Jack Ma supports his mini look-alike Education in China

Jack Ma And His Generous Step For His Look Alike


The year 2015 prove a life-turning year for the little Fan Xiaoqin, as neither he nor his parents ever imagine about getting renowned due to their eight-year-old. The unique characteristic which this little one possess is that he is astonishingly similar in look to the prominent businessman Jack Ma. Jack Ma is not a stranger to anyone using the internet; he is the founding father of the largest online shopping store Alibaba Group.

jack ma

The eight-year-old Fan Xiaoqin lives along with his parents in Yongfeng County, situated in the Jiangxi Province of the East China. However, the family circumstances in which this family is inhabiting are even more unfortunate as his father lost one of his legs, his mother too is a patient of poliomyelitis. Furthermore, his grandmother has Alzheimer disease.

mini Jack Ma ‘ education

Fan Xiaoqin, is usually acknowledged as mini Jack Ma in the internet world and this little look alike came into the spotlight when a villager posted a video of Jack Ma on the web. Right after uploading the video the discussion about the resemblances in the features of the mini Jack Ma with the original Jack Ma became the trend on social networking sites. However, this year, on the Singles’ Day which is more notably known as the online shopping event of China, the images of this boy became a matter of discussion again. Although this fame brings the mini Jack Ma and his family into the limelight, there is an individual cost they have to pay for it.

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Education in China

As soon as the clicks of the little Fan Xiaoqin became viral on the internet, people with many commercial intentions in their minds come to their house. According to Fan’s Parents, their relative who never inquire about them come to their house all by themselves and ask if we want any assistance in the education and other expenses of the Fan. Moreover, a businessman provided the family with 60,000 Yuan and a LED. Even an online streamer his experience with the Fan’s family and posted it online just for the sake of getting some extra hits on his page. As the discussion goes viral on the internet about the striking resemblance of Fan with that of Jack Ma, the businessman announces that he is going to finance the Fan education throughout the school and college fully.

The generosity of Jack Ma

The generosity of Jack Ma is welcomed as a gesture of kindness by the Netizens. However, if we look at the life of the Jack Ma, he started his career as an English teacher and after several rejections, one from KFC, he began his business online and now he is amongst the top ten rich people in the China. Furthermore, he is involved in many social services for the community in China, and this funding of Little Fan’s education is welcomed by the People of China as again a gesticulate of humanity from Jack ‘side. Let’s just wait and watch, how this mini Look-alike of Jack Ma turns out in the future, whether he is as successful as his look alike or not, time will tell us.

Alibaba founder

the Billionaire invest in Education of his mini

It takes an uncommon individual to aggregate an aggregate total assets over $20 billion through a gave hard working attitude while keeping up a feeling of viewpoint. Jack Ma is one of those individuals. The organizer and CEO of Alibaba, one of the world’s driving internet business online interfaces, is one of the world’s wealthiest men, yet he has not given achievement a chance to cloud his vision for the future or his affirmation of where he originated from. Jack Ma’s keys to achievement are valid and moving for everybody from seeking tycoons to proprietors of the littlest businesses.

The vision of Jack Ma

When Jack Ma discusses the greatest misstep he at any point made he portrays how when he established Alibaba he told his group that the most abnormal amount they could accomplish would be that of administrators, and that officials ought to be employed all things considered. Jack Ma has taken in his lesson and now focuses on the significance of state of mind and enthusiasm over hypothetical skills.the ecommerce gourou comprehends that regardless of how hard you attempt you will never have the capacity to persuade each and every representative, business accomplice, and potential speculator to trust you or accept what you say. Tolerating that and changing your approach is another key to his monstrous achievement. Instead of joining his organization under the vision of one individual, he joins them under a shared objective. The vision is more vital than the pioneer. Most importantly he knows how to get the attention of right people at right time for the right purpose that’s why he is successful.

In spite of the crisis, Luxury Brands continue to invest in China

The Chinese buy fashion items all over the world, and local homes make their market in search of brands to grow.

Despite losses in 2015 for the second consecutive year, distributors, investors and industry experts are looking to the promising future of the Chinese luxury goods industry, driven by double-digit growth in recent years Years.


