Understanding and mastering the power of language in China

Insights | Understanding and mastering the power of language

Interview of the Head of the WellingtonCollege


Wellington is already a language-rich environment, because like all international schools we have people speaking a wide range of different languages. However, it’s clear to me that as a school we are becoming more consciously aware of our ability to encourage the understanding and exploration of language itself. A recent piece of evidence of this would be the incredibly detailed language survey which drilled down into the remarkably complex linguistic backgrounds of Wellington’s pupils.

It’s this richness of language and expression that our pupils of all backgrounds are bringing into Wellington and it is something I feel very strongly that we must continue to encourage and reinforce as much as possible. Our style of teaching and learning becomes so much more effective and enjoyable when we move beyond simplistic one-word answers, where language is very restrictive and ‘played safe’, to a place where words and ideas are shared around, played with, experimented and expanded upon freely.


This applies to every Wellington pupil: whether English is your first language or not, whether you are fortunate enough to speak several languages fluently, there is always more to learn. There are always more words and shades of meaning and possibilities that could allow us to communicate with greater style, confidence and nuance. I’m not talking about simply swallowing a thesaurus and rattling off a long list of lengthy words either; being able to choose the right words is about more than just having a large vocabulary.

  • It’s also about sensitivity to your audience, whether that’s one person or a thousand. Finding those words that will most powerfully connect with an audience only comes with practice and a little bit of risk-taking.

This is a concept that I feel our pupils inherently understand and something that we are getting consciously better at encouraging throughout the Education via school. It’s partly in Wellington’s DNA: we’re inclusive and international, ‘linguistic’ is one of our aptitudes; our whole philosophy of education is very fertile soil for sharing language. However, it’s also something that I think we are all able to actively encourage through a variety of means.



source : https://www.wellingtoncollege.cn/shanghai/academic/curriculum/prep-school/

Primary School is the Key

One key way to share language is to promote the sense of Wellington being a ‘reading school’, that is, a place where reading is always encouraged and shared between pupils and teachers, in and out of class. Helping all pupils gain a deep, disciplined reading habit doesn’t just mean that they read literary classics; (though there’s a significant place for that of course… I’d be a strange kind of English teacher if I didn’t think such books were valuable!) it means engaging with language in whatever form excites their imagination and sparks a desire to explore and understand.

Being Lost in a Book

Whether it’s science or philosophy, a Jane Austen novel or an online article on breakthrough technologies, the inherent value of reading is in the act itself, not in the book, magazine or digital content. It’s in the pleasure you gain from reading, the knowledge you gain, the ideas you formulate, the perspectives and minds you encounter that otherwise you are locked out of; these are the things that make reading so valuable and so inherently important. Being ‘lost in a book’ is one of the best ways to find the space we all need, from time to time, to step away from the world.



Wellington is, and must continue to be, a place where people value reading, learn from it and then share that learning. I want our classrooms to always be places of genuine, respectful and informed debate.


Having those kinds of debates, sharing that kind of knowledge, gaining that ability to ‘read’ the world, is essential in helping every Wellingtonian leave this school possessing that vital human spark necessary to successfully engage with other people, no matter what their chosen academic, professional or personal path in life.

Friends in China

It’s not how many Chinese friends you have on Facebook or in a WeChat group that makes the difference, it’s whether you can use the linguistic tools at your disposal to say something that is compelling enough for people to want to listen to.

I’d like to finish by sharing a bit of Chinese language that aptly summarises my thoughts on the subject. A favourite poem of mine is ‘V’, a lengthy work by a British poet, Tony Harrison. It opens with a quotation from Arthur Scargill, a trade union leader in the UK during the 1970s and 1980s, when I was growing up:

“I still read the dictionary every day. My father taught me that your power to live depends on your power to master words.”

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the method, but his point still stands. We must always aim to increase our mastery of words, of Chinese language itself, so that we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our world and our place in it. This should be viewed as a lifelong process, kickstarted for our pupils during their school years so that they are as ready as possible for all the stories and discussion and debate that will make up their lives to come.

