Jack Ma supports his mini look-alike Education in China

Jack Ma And His Generous Step For His Look Alike


The year 2015 prove a life-turning year for the little Fan Xiaoqin, as neither he nor his parents ever imagine about getting renowned due to their eight-year-old. The unique characteristic which this little one possess is that he is astonishingly similar in look to the prominent businessman Jack Ma. Jack Ma is not a stranger to anyone using the internet; he is the founding father of the largest online shopping store Alibaba Group.

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The eight-year-old Fan Xiaoqin lives along with his parents in Yongfeng County, situated in the Jiangxi Province of the East China. However, the family circumstances in which this family is inhabiting are even more unfortunate as his father lost one of his legs, his mother too is a patient of poliomyelitis. Furthermore, his grandmother has Alzheimer disease.

mini Jack Ma ‘ education

Fan Xiaoqin, is usually acknowledged as mini Jack Ma in the internet world and this little look alike came into the spotlight when a villager posted a video of Jack Ma on the web. Right after uploading the video the discussion about the resemblances in the features of the mini Jack Ma with the original Jack Ma became the trend on social networking sites. However, this year, on the Singles’ Day which is more notably known as the online shopping event of China, the images of this boy became a matter of discussion again. Although this fame brings the mini Jack Ma and his family into the limelight, there is an individual cost they have to pay for it.

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Education in China

As soon as the clicks of the little Fan Xiaoqin became viral on the internet, people with many commercial intentions in their minds come to their house. According to Fan’s Parents, their relative who never inquire about them come to their house all by themselves and ask if we want any assistance in the education and other expenses of the Fan. Moreover, a businessman provided the family with 60,000 Yuan and a LED. Even an online streamer his experience with the Fan’s family and posted it online just for the sake of getting some extra hits on his page. As the discussion goes viral on the internet about the striking resemblance of Fan with that of Jack Ma, the businessman announces that he is going to finance the Fan education throughout the school and college fully.

The generosity of Jack Ma

The generosity of Jack Ma is welcomed as a gesture of kindness by the Netizens. However, if we look at the life of the Jack Ma, he started his career as an English teacher and after several rejections, one from KFC, he began his business online and now he is amongst the top ten rich people in the China. Furthermore, he is involved in many social services for the community in China, and this funding of Little Fan’s education is welcomed by the People of China as again a gesticulate of humanity from Jack ‘side. Let’s just wait and watch, how this mini Look-alike of Jack Ma turns out in the future, whether he is as successful as his look alike or not, time will tell us.

Alibaba founder

the Billionaire invest in Education of his mini

It takes an uncommon individual to aggregate an aggregate total assets over $20 billion through a gave hard working attitude while keeping up a feeling of viewpoint. Jack Ma is one of those individuals. The organizer and CEO of Alibaba, one of the world’s driving internet business online interfaces, is one of the world’s wealthiest men, yet he has not given achievement a chance to cloud his vision for the future or his affirmation of where he originated from. Jack Ma’s keys to achievement are valid and moving for everybody from seeking tycoons to proprietors of the littlest businesses.

The vision of Jack Ma

When Jack Ma discusses the greatest misstep he at any point made he portrays how when he established Alibaba he told his group that the most abnormal amount they could accomplish would be that of administrators, and that officials ought to be employed all things considered. Jack Ma has taken in his lesson and now focuses on the significance of state of mind and enthusiasm over hypothetical skills.the ecommerce gourou comprehends that regardless of how hard you attempt you will never have the capacity to persuade each and every representative, business accomplice, and potential speculator to trust you or accept what you say. Tolerating that and changing your approach is another key to his monstrous achievement. Instead of joining his organization under the vision of one individual, he joins them under a shared objective. The vision is more vital than the pioneer. Most importantly he knows how to get the attention of right people at right time for the right purpose that’s why he is successful.