A study by the Fortune Character Institute, which has offices in Shanghai, London and Connecticut in the US, seems to confirm this optimism. Last year, Chinese consumers bought 46% of luxury goods sold around the world, 78% of which were acquired outside China.

Chinese luxury Shopper : 46% of luxury goods sold around the world

78% of which were acquired outside China.

Chinese buyers of high fashion items and luxury goods are also becoming more and more demanding. A mark too readily available or too visible is not for them. By buying and encouraging the best of the existing luxury brands, they create trends.


The Shandong Ruyi Group, one of the largest textile producers in China, has sought to sail on the rising wave of fashion concerns that Chinese consumers have acquired, and have joined the list of candidates for the takeover of the French lending group To-wear SMCP, Bloomberg said in January. This month, Reuters cited sources that the talks had not been successful but that an agreement was not yet entirely excluded.


The SMCP group is valued at more than one billion dollars (914.1 million euros). It holds affordable luxury brands such as Maje and Sandro, whose success among the growing middle class in China has asserted itself in recent years. source

The Shandong Ruyi Group

The Shandong Ruyi Group is among the top four of the 500 largest textile companies in China and posted a record revenue of 30 billion yuan (4.2 billion euros) in 2013. It declined to comment on the ” Interest in the takeover of GSPC.

Such an acquisition “would only be a drop in the ocean, because the Chinese are rapidly climbing the top of the luxury industry,” said director of the Fortune Character Institute, Zhou Ting. “The (luxury) market remains one of the most lucrative for the moment and will remain so for the next decade. This means that if Chinese companies and investors want a share, they will have to be more actively involved in every part of the supply chain, from design and manufacturing to marketing and distribution. ”

Chinese travellers for Luxury Brands

Things have gone in that direction lately. For example, Vipshop Holdings, the locally-launched Chinese fashion label, known for its discount policy, invested several million pounds last November to take a minority stake in the British fashion house BrandAlley, More British brands in China.

A month earlier, its competitor Secoo.com had taken the chronicle by opening the first store based on a cross-border mode at Piazza del Duomo, one of Milan’s busiest shopping districts.

Li Rixue, founder and CEO of Secoo.com, created the website in Beijing seven years ago. He sees in the Milan shop an element of the “decennial plan of globalization of society”. Industry professionals believe that Secoo.com’s aggressive expansion is a strategy aimed at targeting Chinese tourists who spend a lot of money in Europe.

Zhou Ting explains that this is probably what the Chinese buy, where and how they buy which will determine where the money will be injected from Chinese investors, and probably from global investors.

For Michele Alberti, CEO of Luxemporium Investments SA, a Swiss-based ready-to-wear import and export company with Shanghai Spring Bamboo Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of wool and cashmere, Chinese consumers become more savvy. But there is no need to distinguish them and treat them as if they were a different race.

We should no longer consider Chinese consumers as a clientele apart,” says Alberti, who has held managerial responsibilities in major luxury companies such as Bally and Salvatore Ferragamo. “People always ask me what distinguishes Chinese from other consumers. I think (that’s the fact) that they are more and more like the consumers of other countries, if not that they show the way to the industry “.

Michele Alberti joined Luxemporium in 2014 and played a key role in opening the first multi-brand space at the Tianjin Friendship Department Store in January

Industry in China is still plagued by massive overcapacities

China saw its foreign trade decline in 2016, with exports (-7.7%) and imports (-5.5%) showing a sharp decline and confirming the Asian giant’s breathlessness, at a time when rhetoric Anti-Chinese Donald Trump could exacerbate the situation.

Exportation in China are Dropping !

Exports of the world’s largest trading power in the past year reached $ 2.1 trillion and imports 1.590 billion, the Customs administration said Friday, a trade surplus of $ 510 billion.

“There are still obstacles to China’s foreign trade,” Customs spokesman Huang Songping told a press conference that the international trading environment is “austere and complex”.

In December alone, exports fell by 6.1% year-on-year to $ 209.4 billion. Imports, meanwhile, climbed 3.1% to $ 168.6 billion. The Chinese trade surplus was thus $ 40.8 billion.