Joe McKee

Head of Senior School




Jack Ma supports his mini look-alike Education in China

Jack Ma And His Generous Step For His Look Alike


The year 2015 prove a life-turning year for the little Fan Xiaoqin, as neither he nor his parents ever imagine about getting renowned due to their eight-year-old. The unique characteristic which this little one possess is that he is astonishingly similar in look to the prominent businessman Jack Ma. Jack Ma is not a stranger to anyone using the internet; he is the founding father of the largest online shopping store Alibaba Group.

jack ma

The eight-year-old Fan Xiaoqin lives along with his parents in Yongfeng County, situated in the Jiangxi Province of the East China. However, the family circumstances in which this family is inhabiting are even more unfortunate as his father lost one of his legs, his mother too is a patient of poliomyelitis. Furthermore, his grandmother has Alzheimer disease.

mini Jack Ma ‘ education

Fan Xiaoqin, is usually acknowledged as mini Jack Ma in the internet world and this little look alike came into the spotlight when a villager posted a video of Jack Ma on the web. Right after uploading the video the discussion about the resemblances in the features of the mini Jack Ma with the original Jack Ma became the trend on social networking sites. However, this year, on the Singles’ Day which is more notably known as the online shopping event of China, the images of this boy became a matter of discussion again. Although this fame brings the mini Jack Ma and his family into the limelight, there is an individual cost they have to pay for it.

Key content


Education in China

As soon as the clicks of the little Fan Xiaoqin became viral on the internet, people with many commercial intentions in their minds come to their house. According to Fan’s Parents, their relative who never inquire about them come to their house all by themselves and ask if we want any assistance in the education and other expenses of the Fan. Moreover, a businessman provided the family with 60,000 Yuan and a LED. Even an online streamer his experience with the Fan’s family and posted it online just for the sake of getting some extra hits on his page. As the discussion goes viral on the internet about the striking resemblance of Fan with that of Jack Ma, the businessman announces that he is going to finance the Fan education throughout the school and college fully.

The generosity of Jack Ma

The generosity of Jack Ma is welcomed as a gesture of kindness by the Netizens. However, if we look at the life of the Jack Ma, he started his career as an English teacher and after several rejections, one from KFC, he began his business online and now he is amongst the top ten rich people in the China. Furthermore, he is involved in many social services for the community in China, and this funding of Little Fan’s education is welcomed by the People of China as again a gesticulate of humanity from Jack ‘side. Let’s just wait and watch, how this mini Look-alike of Jack Ma turns out in the future, whether he is as successful as his look alike or not, time will tell us.

Alibaba founder

the Billionaire invest in Education of his mini

It takes an uncommon individual to aggregate an aggregate total assets over $20 billion through a gave hard working attitude while keeping up a feeling of viewpoint. Jack Ma is one of those individuals. The organizer and CEO of Alibaba, one of the world’s driving internet business online interfaces, is one of the world’s wealthiest men, yet he has not given achievement a chance to cloud his vision for the future or his affirmation of where he originated from. Jack Ma’s keys to achievement are valid and moving for everybody from seeking tycoons to proprietors of the littlest businesses.

The vision of Jack Ma

When Jack Ma discusses the greatest misstep he at any point made he portrays how when he established Alibaba he told his group that the most abnormal amount they could accomplish would be that of administrators, and that officials ought to be employed all things considered. Jack Ma has taken in his lesson and now focuses on the significance of state of mind and enthusiasm over hypothetical skills.the ecommerce gourou comprehends that regardless of how hard you attempt you will never have the capacity to persuade each and every representative, business accomplice, and potential speculator to trust you or accept what you say. Tolerating that and changing your approach is another key to his monstrous achievement. Instead of joining his organization under the vision of one individual, he joins them under a shared objective. The vision is more vital than the pioneer. Most importantly he knows how to get the attention of right people at right time for the right purpose that’s why he is successful.

Food Scandals in China (What you really eat )

Chinese Food Scandals


China is one of the countries with the biggest population around the world. With such an extensive and varied population, the demand for things like food, tends to be very drastic. With such a diverse population at hand, the food market also varies in its quality and specialty to provide all types of cuisines to the citizens. However, with so many restaurants and food lines there is also the problem of maintaining food quality. The recent cases of some food scandals are the examples of these mishaps and have threatened the local people. To shed some light, a food scandal is basically when due to lack of government intervention, foods have some ingredients which can cause severe food poisoning or other diseases which may lead to deaths. The recent cases of such food scandals around china have become very popular.


gutter Oil China

Fake Meat in China

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2million people work for Internet censorship in China

2million people work for Internet censorship in China

Surveillance and Internet censorship occupy about two million people in China, said the official daily press in revealing aspects of this secret army . Much of those little hands have a software to sort keywords with the huge volume of messages circulating on Chinese social networks , said in an article published Thursday , “New Beijing “.

The exact number of agents operating in China to censor the Internet – and thus avoid social networks serve as relays to criticize the communist regime or disrupt the established order – is a state secret which has long been the subject of much of speculation . The ” police the Internet ” are paid by the propaganda organs of the government and the Communist Party , as well as commercial sites , says “New Beijing “.


