Jack Ma supports his mini look-alike Education in China

Jack Ma And His Generous Step For His Look Alike


The year 2015 prove a life-turning year for the little Fan Xiaoqin, as neither he nor his parents ever imagine about getting renowned due to their eight-year-old. The unique characteristic which this little one possess is that he is astonishingly similar in look to the prominent businessman Jack Ma. Jack Ma is not a stranger to anyone using the internet; he is the founding father of the largest online shopping store Alibaba Group.

jack ma

The eight-year-old Fan Xiaoqin lives along with his parents in Yongfeng County, situated in the Jiangxi Province of the East China. However, the family circumstances in which this family is inhabiting are even more unfortunate as his father lost one of his legs, his mother too is a patient of poliomyelitis. Furthermore, his grandmother has Alzheimer disease.

mini Jack Ma ‘ education

Fan Xiaoqin, is usually acknowledged as mini Jack Ma in the internet world and this little look alike came into the spotlight when a villager posted a video of Jack Ma on the web. Right after uploading the video the discussion about the resemblances in the features of the mini Jack Ma with the original Jack Ma became the trend on social networking sites. However, this year, on the Singles’ Day which is more notably known as the online shopping event of China, the images of this boy became a matter of discussion again. Although this fame brings the mini Jack Ma and his family into the limelight, there is an individual cost they have to pay for it.

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Education in China

As soon as the clicks of the little Fan Xiaoqin became viral on the internet, people with many commercial intentions in their minds come to their house. According to Fan’s Parents, their relative who never inquire about them come to their house all by themselves and ask if we want any assistance in the education and other expenses of the Fan. Moreover, a businessman provided the family with 60,000 Yuan and a LED. Even an online streamer his experience with the Fan’s family and posted it online just for the sake of getting some extra hits on his page. As the discussion goes viral on the internet about the striking resemblance of Fan with that of Jack Ma, the businessman announces that he is going to finance the Fan education throughout the school and college fully.

The generosity of Jack Ma

The generosity of Jack Ma is welcomed as a gesture of kindness by the Netizens. However, if we look at the life of the Jack Ma, he started his career as an English teacher and after several rejections, one from KFC, he began his business online and now he is amongst the top ten rich people in the China. Furthermore, he is involved in many social services for the community in China, and this funding of Little Fan’s education is welcomed by the People of China as again a gesticulate of humanity from Jack ‘side. Let’s just wait and watch, how this mini Look-alike of Jack Ma turns out in the future, whether he is as successful as his look alike or not, time will tell us.

Alibaba founder

the Billionaire invest in Education of his mini

It takes an uncommon individual to aggregate an aggregate total assets over $20 billion through a gave hard working attitude while keeping up a feeling of viewpoint. Jack Ma is one of those individuals. The organizer and CEO of Alibaba, one of the world’s driving internet business online interfaces, is one of the world’s wealthiest men, yet he has not given achievement a chance to cloud his vision for the future or his affirmation of where he originated from. Jack Ma’s keys to achievement are valid and moving for everybody from seeking tycoons to proprietors of the littlest businesses.

The vision of Jack Ma

When Jack Ma discusses the greatest misstep he at any point made he portrays how when he established Alibaba he told his group that the most abnormal amount they could accomplish would be that of administrators, and that officials ought to be employed all things considered. Jack Ma has taken in his lesson and now focuses on the significance of state of mind and enthusiasm over hypothetical skills.the ecommerce gourou comprehends that regardless of how hard you attempt you will never have the capacity to persuade each and every representative, business accomplice, and potential speculator to trust you or accept what you say. Tolerating that and changing your approach is another key to his monstrous achievement. Instead of joining his organization under the vision of one individual, he joins them under a shared objective. The vision is more vital than the pioneer. Most importantly he knows how to get the attention of right people at right time for the right purpose that’s why he is successful.

Fake Ads on Wechat

WeChat the chinese most popular instant messaging service in China, is likely to lose its luster as users complain of being bombarded with misleading advertisements and information overload.

Fake adverstisment

The situation came to public attention when a business account set false advertisements on “Moments”, one of the main functions integrated in WeChat which allows users to upload photos and share their daily lives by texts.

On Monday, authorities in Chongqing broke a case in which a “travel agency” has told his followers on WeChat to “Like” its ads to win a free Hong Kong and Macau trip, which was later proved be misleading.

HR nightmare


Similar cases were reported in the provinces of Guangdong, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Jiangsu of unscrupulous businessmen trying to attract customers with promotions for coveted items, they have failed to deliver.

WeChat, developed by the Internet giant Tencent, allows people to send text, photos, videos and voice messages on mobile phones. The application won a legion of fans in China thanks to its convenience, to reach 600 million users since its launch in 2011.

With fake ads, the information on the application overload is causing some users want to escape the flood of daily annoyances.

Beijing said he receives “tons of messages” from his colleagues in the focus groups WeChat, even on weekends.

Wei said he spends about an hour a day responding to messages from his colleagues, and to check WeChat every few minutes because the messages from his boss may be among the sea of ​​notifications.

