International Technogical Firm are kick out of Chinese administration like Apple

Tim Cook diplomacy with the Chinese authorities was not enough: Apple and many other technology US companies were removed from the list of providers suppliers of computer equipment for the Chinese government.

drastic measures

These drastic measures were expected, China has thoroughly reviewed its equipment from the Snowden case, the aim being to prevent hidden backdoors in smartphones / tablets / laptops allow the NSA to spy discreetly the country’s authorities. Recent statements by head of the NSA, not really “diplomatic” and justifying the use of backdoors (backdoors), could only push China to speed up away American equipment. Chinese Minister Tim Cook Apple Watch Tim Cook and Chinese Minister in charge of Internet security Intel, Cisco, McAfee, and in fact almost all the “big” US software manufacturers or suppliers are blacklisted hardware controls for administrations “sensitive”, which for once is very likely to annoy officiating Intelligence US who might be the mothball the thundering declarations about the benefits of backdoors or control “Big Data of” personal data (the name of the fight against terrorism, of course). Sources familiar with the matter say that these measures could also have a “protectionist” hidden purpose behind the Paravant of Homeland Security, which still seems fairly probable in that the list of suppliers of hardware / software off-Chinese n ‘that was cut by a third.

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Fil control, expert in Technological textile machinery explain that, the governement of Xi jinping want to promote in priority Chinese local Brands, as most of governement in the world and expect that within 5years, Chinese Brands can get international trust.

China’s high tech industry is increasingly recognized as a very dynamic industry. More and more Chinese high tech companies are gaining ground on the international stage. “China has changed its strategy and is now ready to offer high value technological products. Today, Chinese do not only copy foreign high tech brands’ features. They innovate and assert their innovation. –


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