Why the Chinese Fashion Market is the Top in the world?

China is today one of the most important global markets for fashion apparel sales. The Chinese market has more apparel sales online than both the US and Europe combined, especially when it comes to e-commerce. If you can sell to the Chinese market, there is great potential. How can they reach you? How can they find your brand and purchase it?

Fashion demande is booming in China

The sales of clothing, especially womenswear, and footwear has increased dramatically since 2022. Women are slowly consuming more than men. Women are gradually consuming more clothing than men.

In terms of total sales value and value growth, women’s clothing has outperformed men’s clothes.
Fashion and apparel retailers need to capitalize on the demand for high-quality products from abroad in order to expand their business in China’s rapidly growing e-commerce market. China’s status as the largest market in the world gives apparel retailers easy access to tech-savvy customers who are more likely to buy products via cross-border ecommerce. As consumers are more interested in a healthy lifestyle, the sales of sportswear is steadily increasing.

A.T. Kearney, a consulting firm, also notes that Chinese consumers are 97%, 87%, and respectively, more open to cross-border commerce than US consumers. China’s ecommerce market will surpass US$713 billion by 2022. This market is more than twice as large as the US and 10 times larger than Japan, which has US$159 billion.

One of the best examples is La Redoute, a multi-channel French retailer founded in 1837 by Joseph Pollet. French retailer brand is specialized on fashion apparel and home decor. It is remarkable that the e-commerce website receives more than 7,000,000 unique visitors per month. La Redoute is home to more than 10,000,000 active users. It operates in 26 countries.

La Redoute created a Chinese ecommerce website to cater to Chinese online shoppers. It also featured seasonal campaigns for mobile and desktop. La Redoute set up accounts on WeChat, Weibo and other digital marketing platforms to increase brand awareness. Today, La Redoute has more than 210K followers on Weibo despite not activating recently. read also luggage market

In Chinese mobile marketing campaigns, integrated loyalty programs, digital coupons, and online ads were all included. La Redoute’s Chinese e-commerce strategy led to an increase in sales due to a $79 average basket, a 7-10 day logistics turnaround time and fewer out-of stock products.

Retail Marketing strategy in China

  1. Concentrate on products of high quality
    You should create strategic content to win the trust of Chinese consumers. This means your products must be high-quality status symbols. The great advantage is that quality products in China are often referred to as “international” products. This can help you earn dividends over the long-term.

Many foreign brands think it is easy to sell in China. Many brands fail to realize that China will be the most competitive market in the world. You will face 7x more competition than any other country. Because of the variety of products and services available to them, Chinese consumers will demand higher quality and customer service. You should then focus on high-quality products made with high-end materials.

  1. Your brand’s social and digital awareness can be increased
    Digital media cannot be ignored. It is crucial to understand how the relevant communities and consumer behavior on Chinese social media influence your market positioning decisions.

You should forget about the major western companies like Facebook, Youtube and Google. China has WeChat and Xiaohongshu and Baidu instead. It should also be noted that Amazon is not available in China, but China has Tmall, Taobao and Xiaohongshu. To approach these new platforms in a whole new way, it is important to consider China’s unique communication, content and engagement style.

  1. WeChat – The Most Used Social Media

WeChat boasts a staggering 877 million active users per day, making it a powerful tool for entering the Chinese market. It also makes it easy to create quality content. It is essential to be present in China to connect with your target customers. WeChat is China’s number one social network. The’static shop’ is one of the WeChat shops that can be linked with your account for promotions. It also makes a great tool for sales. WeChat is a new way to connect online retail and social communication in innovative, exciting, and unique ways.

The high-profile Givenchy partnership that Mr. The WeChat shop was made famous by the Givenchy partnership with Mr. WeChat is a powerful tool to target Chinese consumers because it doesn’t require any initial investment.

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Ray-ban, what’s their next move in China?

China slowdown concerns dim Ray-ban maker EssilorLuxottica’s
EssilorLuxottica shares lost ground Friday, as a slump in China’s business hampered the French-Italian company’s first quarter sales which were better than expected. source

The group makes spectacle frames and sunglasses for Versace and Prada.

China’s sunglasses are now more resistant to blue light radiation
RayBan, a top-selling brand of prescription eyewear and sun protection, has joined hands with the Peking University Eye Center to support anti-UV Eye protection for China. AMD (agerelated macular disease) is rising in China as well as around the globe.

