that teach us why you should drink more wine in China !

wine China

1. You have to know that wine is a great source of antioxidants, which increases levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and gets rid of the bad stuff (LDL) than white. This means heart disease goodbye and hello clogged arteries.
2. Drinking wine in moderation can slim your risk of osteoporosis, which in simple terms refers to linked to thinning bones age, increasing bone mineral density in men and women. Chinese should be sensitive to that argument !
3. Drink 1 glass of Red wine also slows the growth of breast cancer and prostate cancer cells, while preventing oral cancer.

4. Drinking Wine can help your cholesterol levels by increasing the levels of HDL (the good things) while “phenols” in wine prevent the levels of LDL (the bad stuff) damage your arteries.
5. It is so good for you, that the evidence showed that moderate consumption is better for health than abstinence from alcohol completely.
6. “Polyphenols” are substances found in red wine, which “fight against harmful bacteria,” which prevents your body from illness and disease.
7. Wine reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks because it “dilates the arteries and increases blood flow, reducing the risk of clots.”
are 8. ‘Flavonoids’ significantly in red wine, and the evidence shows that these compounds reduce the risk of many types of cancer.

9. Red wine has the ability to reduce the risk of certain dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.
10. “resveratrol” is a key ingredient in the skin of red grapes, which is known to protect blood vessels while eliminating blood clots. It also gets rid of those unwanted wrinkles, because it protects the body against aging and disease.

More information about Wine in China :



Shanghai nursing shortage

Shanghai nursing shortage

The statistics of 2012 show in Shanghai Nursing Association , Shanghai Total of over 70,000 nurses, nurses are less than 1 %, only 649 full -Shanghai , “Mr. Nurse, ” Most of them are ” 80 ” guys.

Male nursing shortage situation is not unique to Shanghai. According to the Ministry of Health registered nurse information database statistics show that 218 million existing registered China nursing nurses was 2.1 million , representing about 1% .

However, unlike China, the data show that in the United States and other developed countries , the proportion of nurses as high as 20 % , and 2 % to 3 % annual rate of increase. In Finland and the UK , nurses have risen more than 10%.

shanghai nurse

shanghai nurse

Lu peaks Shanghai Children’s Hospital , deputy director of the nursing department was sent to the German public , 2005-2007 Studies public and private hospitals . Picos Lu said : “In Germany, the proportion of nurses accounted for 30 % and 40 % of the overall proportion of nurses due to the application of labor flexibility , many nurses often work the day shift , the night also You can choose to go to some private hospitals to work in a night shift . You can get 100 euros , revenues and therefore professionals enthusiasm. ”

However, the presence of nurses in the country, plus a small number of existing professionals, some drives to recruit new people is not easy.

“We have a great need for male nurses , but we can not find. ” Director of Nursing in Shanghai have issued more than three hospitals had the same complaint. Post reporter learned that , in a tertiary hospital in Shanghai more than 800 nurses, four nurses , representing only 0.5 %.

In addition , the mobility of nurses , job-hopping is also very high in recent years . For example , between 1960 and 1970 , Shanghai has cultivated a group of nurses , and now most of them have automatic redirection, Fudan University , Shanghai Medical College, care professionals seniors recruited in 1985 , had eight children in 1990, but 8 children and later through reorientation, turn left the department nurse positions.

Tips from an entrepreneur in Shanghai

Olivier and Isabelle Chouvet have a funny habit . Before starting a business in a city , they start by opening a restaurant. They did it in Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai. And this ritual has always been their luck : ” In Japan , if we had just mounted a communication agency , we would never have sold a single event,” explains the young quadra , now based in Shanghai.

glamour sales

glamour sale

Here , twelve years after his first trip to Asia, at the head of a group of communication than two hundred people , led by his wife Isabelle , and a nugget of Asian Internet , Glamour Sales. The concept shows – Chinese and Japanese sauce – recipe : stocks brands sold off online registration . Amongst its shareholders, a few names : Ardian (former Axa Private Equity) and Xavier Niel , individually . These people had the hollow nose , after two years, the site employs four hundred people and has a 120% growth per year. The future is rather bearer Chouvet Olivier hopes to double every year over three years.
Fundraising in full nuclear disaster

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How I get trouble with an import export company in China

How I get trouble with an import export company in China


True story !

I get trouble with a company , look like an import export company … but in really …


Company Registration Number Shanghai: 310 114002123612
Tax-Number Shanghai: 55591593-3
Company Registration Number Beijing: 110 108012144323
Tax-Number Beijing: 69326130 – 9

A) All our products are registered with our import license (we can check it at or suppliers are

B) registered as exporter with an importer or agent in China Mainland. (we can check it at

C) All transactions and banking can also check at or at last our products can also be checked

D) with the bar-code on the backside of the product (software)

E) our email accounts & website has been registered with our business license at local gov departments and our number is 沪ICP备 10200091号 (see our website, bottom of the page)

1hour after signed the contract i receive a invoice of 6000€ for register the product in China.


Did you already learn about this ?


This is an email of an australian guy who already workt with them ;

My experience with them is that they are a scam. They were quick to negotiate on pricing and volumes. Then they invited me to meet them in Shanghai which I did. They were very pushy trying to set up my hotel at astronomical prices and flights with Emirates at high prices. When I said I could achieve a 50% saving booking my own hotels and flights they were extremely annoyed (as no doubt they make commissions from each provider). I met them at their ‘office’ which later turned out just to be a serviced office. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. Only that they make out and show off by telling you they have 5 offices, drive expensive cars, travel first class etc etc. Anyway, we signed a contract and when I got back to Australia the games started. They wanted money for registration and licensing of the product (even though they told me they had the import licence). They also wanted money for label translations, storage, couriers,etc etc. Then they wanted document after document. I provided everything that they asked for, but they were never satisfied with the documents even after I had the Australian Trade Commission authenticate them, and, I also had the chinese embassy in Australia stamp them. This went on for months and they were never satisfied and then they sent me a bill for consultancy fees would you believe (even though they were the buyer). They had sent me sample documents from other companies they were supposedly importing from. I asked if I could call them for a reference and they told me strictly no as it would be a breach of privacy/confidentiality on the contracts they had. (I did later ring them all, and none of them had ever heard of C2C).