The drop in exports for last month is much more pronounced than expected by a panel of experts surveyed by the financial agency Bloomberg (-4%). Imports increased according to their forecast (+ 3%).

Customs statistics are carefully scrutinized by markets to gauge the health of the Chinese economy: foreign trade remains a pillar of China’s GDP and a traditional engine of growth.

The situation remains precarious: industry in China is still plagued by massive overcapacities; The surge in indebtedness; Growth only resists thanks to an alarming bubble in the real estate sector.

Chinese governement is reacting

The Chinese government is trying to rebalance the country ‘s growth model towards services, new technologies and domestic consumption, to the detriment of heavy industries and – indeed – low value – added exports. But the transition is painful.

Exports had grown by 0.1% over one year in November to $ 196.8 billion. The start was shy but this stabilization proved auspicious after seven months of withdrawal.

Their decline in December comes despite signs of a recovery in global demand, a trend reflected in positive figures in neighboring economies in Taiwan and South Korea, Julian Evans-Pritchard of Capital Economics.

This is worrying “given that the current situation of rising prices and relatively robust growth of the global industry should have been a support for Chinese trade,” he said.

“In the future, it is difficult to see what could lead to a more meaningful recovery of Chinese trade,” Evans-Pritchard said.

The share of trade in China’s GDP fell from 66 percent in 2006 to 40.7 percent in 2015, according to the World Bank, but remains a key growth engine.

The Risk “Trump” anti China

The prospect of severe tensions with the United States (2nd trading partner of Beijing after the European Union) could also plague the trade of China. source

US President-elect Donald Trump promised to impose a prohibitive tax of 45 percent on Chinese imports. He also appointed for the head of the US National Trade Council an economist notoriously hostile to Beijing.

The posture of the republican billionaire vis-à-vis the Chinese trade “could lead to a structural weakness in the long term for Chinese exports,” worried Friday the bank ANZ.

Trump encourage US companies to relocate their production

“Trump’s trade policy is likely to encourage US companies to relocate their production sites outside of China, even though its efforts to promote high-end production could offset some of the losses.” more information http://darxtar.org/manufacture-in-us-for-chinese-companies-a-new-trend.html

In the face of American isolationist Donald Trump and hoping in particular to stop the fall of its foreign trade, China is now a champion of free trade. President Xi Jinping is expected to defend his vision of a “more inclusive globalization” Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, a few days before taking office of Mr. Trump.

Food Scandals in China (What you really eat )

Chinese Food Scandals


China is one of the countries with the biggest population around the world. With such an extensive and varied population, the demand for things like food, tends to be very drastic. With such a diverse population at hand, the food market also varies in its quality and specialty to provide all types of cuisines to the citizens. However, with so many restaurants and food lines there is also the problem of maintaining food quality. The recent cases of some food scandals are the examples of these mishaps and have threatened the local people. To shed some light, a food scandal is basically when due to lack of government intervention, foods have some ingredients which can cause severe food poisoning or other diseases which may lead to deaths. The recent cases of such food scandals around china have become very popular.


gutter Oil China

Fake Meat in China

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Beijing pregnant woman jumped the subway platform

Beijing pregnant woman jumped the subway platform

July 1 at 8 am, when a pregnant passenger in the Beijing Metro Line 13 Huoying stop shelter, accidental drop site.

Beijing pregnant woman jumped the subway platform

“At that time the people frightened.” Witnesses Zhang told reporters, a time when the morning peak period, the platform was packed. Suddenly, I saw a pregnant woman fell from the platform to the train running track, “She looks less than 30 years old, with an estimated five or six months pregnant.” “Just the sound of a scream, she did not train in the distance to two meters stopped, too thrilling! “Pang said witnesses, Metro staff quickly wind up power after that, the train was about to stop the discovery emergency brake situation, pregnant women were staff working security rescued.




Three minutes to read Chinese officials level

Three minutes to read Chinese officials level

To get to know Chinese politics, first get to know the officials level!

Do not look boring textbook, One Reading Eagle to easily tell you: are national-level and sub-national level leadership than you imagine; call party secretary, the difference may be several levels; rather appears to be local leaders, in fact, central leadership ..