5 tips for get the right digital Strategy in China


If influential games remain, the digital collaboration in China between marketers and financial improves, but she must still work in Les Deux sense.
Strategic partner of senior management durind 1950-1970, the marketing director of a lost ground in the financial department under the Effects of crisis and budget cuts. “To regain the influence of his son, he had to learn to Speaking the same language que la DAF: Commit On Objectives and figures prove the ROI of marketing actions,” explains the Director General the Union of Advertisers (UDA). To challenge faced Marketing managers who steer the business daily with performance Indicators and rely on digital Pour Measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Social Media The Need for a 2-way dialogue !

But still few Between Them work hand in hand with administrative and financial management. Nestlé China is an exception. A Head of The Twelve marketing directors, the general manager of communication and consumer Yu Chen, a Chosen to break the silos. “Every business unit is Geree As an SME to whole and not Integrates Management Controller hand, who holds the office of the UN neighbor the marketing team. All decisions are Strategic concertation Taken With Them. In China, this collaboration helps the market to take the right investment orientations. ” however warns That penny aussi se relationship Playing in the Other Direction:


” The marketer Must Understand the market and understand what  are the big challenges of Digital in China including in advertising material, you have to  know how to break the codes to exist. ” explain the Digital Director of this Agency


Figures are the key !

“The relationship between marketers and financiers What can be better,” predicts the president of the UDA. In 2008, the UN Marketing Director Rarely remained in office, more than 25 MOIS then the financial standing Between five and six. “The first year Was generally dedicated audit kit to the drafting of the strategy and there remained no More Than a pour implement the policy,” Pierre-Jean Bozo analysis. For the United Nations today, director of post marketing Rest Between forty five and forty eight months That Which leaves him time to prove well-founded its Strategy and reap the rewards


The survey of nearly 500 client-side and marketing agency has studied the extent to which the marks in this region are growing their marketing budgets across a range of channels and digital technologies in China.

Let’s look at some of the key findings of the research.

A positive outlook

Overall, the future is bright for retailers in different region. As mentioned in the title, more than half (60%) of client-side marketers surveyed said that their companies have increased their digital marketing budgets this year.

Almost half (45%) said their overall marketing budgets increase (against 40% last year), suggesting that digital is increasingly a priority for investment.

In fact, the number of companies who spend more than half their digital marketing budget increased 33% from last year, while spending in number more than 70% of digital has increased by 56% .

Marketers are committed to investing in technology

Almost all (96%) of respondents agree that “a good understanding of technology is critical for senior executives in marketing ‘.

Building blocks:

Once you have a basic foundation, build on it. The future’s always changing. Take time to self-study, finding a set of reference sites that keep you informed, but do not let your vision to be blurred by the latest trends in technology. As a sailor seeks the wind, you have to have an eye on your progress and ensure you have the wind to get there.

The remote control of life:

Focus on mobile. This can not be repeated enough. Mobile should be the way that your online presence is designed around the first. Forget office and ensure that your customers can access all your content easily by mobile – it is remote from our lives. It is filled with an interface constraints and anomalies, so pay attention and spend time on the details, it counts.

Impact on Chinese Consumers

Analyze the impact on your business. There is no need to confuse you with the analysis that show you nothing, rather be poor and rich data ideas. Understand what you spend to acquire customers and deduct what you win them, simple math. Yes, over time, you can go further, but first you need to understand if you get bang for your media (read Baidu ) buck.

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Ecommerce China

IResearch data shows that GMV mobile shopping market in China reached 929.71 billion yuan in 2014, surging 239.3% from 2013. The growth was much faster than the overall GMV China’s online shopping market which increased by 49.8% and stood at 2.8 trillion yuan in 2014. iResearch expects the mobile shopping will continue the high-speed development in the coming years and should GMV exceed 4 trillion yuan in 2018.
In 2014, mobile shopping has taken 33.0% of the Chinese market of online business, increasing by nearly 19% over the previous year. iResearch believes that mobile shopping will continue to increase its market share in the coming years and finally surpass PC purchases online in 2016.