I had had enough of them by this stage.

Then I got a call from the trade commission in Beijing as I had written to them to check out the company. It took them a while to get back to me but they told me they could not find any information on C2C and that the tax registration numbers I gave them to check were not real. Too little too late. I lost about $5000 and feel lucky it was only this much. The trade commission then gave my details to another company that had approached them also from Australia. I met with the owner and he told me about his experience with them. It was exactly the same as mine only that he lost a lot more money with them. They play the game to keep you interested and slowly but surely they will ask you for money, and then ask you for more. If you ask questions they tell you they are going to cancel your contract and become extremely rude and treat you as though you are ignorant. Jessica Xia was the worst. She was particularly arrogant and rude. When I finally got a hold of Alex and asked him to refund my money, he was so rude and said it wasn’t his problem as he isnt the owner! Some CEO! They could not complete on the contract they signed with me.

Since posting my warning on LinkedIn, I have heard from quite a number of companies who have had the same experience as me, and from others like you who are considering the options. In my opinion they are scammers and my advice to you is to take caution when dealing with them. China is a big market and certainly worth some effort to try and get a foot hold. However, people like C2C use this to their advantage to attract people like us who want to get in there. You should also know that when I exposed them on LinkedIn, they then decided to target me and post fake information about me saying I was trying to blackmail them and that my company was fake etc etc. They created fake people/profiles to support their views. I think most people could see through their lies, but no doubt some will wonder about my side of things. You will note that the majority of people in their connections are other ‘c2c staff’. You will note that all the recommendations are form other ‘c2c staff’. Its all part of their game to give the impression that they are bigger than what they actually are. As for me, my company is very much real and I am an open book and can prove all that I have said should anyone wish to look.

import china

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Shanghai : abundance of home food delivery

Shanghai : abundance of home food delivery


One of the joys of living in Shanghai is the abundance of options home delivery. Fine wines from DVD to coat rack that would not get into a taxi, online shopping and home delivery make life simple for the expatriate community than venturing out to shop became optional. With a simple click of the mouse you can find an excess of grocery stores and supermarkets in line with an impressive range of imported and local products that offer your weekly grocery list directly to your door.

shanghai bynight

Home delivery: Five grocery stores online in Shanghai

If you fancy culinary comforts of home, too busy to shop in person, or just need a bowl of soup to soothe the cough caused by pollution, open your Web browser and head to one of these sites home delivery grocery immediate gratification:

1) Smart Direct

Smart Direct is a grocery delivery service that acts as a clearinghouse for local products while offering typical supermarket items. In addition to home delivery of groceries Marks & Spencer, Smart Direct also sells homemade jams and the marketplace of Amelia (, frozen meals and Italian sauces chutneys Da Marco (, baked goods from the Mediterranean Bakery  Australian meat pies frozen from Shanghai Pie Company the fees Ambrosia yogurt, and organic products organic Shanghai . Their recipe section on hand preparing dinner the easiest meal of the day. Simply select the recipe you want and innovative system Smart Direct adds the ingredients to your shopping cart. Do not forget to check the online coupons section before you leave!

Address: shop online only.

Delivery: Delivery costs within Shanghai depend on the location, with over downtown Puxi receive free shipping (minimum order of 100 RMB). Orders placed before 15 hours will be delivered within three hours. Weekend orders must be placed before Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Hours: home delivery is available 12:00-22:00

2) ePermarket

epermarket  is a online grocery oriented expatriates and offers the widest range of imported products in Shanghai. Their new English (and French) language website makes online ordering even easier. With a bakery offering a selection of custom-made sandwiches and homemade breads, a local farm providing fresh produce and a wide selection of wines, spirits and beers, City Shop offers the best selection of imported goods in the city . Prices are high, but they certainly give you the best for your money imported.

Delivery: Delivery in Shanghai is RMB 20. For orders of more than RMB 400, the shipping is free. Delivery within 24 hours for orders placed before 15:00.


3) Carrefour offers an online store with everything from groceries to sporting goods and leisure products. The option of home delivery of French hypermarket help you beat the crowds on weekends and find local prices and weekly specials from the comfort of your home. Although all products are not available in stores are online, online store Carrefour gives you the best variety of local products for the lowest price.

Address: Carrefour has nineteen locations across Shanghai.

Delivery: in downtown Shanghai is free (minimum order of 100 RMB). Delivery outside Shanghai starts RMB 60. Orders are delivered within two days.


4) Feidian specializes in the supply of imported food products from around the world. You will not find many local products here, but this is your one stop destination for reasonably priced Italian meats, French cheeses and cereals American breakfast. Beyond their power options Feidian also cornered the market for the provision of international newspapers and magazines.

Hours: home delivery is available 9:30 to 21: 00

5) My local store

My local store offers a small selection of imported and domestic products than its competitors, but is distinguished by its unique loyalty program products. The Points program My local store allows you earn one point for every 1 RMB past and often promotes products that are worth extra points. My local store then offers a selection of products that can be redeemed against items.

Address: shop online only.

Delivery: Delivery in Shanghai is RMB 10. With an order of RMB 100 or more, the shipping charges are canceled. Orders placed before 16:30 are shipped the next day.


Hours: home delivery is available from 08:00 to 17:00. After hours delivery is available 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


A usefull website in Shanghai