Chinese officials level

Chinese officials level

the video:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjgxOTIyMTY0.html


Network Pushing Hands ” Qin Fire Fire ” in sentencing : the defendant jailed for three years

Network Pushing Hands ” Qin Fire Fire ” in sentencing : the defendant jailed for three years

April 17 , concern network Pushing Hands秦志晖( screen name : Qin Fire Fire ) alleged defamation , a case of trouble , the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court sentenced the third open court . Court for libel and sentenced to imprisonment for two years Qin Zhihui , to disturb the crime sentenced to 1 year and 6 months , decided to implement three years in prison . He was last year , ” two high” since the introduction of relevant judicial interpretations , the first convicted of acting in the network .

During the hearing on April 11 , the ” Qin Fire Fire ” pleaded guilty in court , prosecutors charged recognized , acknowledged fabricating ” the former Ministry of Railways lose € 30 million foreign visitors ” and other rumors , and the victim Luo Yuan , Zhang Haidi , who apologizes .

August 2013 , Beijing police, police destroyed a deliberately spread rumors on the Internet, malicious infringement of reputation , the economic benefits of the network illegally seized promoter company – Beijing Erma Interactive Marketing Planning Co. , arrested Qin Zhihui ( screen name “Qin fire Fire ” ) , Yang Xiuyu ( screen name ” Li two split four ” ) and two other members .

Police found in the survey , Qin Yang , who has planned a series of network manufacturing hot events , attracting fans to make their own network quickly became a celebrity . Such as the use of ” Mei-US events show off their wealth individuals ” deliberate hype, made ​​up some local civil servants were asked to contribute to the Red Cross must rumors , malicious attacks and rescue system in China’s charity and famous military experts , senior media reporters , celebrities and society Some ordinary people as a target of attack , the malicious rumors to discredit slander .

Police identified Qin Yang duo had publicly declared: Internet hype must be ” fooled ” netizens , making them feel that they are ” social injustice ,” the judge , only anti-social , anti-establishment , in order to vent their discontent reality . They openly said: “The rumors are not limited to the wise , but beyond the next rumor .” They even use obscene means of many girls want to be famous porn package , “China’s first no limit ” exposure Cars, ” the godfather of its hit heavily off their wealth ,” the model and so is their ” pride ” and ” masterpiece . ” Their behavior seriously corrupt social values ​​, pollution network environment, adverse effects , there are Internet users called ” water army chief ,” and send its nickname ” Ballad turn China .”

July 23, 2011 , Ningbo-Wenzhou Railway happen ” motor car rear-end ” after a major accident ,秦志晖posting a message on his micro-blog, said the Chinese government spent 200 million yuan astronomical compensation for foreign travelers , just two hours after the microblogging is forwarded 12,000 times, while fans Qin increased more than 1,500 people .

Qin Zhihui confessed to police investigators , his philosophy is: users must incite emotions and feelings, in order to honor those who have won a lifetime , for a lifetime of accumulated wealth overnight destroyed. When秦志晖was arrested , the deputy director of a company community department , responsible for network marketing, publicity. According秦志晖confession, Qin had considered themselves ” preliminary famous,” many netizens also called ” Ballad turn China ” on its micro -Bo fans million, or even individual fans in the “big V”.

Qin Zhihui a name last used the ” JAC Qin Fire Fire .” According to police preliminary statistics , from 2010秦志晖registered microblogging start date, Qin rumors and transfer rumors totaling about 3,000 pieces of information .

According to police investigators , Qin Yang , who formed a network Pushing Hands team , together with a small number of so-called ” opinion leaders ” organized network “Water Army” long-term online concocted false news deliberately distort the facts , create disturbances , confusing right and wrong , and to delete postings to help people ward off evil , IP address , etc. Contact for illegal profit- seriously disrupted the network order , their behavior has been suspected disturb the crime , illegal business .

Prosecutors believe that Qin Zhihui fabricated facts libelous spread on the network , resulting in adverse social impact , seriously endangering the social order ; fabricate false information spread on the Internet , creating disturbances , causing serious disruption of public order . Their behavior has violated the criminal law , should be libel , disturb held criminally responsible .