Should You Use WeChat Advertising ?

Very good question that is in the mouth of every Brands and companies in China.

Should You Use WeChat Advertising ?

and how to Use wechat for Advertising ?

Wechat the Super APP in China

Wechat is the Top App in China, the number one. Everybody has Wechat and use it EVERY DAY.

According to its latest financial publications released this week, WeChat now has 396 million active users a month, an increase of 40 million since the end of last year. This is impressive considering that most of these users are national in China and compared to Whatsapp’s global base of 465 million active users. The ramp-up of active users of WeChat has contributed significantly to the world premiere of Tencent. With a China that represents nearly 20% of the world’s population and twice as many Internet users as the US total population, WeChat has an extremely tenable unfair advantage. While WeChat is able to continue its global reach, its competitors, WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk, will find it virtually impossible to penetrate China


Wechat Win territory outside China country by country

To reinforce its conquest of global domination, Tencent has strategically targeted important and growing markets. Since 2012, WeChat has made exploratory thrusts in India with the help of the famous Bollywood stars. Similarly, he recruited star footballer Lionel Messi to help commercialize the application in Europe and South America. WeChat also launched an advertising campaign in South Africa that was searched by Mark Zuckerberg. The application supports important and widely used languages ​​such as Indonesian, Spanish, Hindi and Russian. Let’s not forget that WeChat has already opened an office in San Francisco to launch its American push from the inside.


Beyond simply marketing the application internationally, Tencent supports WeChat by making strategic acquisitions and investments in products that allow it to enter new markets. Some notable examples are Kakao Talk from South Korea and a rumored investment in Snapchat, a company that rejected Facebook’s $ 3 billion acquisition bid. Thanks to connections to products as efficient as established, WeChat is able to learn quickly in each market and to integrate them potentially in the future.

source Forbes 

Digital professionals Do not like Wechat ADs

All Digital professionals  have offered WeChat ads to brands around the world. Chinese WeChat in the US, Canada, China, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand with WeChat Moments Ads, the platform’s native and preferred ad format. National offers for these countries are currently available, and WeChat Moments Ads is about to be the next major opportunity for brands that want to engage with local and international Chinese audiences.

Wechat Digital is one of the few agencies that can provide this inventory while it is in beta. WeChat Moments Streaming ads with more than 900 million active users per month, on time. Download the WeChat Advertising Guide for more information and pricing.

Bid strategies are the problem

we talk about targeting, bid strategies, and pricing. Take a closer look at how WeChat advertising works.

WeChat emphasized the importance of the user and thoughtful thinking about how to design and show ads in users’ news feeds. Ads are shown only if a user has at least four new updates in their newsfeed.

The weixin ad appears in fifth place after four updates to the origin of the contacts. The ad automatically disappears after six hours if it receives no comment or comment. An ad is active for seven days and a WeChat user sees no ads every 48 hours.

impression on Wechat is a problem

What counts as an impression? According to WeChat, there are three types of impressions for these news feed ads:

  1. When the ad interacted with (in terms of likes and comments)When the ad is in the news feed
  2. When the external link is clicked
  3. Points 2 and 3 are counterintuitive because they are normally defined as clicks, but WeChat defines them as “impressions”.

Users can opt out of individual ads by clicking the “Not interested” button on each ad.


The default targeting options in sex and location. Each advertiser can also choose two of the four additional targeting options (age, education, operating system and Internet environment such as Wi-Fi). Targeting capabilities may differ depending on the target location.

For example, instant ads in North America can only target via geolocation. WeChat Moments advertising is now available in most countries, including the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Download the WeChat Advertising Guide to learn more.

WeChat advertising is billed to CPM. Please note that WeChat’s definition, external link clicks, likes and comments are also considered impressions. In addition, the different geographic locations have different price points, and if you get an ad add a gender targeting, there is a multiplier of 1.10.

In most cases, there is a minimum budget of $ 15,000 per WeChat advertising campaign over a period of one week (for example). Contact us for specific prices.


Here are our tips for conducting a successful WeChat campaign for your brand source Marketing to China

What is the best advertising agency for Wechat ?

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This is the key for any new brand or company on WeChat. It is important to understand that WeChat is a closed network, meaning that users can only see messages and content if they are connected with you.

You can check more on users on Quora .

Community : the center of WeChat APp

In order for the content to be visible, you must develop and grow this community around your account. I consider WeChat as a key portal not only for sharing information, but also for interacting with users in questions and answers, sending newsletters, and ultimately providing incentives for users to interact with your account.

The most powerful incentive is quality content; What unique offer, ideas and education can you provide to the end user? What will keep them coming back on your account and instilling so many phenomena of loyalty to the brand.