Source https://fashionchinaagency.com/sunglasses-china/

“It is a known fact that prolonged sunlight exposure without UV-resistant eyewear can cause permanent eye injury,”, China Country Manager at Luxottica Group, parent company to Ray-Ban.

The research’s goal is to increase UV protection in sunglasses, by improving lens technology and educating the consumer about the importance UV protection.

LockDown in Shanghai, reopening of companies in June

Points reported in Shanghai

  • Continuation of the gradual deconfinement plan (section 1)
  • Resumption of consulate services in a degraded regime (section 2)
  • Closure of the psychological helpline (section 4)
  • Reopening of taxis for trips to the airport, as well as public transport (section 7)
  • Clarifications on the restrictions on foreign stays of Chinese nationals (section 7)
  • New quarantine measures on arrival in Shanghai from medium or high risk areas (section 7)


=National figures=

362 new cases announced (including 266 asymptomatic) during the day of May 27.

National total = 20,652 (17,552 asymptomatic)

152 new cases announced (including 131 asymptomatic) during the day of May 27


Current total (estimated): 10,000 people positive. 114 serious cases and no new deaths. 588 deaths of positive people since the beginning of this epidemic outbreak, almost all related to comorbidities (average age > 80 years).


6 new cases announced (3 asymptomatic) during the day of May 27.

Current total = 48 (including 31 asymptomatic)


10 new cases announced (asymptomatic) during the day of May 27.

Current total= 390 cases (365 asymptomatic)


5 new cases announced (all asymptomatic) during the day of May 27.

Current total= 52 cases (all asymptomatic)

  1. Continued improvement of the epidemic situation and the progressive deconfinement plan.

The number of infections continues to decline gradually and is now below 200 daily cases. The number of French nationals who tested positive is very small and could reach zero in the coming days.

The Shanghai Municipality is continuing to implement the gradual deconfinement plan. For the record, the three phases are May 16-21 – start of deconfinement, May 22-31 – transitional phase, June 1-30 – resumption of activity. The current second phase should in principle result in the gradual disappearance of the confined areas of the city. At present, 80% of the city’s population is now in a “prevention zone”, however this does not automatically translate into exit permits. For those who do get the exit permit, in most cases it is for limited exits, including shopping at designated supermarkets. Most businesses remain closed, with the exception of some supermarkets and pharmacies. Several metro lines have been restarted, as well as more than 200 bus lines, with attendance remaining very limited at this stage. No announcement has been made for the moment on the return to circulation of personal cars.

At the same time, the cycles of massive screenings continue, each district successively announcing full screening plans for the population, with PCR tests organized every two days, generally accompanied by the suspension of authorizations to leave residences. Non-participation in screenings can in principle lead to the loss of the “green code” explain the Chinese influence club

The resumption of economic activity remains limited by the drastic conditions of “closed management” on the side of companies (obligation to house on site or to organize point-to-point transport for employees), and the difficulty of obtaining an essential ” return to work permit” on the employee side.

At this stage, only certain peripheral districts have returned to a more complete form of return to normal, with the reopening of public transport, shops and administrations, as well as the resumption of car traffic within the same district.

The third phase of Reopeing will begin on June 1, with several measures announced:

  • reopening of companies, offices and industrial parks subject to the implementation of an epidemic “prevention plan”, subject to the validation of local authorities;
  • abolition of the system of “return to work permits” for employees, who will also be authorized to go to work by public transport;
  • abolition of the obligation to manage companies in a closed circuit (employees can stay at home and make a daily round trip to their place of work);
  • reopening of shopping centers and supermarkets, with a gauge of 75%, as well as hairdressers, dry cleaners and restaurants for take-out;
  • reopening of certain public parks in the city centre.

What foreigner get wrong about Chinese Business


Yes and no. China is moving from being a relationship-dominated society to one that is governed by law. Because there were not many rules in the past, relationships were important for doing business. In the last 30 years, I have seen a shift from a society that valued relationships to one where you must follow the rules.

This is a good thing. However, Guanxi, or relationships, are still important in business. This is likely true in China as well as other countries around the globe, including the UK.

Sometimes, you have to know someone in order to knock on doors. But if you don’t have the skillset or the knowledge to actually do the work then knocking at the door is meaningless. The skillset is more important than the relationship, I believe.

China’s legal system doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as China’s economy.