I feel as if I had been kidnapped by WeChat.

Wei is not the only feeling bombarded by the application user. In early February, Huang Zhen, a professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, has caused a buzz on the Internet when it announced it would abandon all discussion groups WeChat and “try to find some inner peace. ”

Survey about Wechat

In a survey conducted in March by a Shanghai newspaper, two thirds of respondents feeling of being “kidnapped” by WeChat, but most have chosen to put up with the barrage of messages and information.

“The “Moments” section WeChat, for example, has declined in popularity since it became a place for people to either share or advertisements Chicken Soup for the Soul-type items.” view more here

“My WeChat ‘Moments’ are essentially spammed by them every day, which is pretty boring,” a user named WeChat screen “HXfengai” said.

As calls for change mounting WeChat teams must adjust their design of products and services to break the bottleneck and retain users, said Zhang Yi, CEO of iiMedia research.

Zhang said that the development teams WeChat should redouble their efforts to take into account user feedback and try to understand what they really need.

“It is difficult to say how loyal users will remain WeChat, but if the company can make adjustments according to the specific needs of users, it can help keep many users,” he said.


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bike in fudan

Last week, when he was pouring, my blue bike still dropped me rotten. This time because of the fender chain that is caught in the pedal … Arrived at Fudan repairman who had sold me, I showed him the damage and he wants me to pay 10 RMB (1.1 euro) to change part. No longer wish to put a penny in this bike, I take him and offers to buy it but he says he does not even want half price ….

So, my decision to change bikes have taken once and for all, and the next day came, I went to the bike dealer located a few hundred meters from the dormitory Lu Wudong

There are three types of bikes that hold my attention:

Bikes cheap but not adjustable, similar to the one I already sold RMB 138 new without basket or padlock.
The small wheel folding bikes but a little heavy 300 RMB.
The bikes lightweight alloy and are ultra foldable between RMB 600 and 800 depending on the model.

I finally opted for the latter to have a bike perfectly in my size (they are mini but height adjustable) and it is light enough that I can go back to my room at night.

To add a bit of security, I bought a lock to Auchan ultra secure lock when I am off campus, thus limiting the risk that employees of local bicycle dealers do not have the key to the lock …

I am VERY happy with my purchase. Finally, it is comfortable biking and I am no longer folded in 4! Although expensive locally (660 RMB), the price remains low (less than 70 euros) for a category of very expensive bike in the West.

As a bonus, I can sell my old bike 50 RMB “as” an American I met at the store during the purchase of a new bike!


Good name again

1 / The names pragmatic

In the previous company where Joe worked a manager had decided to call in English “Table” … Because it is all based on him. One of his colleagues, very ambitious, wanted to be called “Reach” or “be achieved”.

I am in relationship with a commercial is named “Memo”, to show that in its daily administrative tasks, it omits nothing. There are also more mercantile, as this terrible businessman, who wished to be called “Money”. His family name is “qian” (“money” in Chinese), read “Qian Money” on a card when you empty-handed as the language of Shakespeare than Confucius causes a smile.

2 ° / poetic names:

I knew a lady who had decided to call “Piano”, and responsible communication that name was “Snow” (“snow”), despite its extreme eastern anatomy and skin matte. In the same way, I had a correspondent who has decided to call “Echo”. I also met a “Bonar” which, despite the optimism that presages his name, was ruthless in business.

I do not know how I met Sunny (“sunny” in English), both men and women. The best is my post Sun Ming Shan. His name is Sun (the Chinese put the surname before the given name), it is therefore naturally call Sunny Sun.

3 / The amazing names:

I also had in my relations people who had selected the names of cities. I had a Vegas Zhou (who was very playful) and a Guan Athena (who was not wearing underwear).

I also experienced a prophet acessoirement shopping in a factory of electric bikes, and who had the good taste to call Abraham Gu.

I had a colleague who was named Kimi, and who kept supporting me adamant that it was an English name. In my opinion, his grandmother had an affair with a Japanese soldier there sixty years …. And he retained a certain atavism.

This is the best provider, who told me that his English name was “Abobo”. Wonder where he went to seek, Cui there.

For most Chinese, the world is divided into two: China and abroad. And all foreigners are Anglicists birth. Once a name is not Chinese, it is inevitably English. A little Cantonese told me that his English name was Gretchen. It was neither white nor blond nor wealthy and did not have blue eyes.

The Chinese, whose panagérique purity is more to do, however, insist sometimes find daunting names. I’ve had two very close emotionally.

The first is Xiao Xu, my little sister. Its Chinese name is Xu Rong Rong is his name. She wanted something that comes close. I had offered Rose. But no, it did not please him. , She wanted to call Rooney! As Mickey Rooney! You’ll see the small bomb exotic it is … Hardly comparable with Mickey Rooney! Let me tell you that I am so vibrate the glottis by hearing me repeat that it is now called Rooney Xu, she finally changed to Cindy, that has nothing to do! The second is called Sun Zi Ling, despite its conservative prudishness, she had chosen English name as Ruth … What a program!

