Pudong shanghai

Decidedly, the mornings are difficult, although I will often start my day at lunch time …

Warned that the panoramic restaurant of my hotel will be closed for a month from tomorrow for renovation, I think it was so much to make a turn. This seems deserted and I asked if I might take a table near the window. I said “Yes” (the Chinese can not say no) and was shown at the same time a small sign on the table that does not say “no smoking” but “table need to order at least 150 RMB!” Decidedly, there is no more capitalist than the Chinese 🙂
Have not eaten beef since 4 days, I want to order a Grilled Australian Sirloin Kobe Beaf (a good steak in French) served over fried Yam and spinach, accompanied by a gratin. The whole thing was pretty nice without being exceptional so far. The panoramic view was pleasant while it is true that I am getting “used”. What was nice is that I had also seen the other side of town I knew so well.
Once satisfied, I decided to conquer Pudong that I had previously seen many far but I did not approach (except through the airport).

My journey begins with my journey through traditional Huang Pu Park to join the Bund and take the pedestrian tunnel crossing the East Zhongshan No. 1 Road to reach Nanjing road.

Taking this tunnel the previous times I noticed that turning left, you could join the “Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.” This actually allows tourist tunnel to pass under the Huang Pu River to reach Pudong from the Bund. The crossing is paid (40 RMB – 4-5 euros for a round trip). Circulate in the tunnel of small cabins similar to mountain cabins used by some resorts. But this is not just a means of transport, it is also an attraction in itself consisting of a stream of lights and animated color lasers. It is both stunning and very kitsch to see things so simple produce such an effect. Decidedly the Shanghainese have the art of playing with the lights and mix useful and enjoyable.
Here I am come to Pudong with the French equivalent of the nearest Defense). The gigantic skyscrapers and the number of strikes outset most surprising of all is probably the Pearl Tower with night lights and spheres had my attention from my bedroom window.

The roads are very large relative to the flow of cars relatively modest. Conduct is also less aggressive, you can cross without too much fear. Earthworks running at full capacity while we Sunday.
I walk into a mall (one more) and see the enormity of it: 9 floors with a huge exhibition area more than twice likely to see maybe even three times all buildings Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris .
One wonders how these centers can operate as long as the prices are often high, most people seem to look at as to eat and the size and the number of centers is completely beyond comprehension.

Restore points (including American fast food) to turn them at full speed. But it is the same for Asian restaurants located there. This leads me also to understand why there are so few restaurants that “make you want” in the streets. Most restaurants that treat appearances are actually inside the malls. Restaurants that have direct access from the street are mostly located in dilapidated buildings likely to be demolished one day soon to be replaced by skyscrapers housing a shopping center at the lower levels … It is a way to manage space is very different from that to which we are accustomed in France.
After this visit, I went to the Pearl Tower, the highest point in Shanghai. There are 3 types of visit. If you stop at the first level (located 90m), the amount payable will be quite low. 263m to reach the amount to be spending a little more consistent, and finally to reach 350 meters (the “Space Module”), it will cost 100 RMB. I like many opted for the latter formula but have tested all levels, I have to admit that the formula 2 is sufficient. It’s nice and fun to take some pictures, but ultimately it does not bring much. Moreover it is a little difficult because after the tail to get it you have to queue to go down and Asians are not particularly good at queuing …
I then walk towards the convention center and decided to go back to the Bund.

Before returning to the hotel I decided to walk to the Shanghai Railway Station to make a path for locating the next day. But the distances are always deceptive in Shanghai, everything looks so close on the map … After 10-15 minutes of walking, seeing that I had traveled a third of the way and I would have anyway back, I decided to turn the road when the night begins to fall.

Monday will be the day to visit the campus of Fudan to be familiar with it before the inscriptions provided Tuesday. The university entrance should be an opportunity to rub a Shanghai more convenient and less touristy.


Suzhou and Wuxi

If you’ve read my article on Hangzhou, you understand why my second escape from skyscrapers Shanghainese, I decided to go to Suzhou!

In fact it was a trip organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong, my university, and reserved exclusively for foreigners learning Chinese language trip so …. trip during which we understand anything that includes the guide, Chinese of course, tell me.

But hey, if we have not always grasped the subtle historical information about the places we visited, at least we were able to appreciate the aesthetics and atmosphere.
So on November 10th, we left 2 days, 苏州 destination Suzhou (“Soutcho”) and Wuxi 无锡 (“Wouci”), another town near Suzhou, all not far from Lake Tai Hu 太湖 (“Tay Rou “), in the province of Jiangsu 江苏 (” Tsiangsou “).

From paradise to chinese hell

When I arrived in early September, I was warned that it can get very cold in Shanghai, especially when it rains, but it was not that I expected to see snow, both falling snow here are rare.
Well for my first winter in Shanghai, I had snow 2 times until today! It had snowed 29, not enough to hold it, but it was already great given region. So what was our delight in seeing yesterday, the 30th, large flakes falling outside our windows to finish in a thick white carpet.

So, to face the cold Shanghainese, we released equipment rigor:]


And yes, Marieke and Nils, we went into town to see among others the view of Shanghai’s skyline since Timo new apartment. Indeed, while the day before it was too soft for the city snow makes its appearance yesterday she is well and truly coming to cover the roofs of central Shanghai.

Battle of snowballs, snowflakes and white down, all this could simply be idyllic, but it is not counting on:


– Cold, is not it the red Marieke:]

– Created panic in Shanghai!

Even in normal times, it is better not to pay too much attention to how the Chinese may lead to a heart attack chopper, I let you imagine the situation when the temperature drops below 0 ° C, and the Highway is more than icy runway!