Since I began to study China’s legal system, it has changed a lot. These developments are amazing and I’m glad to have helped shape the legal system. On the other hand, I completely agree with you. China’s legal system doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as China’s economy. It’s slower and farther behind.

China’s central government has many levels of hierarchy. This means that there are many inconsistencies in laws and regulations. It is difficult to keep up with economic development in China because of this.

These inconsistencies among different bodies and locations make the lag worse. This also impacts enforcement. Enforcement is just as important as the rule. Enforcement is greatly affected by inconsistencies.

While the law should reflect the economic development, it should also guide the economy in certain ways. Chinese law is not yet there, I think.


We hear a lot of things about China stealing IT or China wanting to dominate the world with the Belt and Road. But I don’t see these things from the micro-aspect perspective I use in my day to represent clients.

If we discuss the transition from a dominant society to a rule-of-law society, my personal view is that many multinational companies and foreign companies don’t appreciate how much has happened.

Many Chinese investors forget the basics of doing business in China. While Guanxi is often referred to as the most important thing, they frequently underestimate its value and make mistakes that lead them in the wrong direction. They believe that having guanxi in one place will make them successful, but they neglect to research the industry and company in which they are located. If an agency or official promises preferential treatment it is probably not in compliance to central government laws or rules.

Many companies are still being caught because they don’t follow the same basic due diligence in their home country.

Similar to the British, US, or European companies that are approached by a Chinese company, I also see disappointment. Chinese companies are often reluctant to ask basic questions when they want to invest or acquire. Although they may spend many years in negotiations, they don’t know if the company has the necessary government approvals or have enough cash. There are many miscommunications.

Many companies are still being caught because they don’t follow the same basic due diligence in their home country.


The government encourages both outbound and inbound investment in tech companies. The Chinese government supports large industries like fintech and other TMT [Technology, Media and Telecoms] and the life sciences. Renewable energy is the other sector. Renewable energy is not energy, but it is a large area of outbound investment.

It was revealed that the Chinese government had discussed opening up new manufacturing investments to foreigners at the Congress. This is a huge step forward. We will have to wait to see the details.


To be completely honest, I am very, very confused about all of this. Many Chinese investors were shocked by the outcome of the referendum. In the past, many Chinese investors in Britain thought that the UK and Europe were one country. Because of its familiar legal systems, capital markets, and legal environment, they saw the UK as a gateway to Europe. However, many Chinese investors stopped investing in the UK after the referendum because there was so much uncertainty. Many people are still uncertain whether to invest in the UK.

Long term, I don’t believe it will slow down Chinese investments in the UK. The UK is one the most important markets for Chinese investor and it is hard to ignore. It won’t make much difference in the long-term, but it will affect current investment. Globalization is something I really like. Today, business is so intertwined that it’s likely to become more intertwined as we move forward. Separation is not something I like.


There are many things I could add. You may feel isolated if you are surrounded by colleagues or peers. If they want you to go to a pub or play golf, they won’t allow you to. There are many of these kinds of activities, but it’s not the main problem.

The glass ceiling still exists, I believe. My peers always resented a female lawyer when I began my legal career. I can still remember how I used to bring two male colleagues to important client meetings because I wanted to gain weight. It wasn’t possible to make enough of the impact by myself. The client asked me questions that I couldn’t answer, and I had to answer them all myself. It happened quite often back then. I dressed more like a western lawer man, adding large shoulders to my suits, and trying to speak like a man.

I can still remember the day that a client of mine, a successful businessmen, said to me: Jun, you should just be yourself. Don’t try to imitate your male colleagues. You can’t. Be proud of who you are. You can be happier and more successful if you are proud of yourself.

I took her advice seriously and discovered that gender doesn’t give rise to any advantage. Only your professional abilities can show you are competent.


The corporate world is very much like a law office. Although it is dominated by men, there has been a lot of change. I see more and better women working there, getting promoted and accomplishing great things. Although there are more female leaders, I believe it still is dominated by men.

To my female colleagues, I’d like to tell them that we are just as smart as our male counterparts. We work hard (my view is that most females work twice as hard as men), and are as intelligent as our male counterparts.

Corporate women can offer a new perspective. We are all unique, so believe in yourself. Asian females, especially, are often shy and won’t tell others how great they are. They should know that it is okay to share what a great job you have done. Do not be afraid to share what you can do. Believe in yourself, and you will make a positive impact on the world.