The share of mobile shopping market in the online commerce market in 2014

Using the mobile Internet surge, switch from PC to mobile Internet users, enhancing the mobile business scenarios, increased efforts ecommerce operators about the companies and the development of platforms for Mobile mobile shopping all contribute to mobile shopping outbreak in China. Therefore, it is expected that mobile shopping will maintain rapid growth in the coming years.

Key players in the mobile shopping market

In 2014, sales of new cars in China reached 23.49 million units, of which 300,000 units were sold in the e-commerce channel. Meanwhile, sales of used cars totaled 6.05 million units, of which 240,000 were sold in the e-commerce channel.

In terms of market share in the mobile shopping sector, Alibaba, JD and Vip took the first 3 places in 2014 with a respective share of 86.2%, 4.2% and 2.1%. iResearch attributes this to three factors. First, with a share of 86.2% of the market, Alibaba is the absolute market leader. Taobao and Tmall with, its mobile business was to penetrate all aspects of everyday life of people. Second, JD cooperated with Tencent to walk to the mobile shopping with mobile app, WeChat shopping, mobile shopping and QQ Vdian. And third, Vip, Suning, Jumei, yhd, Gome, Amazon, Dangdang, etc all have invested more in the mobile shopping which has intensified competition.

Also for a good commerce china, if you want more information about the seo in china, look the source of this article. Ecommerce cars are obvious different from traditional e-commerce. For the car are durable consumer goods, which determines that the e-commerce car has the following characteristics:

He needs big investments;
Despite this, there is low transaction frequency car, he large amount of the transaction;
Local Life service and out of high-quality online service are also very important for the car e-commerce;
In the automotive market, buyers have low loyalty but very price sensitive.

Outlook China car e-commerce market

Although China e-commerce automobile market has low penetration and characteristics different from traditional e-commerce, iResearch believes he still has a huge potential boom in e-commerce, favorable political and economic environment.

Car Features transactions and after sales service determine that the e-commerce automobile market can not be separated from the offline service. Therefore, when the price of the car gets closer to its cost in the future the price war, offline service will be the key factors for online purchase. In addition, it can be seen that the development of online selling cars depend on the quality of the service offline.

Car companies will develop their business with excellent service for all of the industry chain so they can maintain the user base. The function that the automotive industry needs a large amount of capital and resources imply that only car giant with rich resources can provide a service covering the whole industry chain in the future.

New cars have a higher value and car owners need a long period of service, so participants drive the e-commerce market will bear their sites on the new car market in order to obtain stable income in the long term.

Alibaba wants its dealers to leave their PC. The e-commerce titan has deployed new tools in its mobile Taobao (photo above) that allow traders 8.4 million annual market assets to run their stores only from their phones. (Update: Swapped in the last stat for Taobao sellers, said the original article 7 million.)

Mobile passage is optional only for now, but a representative said Alibaba Tech in Asia than two million traders have already opted for one method smartphone in the two weeks since the new tools are available in beta. “The growing adoption of smartphones and mobile shopping in China means that online marketers need to shift their activities from PC to mobile,” said Zhang Kuo, director of mobile business division of Alibaba Group, in a statement.


This means an online vendor runs their store and add new products just from their phone rather than using the interface based on a desktop browser. To make this process easier on mobile, traders can scan the bar code of a new product with their phone to add it to store inventory using the Taobao application. “To complete shipping procedures of goods, traders can simply scan barcodes on shipping invoices to enter the package tracking numbers, without the need to manually enter,” said a spokesman . New Taobao merchants can even begin their store from scratch in Taobao application, without the need to fire up a laptop.

Across Taobao and Tmall sister site (a market for large commercial and large brands), Alibaba has 334 million customers. Of the total 787 billion yuan (126.4 billion US dollars) in consumer spending (GMV) on both estores in Q4 2014, 42 percent of this count was spent by people shopping on mobile devices .

This shows China’s buyers are ahead of the merchants in the mobile Alibaba passage

Source : “https://www.techinasia.com/tag/ecommerce-in-china/” / “http://ecommercechinaagency.com/seo-china-2/