Market volume of Chinese online games reached $ 13.5 billion

Market volume of Chinese online games

The gaming market in China is huge, but also very complex. In a few weeks before ten years , China outside of the game is prohibited. MMORPG and FPS games on PC – like the cross fire and the sword of the Spirit, are an important part of the gaming market . Mobile and is always on the second game , but the future with the development of smart phones, people have a better experience, which entails buying more games .

chinese online game

chinese online game

Go- Globe information with a map to show us the status quo of online gaming in China, here are the most important industry :

2013 revenue of gambling operators Chinese online $ 13.5 billion.
2014 revenue will increase to $ 16.1 billion.
Tencent is the largest game operators China game.
RPG action game on PC when the most promising , especially.
Market for online games, PC stops 59.5 %, which represents 33% of the mobile terminal.
In 2015 , China will have 260 million players. At least two hours a month to play the game.
73% of Chinese players to play the game at home.
Large-scale customer online games occupy the public.
64% of online game players each month to spend.

Tips from an entrepreneur in Shanghai

Olivier and Isabelle Chouvet have a funny habit . Before starting a business in a city , they start by opening a restaurant. They did it in Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai. And this ritual has always been their luck : ” In Japan , if we had just mounted a communication agency , we would never have sold a single event,” explains the young quadra , now based in Shanghai.

glamour sales

glamour sale

Here , twelve years after his first trip to Asia, at the head of a group of communication than two hundred people , led by his wife Isabelle , and a nugget of Asian Internet , Glamour Sales. The concept shows – Chinese and Japanese sauce – recipe : stocks brands sold off online registration . Amongst its shareholders, a few names : Ardian (former Axa Private Equity) and Xavier Niel , individually . These people had the hollow nose , after two years, the site employs four hundred people and has a 120% growth per year. The future is rather bearer Chouvet Olivier hopes to double every year over three years.
Fundraising in full nuclear disaster

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Our selection of Articles for The working Visa in China

A China Visa is required to enter the Chinese territory, whatever your nationality, including nationals of Chinese nationality.

English: China Visa Stamp

English: China Visa Stamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since January 1, 2013, travelers from 45 countries, in transit in Shanghai or Beijing, can stay in the city concerned for a period of 72 hours (3 days) without a visa.



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Social network in china

Since a few weeks I see bloom numerous articles about social networks in China. Is the increased interest for them in the West with the recent launch of Google+ or real development of these and attractiveness to foreigners here? I do not know very well, but being as it were “in the business” I have to make my turn a little note.

Especially because, casually, I have a point of view quite interesting. If so!

Because social networks in China, it is not that social networks used by the Chinese mass. For me it covers three main aspects:

Of course social networks used by the Chinese in China
But also, it is for foreigners in China
Chinese and networks seeking to export
Social networks of Chinese in China

Firstly, and yes, the Chinese use as well their social networks. Not only do they use them, but they are really the appropriate and suitable for their use of the Internet.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

As with everything that makes the Chinese Web here our great Western names are not worth much. As Baidu and Taobao were able to thumb its nose at Google and eBay or YouTube Youku and Tudou, Renren Kaixin make QQ as MSN and Facebook.
Twitter also for its Chinese, called Sina Weibo 新浪 微 博 (literally, the Sina microblogging, that’s original!). A real phenomenon of Web meet a growing success among Chinese netizens.

All these big names have of course the famous Great Chinese Firewall (read more details below), which pushes the frontiers of China’s competitive world. So they can use the big cake royally Chinese netizens. And this is actually a big cake is just over 500 million Internet users in China! Be aware: many Internet users in China than Facebook users in the world!

Political interests behind the Great Firewall, but certainly economic interests! It’s not really about me, but it gets better by saying it. Moving!

A Social Web history, with its own characteristics

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

What is certain is that the social component of Web in China is no exception. Quite the contrary. According to Sam Flemming, the subject expert and founder of CiC, a company specializing in the study of social networks in China, China would be “the landscape of social networks more complex, more fragmented but also the most developed in the world”, with aspects typically Chinese. To illustrate this, he also publishes interesting computer graphics has the merit of putting into perspective the development of the Chinese Internet population and habits over the past 15 years.

Image representing Baidu as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Thank you also to Olivier who brought to my attention in his blog, even if they disagreed on the history of the creation of the Great Firewall;)

In this infographic, I zoom in on particular two diagrams showing the evolution of the Internet “Social” in China, which show firstly that this is far from a recent phenomenon around which activities are structured .

Those who manipulate the Chinese Web in recent years left without surprise the historical and persistent fora, famous BBS, which are for me the origin of the high rate of “creators” of content among Chinese netizens, and this culture strong among the Chinese to learn about the smallest things on the Internet and many other Baidu Baike BBS and Baidu Zhidao. In any case much more than in France it seems to me that although I have lived too long in China? Perhaps to counter, consciously or not, this lack of information and channels of expression under the cope of the party and the Chinese Government? (But I digress ..).

I surf therefore I play and I share everything!

This analysis also overlaps quite well with one another, a little older (2009) gives an overview of social networks in China. This paper put in evidence that the Chinese Internet user seeks primarily to entertain (“Entertainment”). He looks so much video and spent many hours playing online. And social networks knowing the Chinese have developed gambling activities on their platforms. Kaixin is a very good example. As outlined in this presentation, if no one is surprised that the Chinese websites nearly always begin by copying the Western success very quickly they are changing to meet the expectations of local netizen.