The same goes for men. The core value of sustainable development and the corporate world is creating an environment that allows everyone to achieve their full potential. It is the foundation of tomorrow’s success. I want to tell my male colleagues that you play a vital role in this. All of us have to put in the effort. I believe we can all make a difference together. Making women equal is dependent on men’s contributions.

Luxury China Report 2019

You will find in this article top Report about luxury (2019)


Chinese luxury consumers

Consumers between 23 and 38 are willing to spend on luxury brands and financially able to do so. According to the HSBC Beyond the Bricks study (see Figure 4), 70% of Chinese millennials own their own homes, twice as much as US millennials. UU. And they can get funds from their parents if they want to buy fancy items. In addition, these young consumers are well informed about luxury and eager to adopt innovative trends, such as the convergence of high fashion and sportswear. Millennials are the great market for luxury sportswear products such as the Balenciaga Triple S shoe, which was introduced in 2017 and maintained its popularity throughout 2018, and accessories created by Louis Vuitton and Supreme, a fashion brand with roots in skateboarding.


luxury China 2luxury China 3luxury Chinaluxury Reports


China luxury report

source Bain


The third engine that drives luxury sales in China, digitalization covers both electronic commerce and consumer participation through digital platforms. There has been a lot of progress in terms of attracting customers, but little progress in the front of electronic commerce (despite a lot of activity). Online luxury sales increased 27% in 2018 to reach 10% of total luxury sales (see Figure 5), but this growth is still driven by cosmetics, while online penetration in other categories It is still very low.

The third engine that drives luxury sales in China, digitalization covers both electronic commerce and consumer participation through digital platforms. There has been a lot of progress in terms of attracting customers, but little progress in the front of electronic commerce (despite a lot of activity). Online luxury sales increased 27% in 2018 to reach 10% of total luxury sales (see Figure 5), but this growth is still driven by cosmetics, while online penetration in other categories It is still very low.

In 2018, more brands sought ways to expand their online presence through collaborations with major e-commerce platforms, while others maintained a focus on their brand.com.

It was also a year of great activity, which included the following highlights:

The investment of $ 175 million from JD.com and L Catterton in Secoo
Acquisition of Richemont from Yoox Net-a-Porter (YNAP)
The strategic partnership of YNAP with Alibaba Group
The merger of JD.com Toplife with Farfetch
As a result of this intense negotiation, we see three types of ecosystems emerge: those centered on a brand.com and those built in collaboration with Alibaba Group or JD.com (see Figure 7).

source Marketingtochina

China’s unique and ever-changing market creates exciting opportunities.
Rather than trying crystal ball predictions, here is my summary of what this year can show us next year and points to watch out for.
The Chinese asked questions about the Chinese

D & G – and the reactions to his promotional videos described as racist and sexist, as well as the anger provoked by the insulting words of his co-founder, Stefano Gabbana – should finally serve as a wake-up call for any brand that “n ‘ do not listen to his collaborators. China.

Story in China

This is the story of how a new generation of Chinese consumers are
to fuel the global luxury market, and the double-edged sword they present
top luxury brands of the world.

Defined to be the driving force of the global spending on high-end shoes, bags,
fashion, jewelry and watches, wealthy upper middle class gifts an attractive perspective for the world designer brands.


The most obvious growing expectation that brands may have key opinion leaders (KOLs) is undoubtedly the direct return on investment (ROI).
Still, it is unlikely to become a general requirement of all brands – some are satisfied with the brand image, image, long-term hoarding effect of a KOL celebrity.
Michelle Ye was one of the first Chinese KOLs.
She made a name for herself in 2010 by sharing her perspective on life with her fans in a blog that was viewed a million times in just 10 months.
She then launched her own very successful fashion brand in 2015. source

Understanding and mastering the power of language in China

Insights | Understanding and mastering the power of language

Interview of the Head of the WellingtonCollege


Wellington is already a language-rich environment, because like all international schools we have people speaking a wide range of different languages. However, it’s clear to me that as a school we are becoming more consciously aware of our ability to encourage the understanding and exploration of language itself. A recent piece of evidence of this would be the incredibly detailed language survey which drilled down into the remarkably complex linguistic backgrounds of Wellington’s pupils.