I also enjoyed Nicole. Yes, I’m writing A Nicole. Even if the name is definitely female, the young man had found it very nice.


Secure your Bike in shanghai

Reliable in appearance, especially when it comes Surplus traditional jaw, it nonetheless he can play tricks on you.
Indeed, we found no need to open is key:

or it is already broken at the joint when he was still “never” used
or one short but cleverly placed firm will release the bike
or, recently discovered by Emilio trick, a simple one ticket mao will open, McGyver lovers, follow the link (Spanish for the moment, but the images speak for themselves soon in French)
Next on our list, the lock last generation.
Evidence, there is still only 2 colors, bright red or dark blue shiny. To ride with style, so plan to buy a bike before red or blue.

Personally, after my various disappointments of the previous model with theft, I chose to invest my 35 kuai in this model seemed best.

And indeed, it is so much better than even I who has the key, I have trouble opening it. After several mishaps like to stay 10 minutes trying to open the lock, I naturally brought my complaint to dealer. This oiled me graciously, but the result was not conclusive much longer, I am now obliged to turn mini key 15 times in the good days before the opening yield.
At least I’m pretty quiet.

It would therefore seem that there is no salvation in the old-fashioned way home.
As against above, spotted one night on campus, two antiques obviously knew last.

The bike first, which we still wonder how it rolls without losing an element rusted every bump.

The burglar then. A simple, but effective vraissemblablement. Perhaps the next method I would use if my current lock makes me lurch …


How to choose a lock?

For the start, yes, I cracked. When I realized that the campus had actually doubled in size, it did not took long before giving in to the temptation to buy a new bike, my third Forever.
But buying bike is not a simple procedure, it is usually accompanied by:

the purchase of a bell if (to meet other cyclists, drivers or pedestrians who will not hesitate for you to scolded all the time)
purchasing a basket, which incidentally made ​​to accommodate the Auchan shopping or school bag
but mostly … mostly … the purchase of one or more locks, depending on whether more or less confidence in the immediate environment in which the bike evolves.
So today, I give you briefly share my personal experience and that of my relationships, all of us have had several to choose locks, since in general when you choure bike, you leave no little word with the lock that has broken (oupa elsewhere …)

We begin the tour of the lock standard that every good cyclist in China already purchased through 15-20 yuan available including fluorescent red, fluorescent green, black or white: the inevitable soft lock.


So quickly!

After five minutes, I realized that the two cushy as cérébrés that molluscs were only there for one thing: to make us sign the lease, which is the most expensive, but act as a “business advisor “. Obviously, I was upset quickly these guys know nothing about business, and are yet in a position to interfere in ours, they do not even know in the dream content of the activity. They were ridiculous advice like “you should rather rent in this area, because there are German and American companies”. And then there is the usual Chinese and amadouante lourdaude, particulièremet annoying, to kick back, to spit compliments to two centimeters from the face, to offer you cigarettes like crazy while you have to crush one blows winks grotesque story you sign without thinking too much. I immediately took my distance, I cut short the conversation, to share with Ke Wang Rong our real needs in the field, trying to coordinate them with my policy cost. The outcome of races is that there certainly spent more time (an hour of scheduled maintenance, we went to four), but we saved over three years, half a million yuan . To Rong Wang Ke, which is Chinese with his delusions of grandeur, it is. For me, this is huge, and having the opposite approach would more concern that the lack of interest of economy.

Ke and Wang Rong, after discussions, the baby catches up, telling me that we were in China, and we had two ways of dealing with the relationship: either we fight against the administration (ie, consider the two clampins for what they are: two small scale without servants, but who are the lords of the castle with their very poor little power), or we played friendship without limits, like poles old regiment, to exchange favors. I personally have never been in the army,’m keen weapons upon receipt of the e-tax, so I left my partner this option work for me. And so it was partly for this great friendship that road to get drunk consors to obtain favors. The result is that it still fell a little rent, suggesting that part of the difference is personal support offered both idiots.

Both officials said that money should not be a problem, and have brought one of their “friend” banker in the quarter of an hour: that is, a bank employee, regardless of the content reassuring or alarming the balance sheet that we will present, we will obtain a loan, we will have to determine the amount to our way, knowing that the above said bank employee will determine accordingly the Committee under the table.

To close this transaction, we went to dinner and sloshed together. As in China, one of the ways to be recognized and respected, is how to keep the alcohol (believe it is impossible to do business without this, and even though I ironically, I’m not kidding ), Ke Wang Rong let me handle this part of the transaction. And even if I went zigzagging, I got the approval of the officials, who it seems, we will open all the doors.

Is this legal? Of course not. And yet, the operation of the country, and the durability of the system, based in part on it. So, despite what the government says, showing shots of brilliance in the fight against corruption is tolerated as well as prostitution, rampant, yet officially prohibited as well as the sale of CDs and DVD pirates, is completely prohibited, while all stores have a storefront. And why can not change? Just because we are in a dictatorship, the government, for the sake of social cohesion, muzzles the press could report, and thus jeopardize cohesion. In short, it is not about to change.