  • Keep content focused on your specific niche
  • Establish yourself as a native expert in your area
  • Provide totally unique ideas / offers that are only available from your account.
  • Consider formatting HTML5 content for a superior user experience.

It sounds so obvious, but still very social, re-publish and re-share the user-generated content on your page, get consumers in the conversation and reward them for your doing.
Quality content equates to sharing on “moments of flux”, nothing is more powerful than P2P sharing between social groups.

So what you have is a chicken / egg situation, how do you cultivate your followers without this base and current social group.

Search for your target market to not waste your BUdget.

  1. It’s important to define who you want to make the most of your advertising dollars. The price depends on the targeting.
  2. Having a content strategy for WeChat and linking in Newsfeed advertising as part of an amplification strategy.
  3. Have a dedicated and agile team member who can adjust the ads if they do not work as desired.
  4. Make sure your brand provides relevant content that is not intrusive but provides value to users.
  5. Take advantage of CPM pricing as a whole (impressions, clicks on the external link, links and comments) and encourage clicks and interactions for a better measure of engagement.
  6. WeChat advertising plateform marks a milestone in its commercialization. The app has established itself as a gateway dependent on its user base with third-party services, such as gaming and online shopping. For some users, advertisements can provide valuable information. WeChat wants to encourage its users

The WeChat ad system is not for everyone – you can use ad serving if your account has more than 100,000 subscribers. We can not get more users.

150,000 users … 20 RMB per day WOW 

what is the click to rate on Wechat

– The click rate on WeChat ads is so far very low: about 0.4%.

– As a general rule, you may consider that the reading rate on a subscription account is about 10% (50% for service accounts).

– WeChat gives less than 0.3 RMB per click to the public owner

So, if your account WeChat account has, as in the example below, 150 000 users, this leaves you with 150 000 * 10% * 0.004 * 0.3 = ~ 20 RMB per day.

WeChat just launched a search engine

 Baidu has had it good. For years, the tech firm has enjoyed a near monopoly of the country’s multi-billion dollar search market. Domestic competitors Sogou and Easou trail behind, each with less than 10 percent market share. Google, its most threatening rival overseas, withdrew from China in 2010, citing hacks by the Chinese government.

But now, the tide seems to be turning. Tencent, China’s gaming and social tech titan- and the world’s ninth most valuable company – is focusing its attention on search.

source Technode

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News About Wechat in China

A team at BuzzFeed, the news and entertainment site, Knew It Had struck gold When It cam across DECADE-old photo of Dwayne Johnson, the muscle bound wrestler and film star Known As The Rock, wearing a fanny pack and dated bluejeans.

To drum up more attention the team changed the picture’s background to a holiday theme and added “Rockin ‘around the Christmas Tree” in big lettering. Goal Then, , the team uploaded it to Instagram, the hugely popular photo-sharing service.

Image Then Took on a life of icts own, reposting the picture to His Own Instagram account. Nearly 390,000 people Indicated They liked the post, and the picture Became the top topic of discussion on the message board website Reddit.

“We Did not for gas on it. We Did not post it to the home page, “Said Summer Anne Burton, editorial director of the 10-person team at BuzzFeed BFF That Is dedicated to posting photos and videos to pictures and messaging apps. “We just stuck it on Instagram and it Took off all over the place. That’s the dream. ”
BuzzFeed’s tactics Could aussi offer a glimpse into how Some personal messaging apps like Instagram, WeChat and Snapchat – already used by millions of people sharing text or pictures among friends – will be used in the future.

E-commerce Companies use Wechat

Some publishers, game makers and e-commerce companies are using the apps as a new distribution platform and moneymaking. Developers-have-been Expanding the uses of the apps, making new functions possible. And investors, seeing huge potential, driven-have apps to the ever-Higher valuations.

“The most popular apps That Sustain Themselves day after day, month After month, at the top of the leader board, are messengers,” Said Fred Wilson, managing partner at Union Square Ventures and an investor in Kik, a popular messaging app with young users. “That’s a reflection of what people do on Their phones.”
He added, “Once They Become full-blown ‘portals’ for mobile glad and mobile commerce, we will really see how massive this opportunity is.”

The initial appeal of the apps is easy. They are faster to use than email, And They Generally allow you to send text, links, video and pictures to friends more cheaply than traditional texting services offert by wireless carriers like Verizon or AT & T.

The uses are Multiplying, though. On the app KakaoTalk, for example, people can discover new –other smartphone apps and share ’em with Their friends. We Snapchat, users can send money to one Reviews another inside the app. And Line, a popular messaging app in Japan, lets people pay for things at brick-and-mortar retail stores using Pay Line, the company’s payments service.
Soon, media outlets like ESPN, CNN Vice and will be glad original publishing directly to a new editorial section in Snapchat, selon people familiar with the matter Who spoke on condition of anonymity of Because They Were not authorized to speak Publicly.