It’s this richness of language and expression that our pupils of all backgrounds are bringing into Wellington and it is something I feel very strongly that we must continue to encourage and reinforce as much as possible. Our style of teaching and learning becomes so much more effective and enjoyable when we move beyond simplistic one-word answers, where language is very restrictive and ‘played safe’, to a place where words and ideas are shared around, played with, experimented and expanded upon freely.


This applies to every Wellington pupil: whether English is your first language or not, whether you are fortunate enough to speak several languages fluently, there is always more to learn. There are always more words and shades of meaning and possibilities that could allow us to communicate with greater style, confidence and nuance. I’m not talking about simply swallowing a thesaurus and rattling off a long list of lengthy words either; being able to choose the right words is about more than just having a large vocabulary.

  • It’s also about sensitivity to your audience, whether that’s one person or a thousand. Finding those words that will most powerfully connect with an audience only comes with practice and a little bit of risk-taking.

This is a concept that I feel our pupils inherently understand and something that we are getting consciously better at encouraging throughout the Education via school. It’s partly in Wellington’s DNA: we’re inclusive and international, ‘linguistic’ is one of our aptitudes; our whole philosophy of education is very fertile soil for sharing language. However, it’s also something that I think we are all able to actively encourage through a variety of means.



source : https://www.wellingtoncollege.cn/shanghai/academic/curriculum/prep-school/

Primary School is the Key

One key way to share language is to promote the sense of Wellington being a ‘reading school’, that is, a place where reading is always encouraged and shared between pupils and teachers, in and out of class. Helping all pupils gain a deep, disciplined reading habit doesn’t just mean that they read literary classics; (though there’s a significant place for that of course… I’d be a strange kind of English teacher if I didn’t think such books were valuable!) it means engaging with language in whatever form excites their imagination and sparks a desire to explore and understand.

Being Lost in a Book

Whether it’s science or philosophy, a Jane Austen novel or an online article on breakthrough technologies, the inherent value of reading is in the act itself, not in the book, magazine or digital content. It’s in the pleasure you gain from reading, the knowledge you gain, the ideas you formulate, the perspectives and minds you encounter that otherwise you are locked out of; these are the things that make reading so valuable and so inherently important. Being ‘lost in a book’ is one of the best ways to find the space we all need, from time to time, to step away from the world.



Wellington is, and must continue to be, a place where people value reading, learn from it and then share that learning. I want our classrooms to always be places of genuine, respectful and informed debate.


Having those kinds of debates, sharing that kind of knowledge, gaining that ability to ‘read’ the world, is essential in helping every Wellingtonian leave this school possessing that vital human spark necessary to successfully engage with other people, no matter what their chosen academic, professional or personal path in life.

Friends in China

It’s not how many Chinese friends you have on Facebook or in a WeChat group that makes the difference, it’s whether you can use the linguistic tools at your disposal to say something that is compelling enough for people to want to listen to.

I’d like to finish by sharing a bit of Chinese language that aptly summarises my thoughts on the subject. A favourite poem of mine is ‘V’, a lengthy work by a British poet, Tony Harrison. It opens with a quotation from Arthur Scargill, a trade union leader in the UK during the 1970s and 1980s, when I was growing up:

“I still read the dictionary every day. My father taught me that your power to live depends on your power to master words.”

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the method, but his point still stands. We must always aim to increase our mastery of words, of Chinese language itself, so that we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our world and our place in it. This should be viewed as a lifelong process, kickstarted for our pupils during their school years so that they are as ready as possible for all the stories and discussion and debate that will make up their lives to come.

Joe McKee

Head of Senior School




China Give New Solutions to Wall Street

China Huge Rewards Suggestions For Wall Street


China Stock market

China Gift Suggestions huge rewards for WallStreet — with big Threats The next technique may be that the Maritime or Sea Shipping which shrewd in the event that you are shipping huge quantities of goods. Nonetheless, it will take at least a few weeks, sometime, to get to the port of destination.

Maritime Shipping has costs for example customs clearance and supply to a warehouse. Then there will be the records which you must process from the vent of both destination and origin.

Beijing and Finance Investment

For decades, its market freed up by Beijing by encouraging levels of financing which a bubble has been by a panic. By inviting organizations to reduce debt officials from China have responded, however, it.

You’ve got three options in sending your goods should think about the volume and weight of your shipment, should you choose that system you’re planning to use.