Learn chinese

After spending four months at Fudan University so I decided to try my luck in the second half Jiaotong da xue (Jiaotong University).

The main reason for this change? I think that puts too much Fudan forward (and mints) the reputation it has gained in other disciplines, to attract foreign students in Mandarin classes without providing working conditions and during the height this reputation and higher price we pay.

Fudan University

Fudan University (Photo credit: Alva Chien)

After I registered and Jiaotong have already been several hours, here is the comparison I can draw:
1 – The organization
While at Fudan was often little information, the dates are reported at the last moment Jiaotong we know all the important dates in advance.

While at Fudan must get a building to another (often 20 minutes walk from each other), Jiaotong every effort to foreigners are concentrated in a single building.

While at Fudan we spend our life copy information to’ll see Jiaotong deliver paper in English and Chinese with his schedule etc …

2 – The quality of local
Fudan premises are old and tiny (former dormitory foreigners as classrooms). A Jiaotong premises are modern and recently restored after the building in which it is located and the classrooms are a good size as well as being clean.

3 – The quality of the books
While at Fudan was one book (albeit in 3 to 4 volumes per semester) for all courses, we Jiaotong 1 pound per yard (two volumes each): one for speech, one for listening , one for reading.

While at Fudan books have 30 contexts with often inadequate and obsolete words, books on social themes Jiaotong recent (eg internet) and words used by the Chinese in the life of every day. More books are more fun and are equipped with CD inside books while Fudan only offers audio K7 we must ask more.

English: Fudan University Logo

English: Fudan University Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 – The quality of teachers
Many teachers Fudan are older and less outward. All my teachers Jiaotong have 25 to 30 years, they are very dynamic and the energy they bring to their courses can stay involved during the hour and a half of the course. A teacher told me during the ceremony that teachers Jiaotong are also noted and that part-time faculty do not see their contracts renewed if their rating is good.

5 – The quality Mandarin courses
It follows from the factors I just mentioned. I really feel like learning to best Jiaotong Fudan because the approach seems more teaching through books used.

6 – The location of the university
The Jiaotong University also has advantages in terms of location on the fringes of the city center while Fudan Xujiahui is really far from everything.

7 – The reputation of the degree
Both schools have a good reputation, that of Fudan tends to fall, it Jiaotong tends to rise, but Fudan is undoubtedly the most famous. To say that studying at Fudan causes very positive feedback from Chinese.

I am not unhappy with having spent the first half just so I can mention that degree on my resume. But I urge them to do the second half (and the following for those who want to study in depth) Jiaotong because ultimately what is most important is to really speak Chinese!

Fudan currently the highest concentration of foreign students in Shanghai, but it is notable that many students choose to change language university in the second half (in my knowledge of Fudan only 1 in 5 students remained at Fudan and many of them did so for reasons of scholarship preventing it from changing university or question flème change of place …).

Fudan plays too much on its reputation as a prestigious university to attract foreigners by charging ADDITION more expensive than all other universities, without providing an educational service to the height of the price paid. Already affecting their ability to retain students and it is likely that this term also affects the flow of new students if they do not modernize their offerings.

the good Chinese name

The Chinese names are much more varied than the French names. In contrast, the French surnames are much more varied than Chinese names, which include only a few decades the vast majority of the population (Zhang, Li, Liu, Wang …). Thus, while in a French class it is common to have two children with the same name but very rare to have two children with the same name in

China is exactly the opposite – and even more common to have two or three children with the same name.

My Chinese name

My Chinese name (Photo credit: devan78)

Thus, it is easier to choose a French name first, and then create a Chinese name based on criteria that is taxed.

So back to Hugo!

Chinese porcelain statue of the Buddha, Guan Y...

Chinese porcelain statue of the Buddha, Guan Yin, from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 AD) of medieval China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leafing through the book of names of boys, I opted for a half-dozen names delighting well, and have submitted to the sharp eyes of my lovely wife, which was immediately voted: for it would be Hugo! Easy to pronounce for French as for the Chinese, very pleasant to the meaning (of Germanic Hug, intelligence), this would be an excellent basis for seeking a name corresponding Chinese!

Does not decide because a French name but a couple of French and Chinese names, it was first necessary to establish its first Chinese before validating the choice Hugo. What Lina immediately began, leaving me the final validation torque names chosen.

Very quickly, Yuguo 宇 国 emerged as an excellent choice. Here are some explanations:
– 宇, Yu means the universe, time and space
– 国 Guo means country
– The key to the roof (top) of the character 宇, ​​Yu and key frame (the outer contour) of the character 国 Guo enhance the feeling of immense space, reconciliation between countries, giving the first one appearance substantially “grandiose”
– Yuguo 宇 国 is pronounced almost exactly like its French counterpart Hugo finally as his mother Lina 丽娜 to whom correspondence is even completely perfect.
– The main part is 于 宇, and that of Yu 国 is 玉, Yu also creating a significant rapprochement between the two parts of the name

If we add the name 袁 Yuan (Hugo named after her mother Chinese, his father French), we see that this character 土 includes land, to eat 口 and clothing 衣. This provides a concrete material content for large spaces of his name, and if we add the intellectual attributes provided by the French name and even spiritual by its French name, we see that Hugo is ready for all eventualities, and many equipped to face the 21st century.

Even if in the end the most important thing is that parents love the name, and that everyone gets out the vote!