“Media and communications are converging,” Said Jonah Peretti, chief executive of BuzzFeed. “Some of what we’re all now Will Be Creating a huge share of These messaging apps over the next one or two years.”
Now, 40 percent of Mobile Subscribers in the United States use an instant messaging app on Their phones at least once a month, data from selon comScore, a research firm. Globally, the use of mobile messaging apps Grew 103 percent During 2014, selon Flurry, a mobile analytics firm.

The revolution with Viber

Some of the Most Popular options are Viber, qui says it HAS more than 200 million monthly visitors; Line, Japan’s Most Popular messaging app, with 170 million users; and WhatsApp, the leading service more than 700 qui HAS million regular visitors.

For now, though, not all of the apps are big Generating revenue. WhatsApp, qui est owned by Facebook, just reported about $ 10.2 million in sales in 2013. The cam back from the small fraction of users Who paid $ 1 to use the app.

Still, the valuations of Many messaging continues to rise startups. In February, Rakuten, the big Japanese online retailer, Viber Bought for $ 900 million. The next month, the Chinese e-commerce behemoth the Alibaba Group led a $ 280 million investment in Tango, valuing the Nearly six-year-old start-up at about $ 1 trillion. Facebook


paid $ 21.8 billion for WhatsApp in February.

For investors, the thesis is a Silicon Valley adage: Get millions of people to use the services first, and Eventually it will find a way to make money.

Entrepreneurs on Wechat

Many entrepreneurs see WeChat, the hugely popular Chinese services run by the Internet giant Tencent, as the ideal model for building a business in messaging. Released four years ago, the app now claims Nearly 500 million monthly active users – who not only send picture-laden messages, play games and order book car rides and plane tickets.

More information about Wechat Agency in China
The rapid growth in messaging apps, some say, has-been a response to the more public kind of popular apps like Twitter and Facebook status updates and posts Where are visible to the Many Rather than the few.

“It’s a much more intimate experience,” Said Marissa Campise, a partner at Softbank Capital, the venture arm of Japanese telecom giant Softbank. “Messaging apps are smaller and less visible than the public networks and far more engaged and trusted. Often it feels like a more controlled, real-time replacement for email, “she said.
Messaging users tend to pick up on average Their phones several times an hour, Talmon Marco, Viber of the chief executive, in an interview Noted late last year. That Makes messaging apps an ideal place to Introduce –other offerings like games, virtual or physical goods Even stickers.

Asia has-been a fertile breeding ground for PARTICULARLY Expanding the uses of the apps. In 2013, for example, joined WeChat Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant, to offer a limited quantity of the company’s newest phone for purchase on the chat app. Users Could reserve And Then buy the new smartphone Entirely inside the app using WeChat Tenpay, the payments services owned by Tencent. Xiaomi Said it sold 150,000 phones in less than 10 minutes.

The app WeChat for Chinese Consumers

The app WeChat is one of the biggest hubs for Chinese Consumers to find new mobile games. Last quarter, Tencent’s mobile games revenue alone Was 2.6 trillion renminbi, or about $ 420 million.
Each June, Chinese censors Typically seek to scrub mentions of numbers deemed sensitive at this time of the year: 89 for 1989 the year of the Tiananmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Beijing; 6.4 and 64 gold for June 4, the specific day it Took Place.

Weibo microblogging platform

On China’s popular Weibo microblogging platform, searches for the numbers 8964, 6.4, 1989.64 and so on return no results, and users are greeted with a Post That says “selon the relevant laws, règlements and policies,” the search results “have not beens displayed. “Censorship of That Ilk has come to be expected on the anniversary.
This year, in addition to Such controls, it Appeared That China’s online games and social networking giant May-have taken a new step in Adhering to censorship requests. On Wednesday, some users of Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s payment service WeChat reported about being white Unable to make money transfers or send out “lucky money” envelopes of water equivalent electronic cash Containing the sensitive numbers.
Some users Trying to send out water equivalent Such As 6.4 yuan, 64 yuan or 89.64 yuan received Messages That said: “Transaction error. Try again later. “Payments of –other water equivalent Were Apparently successful, HOWEVER.

Ted Livingston, the chief executive of the messaging app Kik, based in Canada, Has argued That younger users are coming of age in a world Where Their portal to the Internet has-been the smartphone, And They are more willing to try new forms of commerce and discovery.

“We view this as being white race has to be the WeChat of the West,” Mr. Livingston, Whose Predominantly app is popular with young North American audiences, Said in November. “For us, it’s a once-in-humanoid great opportunity.”