“it is an excellent prospect for the huge banks. They possess the abilities, money, experience, and capital,” explained David Kotok, creator chief investment officer at Cumberland Associates. “Each CEO since 1948” has led to China being a promising economy, Chanos said. “But no one makes anything”


WallStreet’s trade group, the Securities Industry, and Financial Markets Association, carefully applauded the actions to gradually gain access to the planet’s No. 2 market.

China has promised to lift restrictions on exchange lenders in its own banking platform that was huge. They still stand to generate gobs of money from lending to people and businesses along with providing an underserved sector with investment expertise.

Citigroup and Goldman Sachs

Citigroup and Goldman Sachs per generate approximately 4 percent of this revenue in China, based on FactSet. However, those US banks get revenue from Brazil, Canada, and niches. The way of sending your goods is through atmosphere dispatch. It’s advantageous for those who want services and products to be sent in a brief while for you, in the event your goods are of low volume and so are of significance, and also one’s order is not small. There certainly is a whole lot of air. The central bank may even enable foreign organizations to get a vast majority stake (up to 51 percent) in securities, finance management, futures life insurance firms, Nomura explained. Those ownership constraints are required to be removed after three decades.

China’s central bank

“There’s really a wild west setting that could lead to sudden conclusions originating out of the government,” educate Scott Morris, a former US Treasury Department official throughout the Obama government. China’s central bank on Wednesday issued a deadline to start the financial economy of China and vowed to allow firms to compete on equal footing, state press reported.
A few of the most significant players on Wall Street have a footprint in China, albeit bigger than they would enjoy a market growing as America’s. China reported quite good growth of nearly 7 percent throughout all the previous couple of decades.

China can connect its own inventory exchange to London

Yet US banks must traverse a system that is catchy and also an arrangement. Plus they will have to stay away from trouble. “While we’re pleased about the advancement, we’re ready to realize that the rules are employed in a manner that ensures an even playing field,” Peter Matheson, ” SIFMA’s managing director of global policy and advocacy, ” said in a meeting. “It is an economical version built into your debt. They must keep cultivating their own debt to educate their market,” billionaire investor Jim Chanos told CNNMoney’s “Trade Today” series on Wednesday.

Guide to attract Chinese investor in French

The American Debt

“When there’s a debt, then you also will view it. “But you have to be more mindful of the dangers you choose.” That is certainly not forgetting rising trade tensions between Washington and Beijing, that may have abandoned the entire world’s two biggest savings on the point of a trade warfare. Beijing has sought to crack down on investment vehicles. And authorities are pushing for greater transparency of these loans organizations have accumulated through recent years. Related “It is just about a no-brainer for just about any large global institution to wish to be present,” Morris explained. The others are cynical about the growth prospects, especially given the market’s heavy reliance on China.

“let us not think with them as an example of financial benevolence,

” Matheson said. “Letting foreign financial firms to have their organizations in China is great for US firms as well as the US market, and China’s market, also”

At the conclusion of June, the People’s Bank of China intends to remove investment constraints to asset management firms and banks, based on analysts in Nomura. “The topics are just like conducting business anywhere on the planet.

SIFMA and officials at Beijing have been talking for weeks roughly those particulars.

“The group has highlighted that launching the enormous banking marketplace of China is beneficial. ” Explain the founder of GMA (Marketing Agency in China)

China debt has been comparable to 161 percent of its total output in accordance with the Institute of International Finance. That is the highest among 30 savings and more than double your debt burden at the USA that the category measures. Kotok played concerns regarding the struggles of operating.

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Should You Use WeChat Advertising ?

Very good question that is in the mouth of every Brands and companies in China.

Should You Use WeChat Advertising ?

and how to Use wechat for Advertising ?

Wechat the Super APP in China

Wechat is the Top App in China, the number one. Everybody has Wechat and use it EVERY DAY.

According to its latest financial publications released this week, WeChat now has 396 million active users a month, an increase of 40 million since the end of last year. This is impressive considering that most of these users are national in China and compared to Whatsapp’s global base of 465 million active users. The ramp-up of active users of WeChat has contributed significantly to the world premiere of Tencent. With a China that represents nearly 20% of the world’s population and twice as many Internet users as the US total population, WeChat has an extremely tenable unfair advantage. While WeChat is able to continue its global reach, its competitors, WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk, will find it virtually impossible to penetrate China


Wechat Win territory outside China country by country

To reinforce its conquest of global domination, Tencent has strategically targeted important and growing markets. Since 2012, WeChat has made exploratory thrusts in India with the help of the famous Bollywood stars. Similarly, he recruited star footballer Lionel Messi to help commercialize the application in Europe and South America. WeChat also launched an advertising campaign in South Africa that was searched by Mark Zuckerberg. The application supports important and widely used languages ​​such as Indonesian, Spanish, Hindi and Russian. Let’s not forget that WeChat has already opened an office in San Francisco to launch its American push from the inside.


