Chinese Food Scandals


China is one of the countries with the biggest population around the world. With such an extensive and varied population, the demand for things like food, tends to be very drastic. With such a diverse population at hand, the food market also varies in its quality and specialty to provide all types of cuisines to the citizens. However, with so many restaurants and food lines there is also the problem of maintaining food quality. The recent cases of some food scandals are the examples of these mishaps and have threatened the local people. To shed some light, a food scandal is basically when due to lack of government intervention, foods have some ingredients which can cause severe food poisoning or other diseases which may lead to deaths. The recent cases of such food scandals around china have become very popular.


gutter Oil China

Fake Meat in China

These video will give a brief description of these scandals and how they can be solved. Starting with the oldest in 2008 which was called the Melamine Milk scandal. This happened when infant milk formulas were contaminated with an industrial chemical called Melamine, which caused more than 30,000 babies to get sick and around six children died. This raged shock and anger among the local citizens with people taking to blaming the government for inappropriate quality control measures. However, this was the beginning of many troubles. In April 2011 there came the toxic bean sprout in which the vegetables were treated with sodium nitrate, urea and other antibiotics to make them look shiny.

Health problem in China

This led to severe food poisoning cases up and down the country, raging havoc. People were furious and demanded. However, people were saved during this scandal because the police were successful in arresting the responsible party. The pesticide drench beans case in 2010 when about 3.5 tonnes of yard long beans came from the southern city of Sanya which were treated with a banned pesticide called Isocarbophos was also another noted issue of public health and safety.

All these scandals, one would think the government would learn and exercise severe control. However, this was far from the truth, after the milk contamination in 2008, another happened in February 2011 called leather milk in which a leather-hydrolyzed protein was used to boost the protein content of the milk. This was the final straw and this time the population made sure of some counteraction. The scandal and protests led to almost half of the dairies being closed in China to make sure those present were clean. The food contamination problem is an ongoing issue because even after the last scandal, there was still the aluminium dumplings case which was another similar contamination problem where Chinas rice crops were known to be contaminated by heavy metals harmful to health.

These are just some of the cases. Further, some more scandals continued like the glow in the dark pork, which would actually glow when the lights were closed off, and hence Chinese people refused to eat it. The lean-meat powder pork in which farmers used steroid in pork production, which could cause harmful effects to those who ate it, for example dizziness, diarrhea, etc. These are just some of the extensive examples of food scandals that have littered China’s food industry. Due to these problems there has been a severely negative impact of the China’s food market on the local population, let alone the international sector.



Who should you blame?

The local citizens are very angered by the present situation and partly blame the government for not keeping strict checks on processed and naturally grown foods. The death and severe sickness of about hundreds of Chinese citizens caused panic among the people. People are now encouraged not to use processed food and rather make their own food with organic ingredients. This, however, is not a permanent solution. The Chinese government needs to take action and deal with the impending food quality issues. Strict laws and regulations need to be created and enforced to ensure human safety. After all, who knows which person falls victim to the next big food scandal of history. Even imported supermarket have problems with scandals

Such historical events tell us that problems like these evolve in every country, hence it is beneficial for almost everyone to prefer homemade food which is healthier and eradicates the risk of such problems. The problem, however, remains in place and demands attention. Either the Chinese government takes action or the local citizens will be forced to have their own backdoor farms with pure house food to ensure the safety of their family

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