Despite their impressive numbers , but they can not prevent information or unwanted comments by the authorities fall between the cracks and are published and republished . The newspaper cites the testimony of one of those employees that rebuts the image applied to it commonly as ” secret agent online.” The work is by him to “monitor and obtain information concerning the customers.”
Enhanced control over Internet

The website of the ” People’s Daily ” – the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party – hold from 14 to 18 October 1 training session for these “analysts of public opinion ,” says also “New Beijing “. An initiative in association with the Department of Human Resources and Social Insurance.

The Chinese authorities are strengthening their control of information posted on social networks .

According to a recently adopted by the authority , it need merely be seen as offensive by estimated 5,000 people to the author may be imprisoned microblog . Chinese netizens and authors of a defamatory post and reposted at least 500 times face up to three years in prison. Bloggers, some very popular with millions of subscribers on their own microblogging , were arrested in recent months for having ” invented and peddled rumors .”

China also uses army of” commentators Net” which spread surreptitiously on online networks the thought of one-party rule

Working in Shanghai can be dangerous

A leak of liquid ammonia was fifteen months in the dead Saturday, August 31 in China. The accident occurred in a refrigeration plant in Shanghai. According to the New China News Agency, at least 26 other people were poisoned which 6 are in serious condition. This kind of leak is unfortunately not uncommon in the country.

Working in Shanghai can be dangerous

The accident occurred at 11 am (local time) this morning in the Baoshan District in the north of the economic capital of China. Refrigerated warehouses Shanghai Weng Pai Cold Storage Industrial Group Co transform 150 tons of seafood per day. Products which, once frozen, stored or exported to the distribution networks.

Photos on social networks show the involvement of at least five fire trucks on the scene of the accident. The company is located in an area with a high population density and liquid ammonia used in refrigeration circuits is destructive to the lungs. This is not the first time that this kind of accident happens in the agri-food sector.

In June, a leak of liquid ammonia in a chicken slaughterhouse in Jilin in the north of the country, killing at least 120 dead. In October last year, 30 employees of a fish farm were hospitalized in Wuhan in the east, again because of liquid ammonia.

Shanghai, which is generally considered safer due to more stringent industry standards is not spared. August 20th, five workers at a food factory died after inhaling toxic fumes while cleaning a tank used for the manufacture of pickled vegetables

Our selection of Articles for The working Visa in China

A China Visa is required to enter the Chinese territory, whatever your nationality, including nationals of Chinese nationality.

English: China Visa Stamp

English: China Visa Stamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since January 1, 2013, travelers from 45 countries, in transit in Shanghai or Beijing, can stay in the city concerned for a period of 72 hours (3 days) without a visa.









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The Chinese Jump!

did not want to throw in the towel, and asked her what she knew of the events of Tiananmen Square in the late eighties. She was only nine years old, yes, but despite everything, still being myself teenager, I remember quite well the importance of events as they were recounted as a providential international upheaval because of the magnitude they could have taken in China.

We must place it in its historical context: the communist dinosaur extinction was underway, the Eastern bloc is segmenting the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall succumbed to popular pressure … And one of the last bastions of communism (and not the least of: a fifth of the world population) showed a small boil and libertarian student in his capital. It was then a major first in a country that, at the time, was completely closed.

Cai Li answer me she has never seen pictures, photos or videos, events as … It does not exist. In witness in time of these events, when it comes to Tiananmen any Western, the first image that return to mind, as it was broadcast, that is emblematic of the student standing up to prevent the passage of tanks. Unconsciousness or ideal, that is not the question, in all cases, the approach remains beautiful. Cai Li and told me she had not heard of it. I stayed as two round side, and replied him “you still know only a few thousand students were killed, and many survivors to avoid the bullet in the neck, had to flee the countries to Australia, the United States, Canada, or France? “. Oh, no. According to sources, the students returned quietly home, and those who were arrested were actually in the pay of Western countries that had handled.

There, I jumped.

I took his place behind the PC, and tried to find photos via search engines French, suspecting that Chinese or English, it would be “unable to display the requested page.” Google.fr on, I could immediately access the thumbnail of the photo above the young man stopping tanks. Cai and Li écarquillera eyes to see who was sent to tanks, to his knowledge, anecdotal jolts few visionaries responsible for a poor student demonstration to be classified in the heading dogs crushed. And then marched more photos, more bloody. Cai Li could not believe his eyes. I could not believe it either … To see discover the truth about his country. I could find some texts in French, telling the events reported by students diarists, and tried to translate for him. Explain all this to Li Cai with virulence democratic I live, it was shown to the Pope, with supporting evidence, that God does not exist.