Beyond simply marketing the application internationally, Tencent supports WeChat by making strategic acquisitions and investments in products that allow it to enter new markets. Some notable examples are Kakao Talk from South Korea and a rumored investment in Snapchat, a company that rejected Facebook’s $ 3 billion acquisition bid. Thanks to connections to products as efficient as established, WeChat is able to learn quickly in each market and to integrate them potentially in the future.

source Forbes 

Digital professionals Do not like Wechat ADs

All Digital professionals  have offered WeChat ads to brands around the world. Chinese WeChat in the US, Canada, China, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand with WeChat Moments Ads, the platform’s native and preferred ad format. National offers for these countries are currently available, and WeChat Moments Ads is about to be the next major opportunity for brands that want to engage with local and international Chinese audiences.

Wechat Digital is one of the few agencies that can provide this inventory while it is in beta. WeChat Moments Streaming ads with more than 900 million active users per month, on time. Download the WeChat Advertising Guide for more information and pricing.

Bid strategies are the problem

we talk about targeting, bid strategies, and pricing. Take a closer look at how WeChat advertising works.

WeChat emphasized the importance of the user and thoughtful thinking about how to design and show ads in users’ news feeds. Ads are shown only if a user has at least four new updates in their newsfeed.

The weixin ad appears in fifth place after four updates to the origin of the contacts. The ad automatically disappears after six hours if it receives no comment or comment. An ad is active for seven days and a WeChat user sees no ads every 48 hours.

impression on Wechat is a problem

What counts as an impression? According to WeChat, there are three types of impressions for these news feed ads:

  1. When the ad interacted with (in terms of likes and comments)When the ad is in the news feed
  2. When the external link is clicked
  3. Points 2 and 3 are counterintuitive because they are normally defined as clicks, but WeChat defines them as “impressions”.

Users can opt out of individual ads by clicking the “Not interested” button on each ad.


The default targeting options in sex and location. Each advertiser can also choose two of the four additional targeting options (age, education, operating system and Internet environment such as Wi-Fi). Targeting capabilities may differ depending on the target location.

For example, instant ads in North America can only target via geolocation. WeChat Moments advertising is now available in most countries, including the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Download the WeChat Advertising Guide to learn more.

WeChat advertising is billed to CPM. Please note that WeChat’s definition, external link clicks, likes and comments are also considered impressions. In addition, the different geographic locations have different price points, and if you get an ad add a gender targeting, there is a multiplier of 1.10.

In most cases, there is a minimum budget of $ 15,000 per WeChat advertising campaign over a period of one week (for example). Contact us for specific prices.


Here are our tips for conducting a successful WeChat campaign for your brand source Marketing to China

What is the best advertising agency for Wechat ?

Good question. Difficult to reply who is the best. One famous is Gentlemen Marketing Agency , they have experiences with a lot of Clients.

https://walkthechat.com/ is also Famous, with High quality content on Wechat , very interesting and with their wechat ecommerce plateform

This is the key for any new brand or company on WeChat. It is important to understand that WeChat is a closed network, meaning that users can only see messages and content if they are connected with you.

You can check more on users on Quora .

Community : the center of WeChat APp

In order for the content to be visible, you must develop and grow this community around your account. I consider WeChat as a key portal not only for sharing information, but also for interacting with users in questions and answers, sending newsletters, and ultimately providing incentives for users to interact with your account.

The most powerful incentive is quality content; What unique offer, ideas and education can you provide to the end user? What will keep them coming back on your account and instilling so many phenomena of loyalty to the brand.

  • Keep content focused on your specific niche
  • Establish yourself as a native expert in your area
  • Provide totally unique ideas / offers that are only available from your account.
  • Consider formatting HTML5 content for a superior user experience.

It sounds so obvious, but still very social, re-publish and re-share the user-generated content on your page, get consumers in the conversation and reward them for your doing.
Quality content equates to sharing on “moments of flux”, nothing is more powerful than P2P sharing between social groups.

