I will give you a real Top , not a Fake Top Where Agencies have to Paid to appear.

1/ Gentlemen

It is the fastest Growthing Marketing Agency in China. They explained that they will bring Results. 2 websites here & Here

  • Agency with 300% growth.
  • 40 Staff
  • ROI (return on Investment) Positioning

2/ Adsmith

Adsmith China is a strategic marketing & communications agency based in Shanghai. 0Find out how we can help you with PR, design

3/ VML

full-service creative agency, specialising in luxury branding. We develop innovative & beautiful concepts in New York, London, Paris & Shanghai.


Reflex Group is a full-service creative agency, specialising in luxury branding. We develop innovative & beautiful concepts in New York, London, Paris & Shanghai. webSite

5/ SAC

SEO Agency China is a ROI digital Marketing Agency in China (Shanghai). From strategy to excecution, they provide great digital campaigns. Results Oriented Agency. Website

Marketing Agency China

6/ Web2asia

Web2Asia is a full-service China Marketing + E-Commerce Digital Agency specialized on Tmall, Tmall Global and JD.com operations & China …

7/ IT Consultis

IT Consultis is a digital agency in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City strongly committed to researching, creating and executing the best digital solutions, ranging from strategic projects to entirely tailor-made web developments, applications, e-commerce, and in-store experiences

8/ Fred & Farid

The decision transformed the edgy independent digital shop, co-founded by Mr. Raillard and fellow creative Farid Mokart in 2007. Two and a half years after launching in Shanghai, it has one-third of its employees in the country. source Adage

  • 130 out of 400 total, with the rest in Paris.
  • About 22% of its $73 million in revenues came from China in 2014
  • second full year in operation.

For Chinese brands, “going international means America,” Mr. Raillard said, adding that the agency’s home turf of Europe isn’t seen as a potential market for Chinese goods but as a “cheap shopping center for luxury products and a museum.”

9/ Ogivly & Matter

One of the Most famous Advertising in China. It is a Franchise, so not all O&M have the same quality

“The difference is that building brands today requires a keen understanding of how new communications technology, new channels, and vibrant creativity combine.

This is a world where the consumer is now in control, and consumer insight is paramount, and so the quality and diversity of our people are vital. Website

10/ ParkLU

It is more an influenceur Agency than a marketing Agency. They produce good content and attract a lot of New Brands.

2 thoughts on “Top  10 Marketing Agencies in China 

  1. very nice article.
    The match has not yet started until the battle is already raging.

    Left: the Beigbeder generation pubard who has to get out of the TV / Print dogma and admit that a Lion at Cannes received in 1989 thanks to a licked work by JP Goude does not give better ideas in 2010.

    Right: the digital native dropped in the agency after the bubble burst, who thinks that his 267 friends on FourSquare and the honor of having been the third French-speaking user of Chatroulette are enough to justify his digital expertise.

    I just read with passion the Digital article: the doormat of advertising and I am delighted to see that many of us share the same vision.
    My friend Olivier GUERIN would say: “this debate has been the same since the minitel existed! Strategic convergence is a concept that is gaining ground … but … it’s a very long way! “.

    The difference between an advertising agency and a digital agency is great and essentially cultural. Unfortunately for digital, most budgets are at the mercy of advertising agencies and it is up to them to decide if there will be digital actions and how they will be.

    Often, this results in the adaptation of a DA, so dear to the advertising agency, without worrying:

    media constraints
    the enormous opportunity that the web could represent for their client
    In this context, digital agencies have no say … and of the overused “partnership”, the digital agency becomes a sub-contractor. Huge mistake !!!

    We certainly do not have the same culture, but we are complementary and must act together on common actions.

    The web allows much more than a sad variation of a “creation” often ill-suited to the media. And this is quite normal, because the Internet is not a medium, but a TERRITORY !!!

    The job of an advertising agency (I’m going to make enemies) is to do advertising campaigns. And an advertising campaign is temporary. An advertising campaign is, to sum up: a strategy (hopefully) + a creation + media to display all of this. And once the media no longer broadcast the creation, hop, we move on to another campaign.

  2. Very good ranking.
    All these agency are famous.
    GMA definitely on the Top.
    Parklu is increasing then, moving from KOL agency to a digital agency.

    Reflex group is not operating in China anymore I think.
    I will add Bluefocus, Chinese ads group, and Publicis , even these agencies are only for big brand with million of budget (like O&G)

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