So what you have is a chicken / egg situation, how do you cultivate your followers without this base and current social group.

Search for your target market to not waste your BUdget.

  1. It’s important to define who you want to make the most of your advertising dollars. The price depends on the targeting.
  2. Having a content strategy for WeChat and linking in Newsfeed advertising as part of an amplification strategy.
  3. Have a dedicated and agile team member who can adjust the ads if they do not work as desired.
  4. Make sure your brand provides relevant content that is not intrusive but provides value to users.
  5. Take advantage of CPM pricing as a whole (impressions, clicks on the external link, links and comments) and encourage clicks and interactions for a better measure of engagement.
  6. WeChat advertising plateform marks a milestone in its commercialization. The app has established itself as a gateway dependent on its user base with third-party services, such as gaming and online shopping. For some users, advertisements can provide valuable information. WeChat wants to encourage its users

The WeChat ad system is not for everyone – you can use ad serving if your account has more than 100,000 subscribers. We can not get more users.

150,000 users … 20 RMB per day WOW 

what is the click to rate on Wechat

– The click rate on WeChat ads is so far very low: about 0.4%.

– As a general rule, you may consider that the reading rate on a subscription account is about 10% (50% for service accounts).

– WeChat gives less than 0.3 RMB per click to the public owner

So, if your account WeChat account has, as in the example below, 150 000 users, this leaves you with 150 000 * 10% * 0.004 * 0.3 = ~ 20 RMB per day.

WeChat just launched a search engine

 Baidu has had it good. For years, the tech firm has enjoyed a near monopoly of the country’s multi-billion dollar search market. Domestic competitors Sogou and Easou trail behind, each with less than 10 percent market share. Google, its most threatening rival overseas, withdrew from China in 2010, citing hacks by the Chinese government.

But now, the tide seems to be turning. Tencent, China’s gaming and social tech titan- and the world’s ninth most valuable company – is focusing its attention on search.

source Technode

more Video about WeChat Advertising

China Unperturbed by Looming Trade Tensions 

As manufacturing picks up in Asia’s sourcing hubs following the Chinese New Year break, AI’s Q1 statistics for inspection and audit demand reflect the emerging sourcing trends of 2018. With all eyes on the unfolding US-China trade stand-off, AI data shows that US businesses undoubtedly stand to be impacted: as many as 73% of North American companies consider China their topmost sourcing destination and over 85% of them voiced concerns about tariffs and protectionism.

In the meantime, Chinese manufacturing remains unperturbed for now, with AI’s data for Q1 2018 showing a +5.9% YoY increase in inspection volumes, a figure to be eclipsed as regular business resumes after Chinese New Year.

Growth remains robust in Southeast Asia, with Cambodia continuing to outpace its economic forecast for the second year running, and inspection demand rising +22.4% YoY in Q1 2018. Pakistan also maintains momentum gained during last year, with inspection volumes expanding +10.3% YoY in Q1 2018.

Sourcing outside of Asia maintains an upward trajectory, reflecting the ever-increasing diversification of sourcing patterns. The Latin American region serves as a prime example, with first-quarter demand for inspections and audits increasing +26% YoY.

Coolest Starbucks of the world is in China

Did you heard about the collest starbucks Coffee partnership with Alibaba ?

Just when you thought in China could not get better, the world’s largest Starbucks opens on the Nanjing Road.(Shanghai)

The new Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai is the company’s most ambitious project and offers the first fully immersive coffee experience in Asia. Basically, it’s like chocolate shop Willy Wonka coffee shops. The Roastery occupies a 30,000 square foot space on Nanjing Xi Lu, which is about 15 times the size of your average Starbucks location and two times larger than the first roaster, opened in Seattle in 2014.

Inside the Wonderland caffeinated beverages, you’ll find an 88-foot-long coffee bar, a home-made bakery, and the Resistance Room, a magnificent two-story pavilion carved with over 1,000 traditional Chinese stamps .

If all that sounds a little overwhelming, Alibaba is here again to help you. Roaster visitors can use the app. And if that’s not too much for sense, you can also visit the store on Tmall and have some coffee beans right on your doorstep. Really, we live in the best of circumstances.

The ultra-giant Roastery is just the most daring part of Starbucks’ big plans for China, where every 15 hours a new location opens up. By 2020, the company hopes to have 5,000 stores in the country.